It’s Never Too Late: Savitha’s Inspiring Career Gap Triumph with MARSbySHEROES

It’s Never Too Late: Savitha’s Inspiring Career Gap Triumph with MARSbySHEROES
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Meet Savitha, a supervisor and operations lead at MARSbySHEROES, whose story defies the ordinary. In a world where career gaps are often viewed as roadblocks and age is deemed a limiting factor Savitha’s story shatters the myth of “too late” for career success, proving that age and career gaps are no barriers. 

Rediscovering Purpose

Savita, a 51-year-old mom from Bangalore, defied the notion that chasing dreams is too late. After 17 years devoted to raising her daughters, she took a leap of faith, re-entering the workforce and proving age is just a number. Though years of juggling family life initially pushed her computer science and software programming degree to the background, the spark to utilize her skills never truly faded.

As her daughters grew into young adults to take care of themselves independently, Savita felt a familiar itch – the desire to put her skills to use again. Enter her friend Bhavana, who saw the fire rekindled and suggested exploring work-from-home options. “It all started with a simple chat with Bhavana,” Savita recalls a touch of gratitude in her eyes. “She opened my eyes to new possibilities, and I knew I had to give it a shot.”

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Bridging the Career Gap

So, in 2013, at the age of 41, Savita dipped her toes back into the working world with freelance writing. Her first step? Joining Insta Studio, where she was tasked with crafting engaging blog posts. The pay wasn’t life-changing, but the feeling of purpose was priceless. This experience opened doors, leading her to a customer service role at Haptik, where she honed her communication skills for three years. The role was remote and suited her lifestyle perfectly. Unfortunately, when the company switched to an office-based model, Savita, ever the dedicated mom, had to make a tough call to quit.

Somewhat disheartened Savitha sought new avenues where she could continue her professional journey from the comfort of her home. During this search for remote work, she stumbled upon a job listing for MARSbySHEROES – a platform that not only embraced remote work but also celebrated individuals like her, with career gaps and a wealth of untapped potential. Starting as a MARS partner in 2018 and working with processes like Paytm, Unilodgers and more, she immediately impressed everyone with her dedication and diligence. Her potential didn’t go unnoticed, and soon she found herself entrusted with new and demanding responsibilities, which she tackled with zeal and expertise.

Rising Through the Ranks

Savitha’s leadership qualities were recognized. In 2021, she was promoted to Team Leader, where she guided and supported other women in their remote work. Today, she’s a Supervisor, leading her team and overseeing operations. “I’m so much more confident now,” Savitha says. “I can speak up for myself and share my ideas without fear.” But beyond her personal growth, Savitha finds fulfilment in being part of MARSbySHEROES’ mission to enable women to start or restart their careers. “Working with SHEROES makes me proud,” she says. “Seeing other women get the chance to succeed is truly inspiring.”

Savitha’s story isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a real-life example of how anyone can overcome challenges and achieve their goals with determination and the right support. It’s a reminder that age is just a number, and with the right resources and belief in yourself, you can turn a new chapter in your life, no matter where you are. “Seeing Mom chase her dreams after all these years has taught us so much,” says her daughter, her voice filled with pride. “She’s our biggest HERO.”

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