7 Returnship Programs For Indian Women In Tech

7 Returnship Programs For Indian Women In Tech
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Are you a woman looking to return to work after taking a break? Here are the top 7 returnship programs for Indian women in tech.

Mobility, marriage, and maternity are just some of the reasons why women pause their careers in tech.

After taking these breaks, women face a hard time trying to get back to their careers further acerbating the constraints that hinder women’s professional advancement.

In return, the workforce tends to lose the diversity aspect of a vibrant and promising population. Organizations are increasingly realizing that women at work need to be constantly nurtured.

A fast-moving economy like India cannot take full advantage of the skills possessed by professional women if the women are not facilitated to return to work after taking a break.

In fact, according to an article published on Forbes and authored by Tracy Saunders, it is about time hiring trends shifted to accommodate working mothers.

In an attempt to encourage mothers and women to rejoin the labour force to fill the current talent crunch in tech, various companies have created returnship programs.

Returnee programs are emerging as a progressive way for employers to tap into the potential presented by women, while also offering women a good restart strategy.

The most notable aspect of these programs is the emergence of training and placement programs created to reignite the careers for moms going back to work.

Over the last few years, companies have begun to consider the possibility of facilitating women to get back to work as a way of reducing talent shortage that results from the untimely exit of women from the workforce.

To facilitate such programs, the Indian Government has put in place strict policies for maternity, with recent proposals being made to increase the duration of maternity leave.

While such steps are laudable, there is still a need for more companies to facilitate the career progress of women in tech, so that they do not have to compromise careers for family.

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7 Returnship Programs For Indian Women In Tech

This article looks at 7 return to work programs for moms at the top companies with returnship programs in India.

1. The Incredible Intuit Again Returnee Program

The Intuit internship for female returnee programs is a chance for women technologists who had been on a break to resume professional work.

The amazingly successful program not only offers a chance for the professionals to work for one of the top-ranked tech companies in India, but also offers technical and other forms of training to sharpen the candidates’ professional skills.

According to the centre for women in technology, a critical aspect of returnee internships, like the one offered by Intuit, is that such reskilling programs are meant to enhance a women-friendly workplace.

In fact, such programs are characteristically geared towards professionals who are taking a second shot at their careers after taking a long break to focus on personal commitments.

As part of the talent enhancement program, returnees are allowed to work on projects, which draw on their experiences and existing skills. The Intuit internships allow employees to rebuild their skills and confidence in a supportive environment.

The company’s 6-month returnship program also offers mentoring, training, and access to cooperate networks. Such an environment gives, to moms, a chance to assess the role and see whether they would like to get back into the cooperate world.

2. Back to Work program at GHC India

For Indian women looking for a second chance to reignite their tech career, The Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) conferences offer appealing job opportunities.

Through the program, returning professionals get a chance to connect with various organizations, build their skills, and reignite their self-confidence.

The GHCI back to work program also offers a chance for candidates to learn and network as they kick-start their journey back to the cooperate world. During the conference, candidates can expect:

  • Workshops that are tailored to the unique needs of participants
  • Panel discussions that feature professionals who have successfully resumed their careers
  • Great working opportunities
  • Soft and technical skills sessions

To take advantage of the opportunities, applicants are required to submit a resume to the GHCI database, even when unable to take part in the conference.

This is because top tech firms have access to the resume database and can reach out to applicants with job offers.

3. IBM Bring Her Back Program for Mid-Career Women

One of the few companies that offer comprehensive returnship programs for Indian women is IBM.

Faced with a staggering number of women in the STEM areas who leave the workforce in the middle of their career, many employers in the tech sector, including IBM have been searching for ways to bring back these talented women back to the labour force.

IBM’s tech re-entry program for mid-career women is aimed at addressing the overall skill shortages in the tech sector, while also enhancing inclusion and diversity.

Women targeted by the IBM program are typically mothers who have exited the professional scene to raise their children or in response to a workplace culture that does not permit balancing of career and family.

While these women do not intend to exit the professional scene completely, a career gap in the fast-paced tech sector can make re-entry difficult.

In the case of IBM, the re-entry program is a 12-week internship that begins with an orientation for three days, followed by a chance to be placed in one of IBM workplaces.

Returnees get actual work experience, whether in programming or data analytics. The main idea here is to generate a smooth transition for returnees before they can be actively hired.

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4. Rekindle with Amazon India Returnships

Another incredible tech giants internships program for women returnees is provided by Amazon India.

The Rekindle program is an initiative aimed at encouraging women who had hitherto been on a professional break to reenter the workforce.

As part of the program, the firm offers focused mentoring, structured onboarding, on the job learning, and flexible work arrangement for candidates.

5. PayPal Recharge for Women Returning to Work in Tech

In an impressive attempt to bridge the gender disparity in workplace composition, PayPal in India initiated its Recharge Program in 2015, with the goal of assisting women technologists to come re-start career after a long career break.

The program, which runs for 6 weeks, seeks to eliminate the stigma in India, which comes with taking a career break to focus on family.

6. Vapasi’s ThoughtWorks Mid-Career Internships

Vapasi, which means “come back” or “return”, in Hindi, is an impressive program targeting women technologists, particularly developers.

The program, which is spread over a period of four weeks, assists returning women developers to sharpen their programming skills through object-oriented programming practices.

After going through the program, candidates are better placed to access good jobs for moms returning to the workforce.

7. Microsoft’s Springboard for Women in Tech Industry

In 2014, Microsoft India initiated its Women in Tech program, which together with the springboard program, is geared towards bringing more women into the IT industry.

The Springboard program is designed to help women on a sabbatical get back to their tech paths. The program is particularly attractive due to its flexibility, where candidates are free to choose their preferred projects.

Do Not Be Left Out, Get Qualified Candidates Through Returnee Training

Organizing programs for returning professionals is fast becoming a popular hiring strategy for many companies in the tech sector.

By implementing such training as part of your human resource strategy, you not only get to encourage diversity and gender equality in your hiring processes but also get to benefit from the immense wealth of experience brought onboard by these women technologists.


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Mobility, marriage, and maternity are just some of the reasons why women pause their careers in tech. Returnee programs are emerging as a progressive way for employers to tap into the potential presented by women, while also offering women a good restart strategy. Are you a woman looking to return to work after taking a break? Here are the top 7 returnship programs for Indian women in tech. #womenintech #technology #careeradvice #India

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