8 Serious Sexual Health Symptoms For Women

8 Serious Sexual Health Symptoms For Women
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Are you neglecting to take care of your own physical health? Here are 8 serious sexual health symptoms for women that you should not ignore.

Women work a delicate balance of career and family life, especially for those who have kids. You keep so many things in check that sometimes you neglect to take care of your own physical health.

While it is a common trait for a woman, there can be negative implications to being selfless and putting your family and career ahead of you. For instance, you could be ignoring some health symptoms that are actually just bidding its time to surface.

It could either be because you are too busy to take note of these symptoms or you are afraid to find out what health problem awaits you. We are, after all, a little afraid of the inevitable.

8 Serious Sexual Health Symptoms For Women

Reality is not something you can ignore or neglect, and the reality is that you should always also keep your health in check. Here are 8 serious sexual health symptoms for women that you should not ignore.

  1. A lump or changes in your breasts

Finding a lump or changes in the breasts can be a terrifying ordeal and is something that should never be ignored. Although there are many possible causes – for instance, it could be a hormonal imbalance due to the menstrual cycle – correctly identifying what it is can help save your life.


Changes in the breasts such as tenderness, nipple discharges, dimpled skin and other breast changes may not always mean it is breast cancer. However, it would help to keep your mind at ease to have these breast changes checked.

  1. Vaginal dryness

While vaginal dryness is not that frightening, it could have a big impact on your sex life, which can also have a huge effect on your relationship with your partner.

Vaginal dryness is one of the common symptoms of menopause and this is attributed to the low production of estrogen – the female sex hormone.


Other causes of vaginal dryness may include medication side effects, anxiety or depression and lack of arousal. Luckily, there are several treatments available for this type of condition and it can easily be treated depending on the cause.

  1. Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Painful intercourse only happens during the woman’s first time to have sex or when she has a new partner. Any other time that a woman feels pain when having intercourse, it is a telltale that there is a problem. Some causes may only be as simple as a lack of lubrication, in which case, it can be resolved by foreplay or lubrication.

If the pain continues even with enough lubrication, it could be a sign of something more serious. Painful intercourse is a symptom of ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic diseases and other kinds of infections that could occur in the vagina. It is important that you have yourself examined right away to diagnose and cure the problem immediately.

  1. Irregular Bleeding

Irregular bleeding may be a common condition for many women but it is definitely something you should not ignore. While other causes are simple and obvious – new partner and/or before or after the menstrual period – a heavy flow and frequent irregular bleeding can be a sign of something serious.

Irregular bleeding is actually one of the first telltale signs of cervical cancer. It is also a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases at their late stages, such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. It is important that you have yourself checked and examined immediately if you experience irregular bleeding, on the first or second time. This can save your life.

  1. Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharges are common and most women experience this before or after their regular menstrual period. However, a regular heavy flow of mucus and discharges is something that should be taken seriously and should not be ignored. Discharges that have a strong smell should be reported to your Ob-Gyn so it can be treated right away.

Although most cases are simple and can be treated by home remedies and over-the-counter drugs, some can be a symptom of serious medical cases such as sexually transmitted diseases and infections. It would be safer to discuss with your doctor to prevent any health condition from getting worse.

  1. Swelling and Bloating

Some women experience bloating once in a while in their lifetime, and it commonly happens before your menstrual period. It is actually a symptom for some women that their monthly visit is about to show up. Swelling and bloating can be a sign of hormonal changes or hormonal imbalance, and is not at all very frightening.

Swelling and Bloating

There are some cases, however, when a woman experiences a lack of appetite, fatigue and feeling the need to urinate frequently. If this is a constant feeling and it is starting to affect your health, it could be a sign of ovarian cancer and should immediately be consulted to your doctor.

Knowing how to identify these signs and having the courage to come forward and consult your doctor can help prevent cancer from moving to its late stages.

  1. Burning or the frequent need to urinate

Having the frequent need to urinate and then feeling a burning sensation when you do urinate is a symptom of urinary tract infection. This can be treated by antibiotics but you will need to consult your doctor to know what type of antibiotics could work for you.

There are also some instances when the burning sensation is caused by dehydration, lack of water intake and hyperacidity. You would know if this is the case when you drink water and the feeling of discomfort goes away.

In some cases, a burning sensation and urinating frequently can be a symptom of cervical cancer. It is important that you seek medical attention for any of these cases immediately so that you can be properly diagnosed and prevent the condition from getting worse.

As for urinary tract infections, you should have a doctor’s prescription before taking any form of antibiotics.

  1. Itchy Rash

Allergic reactions to harsh soaps, chemicals and perfumes are one of the common causes of skin irritation, which can lead to an itchy rash. However, an itchy rash is something that should not be ignored because it can lead to skin infections and wounds due to frequent scratching. This is also a source of discomfort for women who experience this condition.

Other causes of an itchy rash are feminine hygiene products where your skin is not accustomed to and clothing material that can irritate the skin. These causes can be easily addressed by anti-allergy medications and changing to sensitive skin products.

On some occasions, an itchy rash can be an indication of sexually transmitted diseases. If you have tried anti-allergy products and the itchiness persists, it would be best to reach out to a doctor so you can be properly diagnosed.

Keeping your vaginal health in check is important so that you can maintain an active sex life. You can also have a vaginal tightening in Melbourne to relive your sex-fresh glory days.

Your health, yes even your sexual health, is your wealth and your key to living a good life. The good life meaning not only the life you live in the day but the sexual life you have when the sun goes down.

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