5 Tips For A Safe Salon At Home Experience During COVID-19

5 Tips For A Safe Salon At Home Experience During COVID-19
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Looking for a safe salon at home experience during COVID-19? Download the Urban Company SAFE Salon At Home app for safe and hygienic salon services at home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging for Indian women, especially those who regularly use beauty salon services for their beauty and grooming needs.

Most of us have had to create a DIY beauty parlour at home, figure out how to do DIY haircuts, and manage with DIY manicures and pedicures at home in order to keep ourselves looking presentable.

While this may be a great opportunity for beauty influencers who make DIY beauty and makeup tutorial videos, it’s not an ideal situation for most women who love their beauty salon pampering.

Given how risky it has become to step out of the house, many of us would love to opt for salon at-home services, but our valid health concerns over getting an infection make it risky to opt for beauty services at home.

A safe salon experience with hygienic beauty parlour services at doorstep would be a very welcome change for that professional touch, instead of having to groom ourselves in an amateur fashion.

The ideal situation would be if we could find salon services at home that ensure a thoroughly safe and hygienic salon at home experience for our basic grooming needs.

Luckily, the Urban Company offers SAFE Salon at Home Services on their popular services app. So, if you’ve been looking for a safe salon at home app, there’s no need to call a local beautician at home service.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying out beauty salon home services for the first time or have download a salon app in India before.

Booking your doorstep parlour service is as simple as downloading the Urban Company – formerly Urbanclap – salon at home app, choosing your beauty services at home and taking the appointment online.

Whether you need a home salon service in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune or any other city, follow the tips below to choose the safest salon services at home when you need beauty services at home in India.

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5 Tips For A Safe Salon At Home Experience

All of us want to find in-home salon services that put safety first when providing beauty parlour services at home. Here are some tips to choose a salon at home service that puts the safety and well-being of its clients first.

1. Hygiene and Cleanliness

With the very real risk of infection with coronavirus and other germs, a good salon at home service will be obsessively concerned about hygiene and cleanliness.

A home beauty salon service that doesn’t meet the standards of health and cleanliness isn’t the right choice for you. So how can you ensure that your home beauty parlour services provider is following all the precautions necessary to prevent contagion?

On your part, you can check for the basics, such as the products being used – masks, sanitisers, gloves, towels etc. Are napkins disposable? Is your home visit beautician sanitising the tools before using them? Are they wearing masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure your safety?

Studies have demonstrated the value of masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in hair salons. So ensuring that your beautician uses the proper PPE is important in ensuring a safe parlour at home experience.

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Urban Company has introduced the following SAFE Measures for their Salon at Home services, making UC SAFE Salon at Home Service the most hygienic and trusted salon-at-home app in the country.

Here are some of the SAFE Measures they offer for your salon at home experience:

  • Beauticians trained on 7 Day Hygiene & Safety Training Program
  • Protective Wear for all beauticians including Face Shields, Coverall, Masks and Gloves
  • Only single-use products and disposables used
  • All equipment sanitized in front of the customer
  • New low-contact techniques of waxing and threading for maximum safety
  • Beautician’s health check: Daily temperature recorded by Beauticians and shown to the customer before starting job along with Arogya Setu SAFE status.

2. Test the waters

Even if your salon at-home app is highly recommended by your friends or hailed by newspapers, it’s always a wise idea to test any in-home salon service for yourself.

Always look for reviews and recommendations from those who have actually used the salon at home service you are planning to opt for.

If you’re trying a beauty parlour at home service for the first time ever or the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak, opt for some basic services to test the waters first, such as waxing services at home.

If you enjoyed the in-home beauty services and feel confident about their safety and hygiene, you could book some more advanced home salon services offered – such as a beauty parlour facial at home or a manicure at home service – the next time you make your salon appointment booking.

3. Experienced staff

Don’t forget to check out the professional experience of the beautician at home assigned to you. We’re not looking for frills here, but for skills and adherence to safety measures.

Here’s a beauty services list that UC SAFE Salon at Home Service offers in their beauty salon home services.

List of salon services at home:

  • Low-contact roll-on waxing services at home
  • Low-contact threading services
  • Low-contact facial service at home
  • Hygienic pedicure at home service

This beauty services list is not exhaustive and you can find a number of other beautician services at home – such as haircut at home service and spa service at home – on their beauty services app.

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4. Quality of beauty products

When opting for beauty parlour at home services, you have every right to know what is being used on your skin and hair, so this shouldn’t be kept a secret.

A beautician from a good doorstep beauty services app will ask you what products or ingredients you’re allergic to before giving you a facial or any other beauty treatment.

More importantly, your home salon beauty professional should make sure that the product she is using is exclusively for you and that it has not been used on any other customer.

Cross-contamination of products is an absolute no-no. So, how do you make sure of that? Just check whether your beautician at-home service professional is using single-use packs or mono doses only.

5. Well-behaved staff

Courteous and polite beauty professionals are a sign that the company offering beauty parlour services at home values its customers.

If you feel that your beautician at home was well-behaved and took care of all things big and small, then you have found the perfect salon at home service provider!

Once you have found the right salon at doorstep service for your needs, continue to book your at-home salon services on their beauty services at home app.

As Indians, we have a tendency to look for discounts even with doorstep beauty services. However, when your health is at stake, it’s unwise to choose discounts over safety and hygiene.

Avoid the temptation to keep trying out other beauty parlour apps that may not follow the safety procedures necessary to prevent infection, just to save a few rupees.

Follow these tips and download the Urban Company salon at-home app to choose a beauty salon at home service that’s right for you, and you can be sure to have a rejuvenating, enjoyable and safe salon at home experience!

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