Start a SHOPonSHEROES: Top 10 Online Store Ideas to Sell Products Online

Start a SHOPonSHEROES: Top 10 Online Store Ideas to Sell Products Online
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Want to open an online shop in India? Learn how to start an online store without investment and sell products online with the SHEROES app for women.

As Michelle Evans noted in Forbes, the pandemic has accelerated the global shift toward e-commerce, as many consumers tried out digital commerce while in isolation and have now become reliant on it.

The year 2020 saw a 24% increase in the number of goods bought online while store-based sales declined by 7%. Thanks to the shift to digital commerce, in 2021, 17% of all goods will be bought online, nearly double that in 2016.

If there was ever a good time to start an online store and sell products online, it’s now – especially for Indian women looking for a way to create their own identity and earn money online.

For those who lack the technical or digital skills to make online stores, the process of selling products online can be strife with challenges on the financial and logistic front.

Even the best ecommerce website builder comes with a steep learning curve and monthly costs, so it usually takes a significant investment of time, effort, and money to launch an online shop in India.

Another reason why building a web store is expensive is that you need to spend on online store hosting, online store payment options, and online store transaction safety.

Add to that the effort and expenditure of finding a ready pool of customers to sell your products to and even the most hopeful businesswoman would be ready to throw in the towel.

Online Shop Creator


So you’ll be glad to know that there now exists a simple way for you to start an online shop without investment and start accepting payments instantly.

Even better, you’ll have immediate access to an audience of millions of women ready and willing to snap up your products and services. Now, have I got your attention?

So, how can you bypass the challenges of starting an online store and create online stores free to sell products online? Introducing – SHOPonSHEROES!

To support every woman entrepreneur in her entrepreneurial journey, the SHEROES app for women has launched an online store builder that will help you build an online store for free in under 3 minutes.

SHOPonSHEROES allows you to showcase your products and services to the 22 million-strong SHEROES community and sell products online in a social setting, with content tools, dashboards, and your own community.

And the best part is that there are absolutely no charges for setting up your shop. It’s completely free!

So, if you’re ready to learn how to start an online store or open an online shop in India and sell products online, download the SHEROES app for women and set up your SHOPonSHEROES.

Watch the video below to learn how to start selling products online with your own SHOPonSHEROES.

Top 10 Online Store Ideas for your SHOPonSHEROES

So are you wondering what online store can I start? And what can you sell from your online store?

When you start an online store, you can sell your own products – from cosmetics to paintings to any number of things. Or you could even sell services, such as fitness classes or online coaching services.

If you’re wondering what online store to start, this list of the top 10 online store ideas will help you come up with ideas for your SHOPonSHEROES online store and for the products and services you can sell from it.

1. Online Homemade Art Or Crafts Shop

You don’t necessarily need prior experience to set up a shop selling art and crafts, whether you order these items from a trusted dealer or make them yourself.

You can use these creative craft-from-waste ideas to make DIY crafts from waste material around the house and get your kids to chip in too.

You can find Indian women artists selling beautiful Mandala art drawings and Madhubani paintings in their SHOPonSHEROES online art stores.

See how Puja Mondal, a lawyer by profession, started her journey as a Mandala Artist and now sells her Mandala art in her SHOPonSHEROES online store.

Also, check out these talented Indian women crafters selling beautiful handcrafted gifts in their SHOPonSHEROES online crafts stores.

Teacher and SHOP owner, Shireen Mullick, has grown into a successful entrepreneur in less than a year with her artisanal homemade soap business in the middle of the pandemic.

Watch this interview with her and learn why her intricate, detailed, and colourful soaps are a customer favourite.

SHEROES member Narayanee Rai, a techie by profession and self-taught artist, is monetising her talent and selling her artwork via her online SHOPonSHEROES called Sai Art Gallery.

She sells Mandala art and other Indian art forms such as Madhubani, Cheriyal, Kalighat, Phad, Gond, Kalamkari, and Mughal paintings. As she shared:

“SHOP On SHEROES platform is really helpful in terms of identifying the customer’s expectation. I am getting a very good response so far. This unexpected support and encouragement motivate me to explore more and I am planning different art styles in the future.”

Thanks to SHOPonSHEROES, you can also buy original Warli Art Field Work paintings from Teju Creations or quirky stone art from stone artist Harshita from Kanpur, who is now able to sell her products across India.

So, if you’re a creative woman who designs and creates art or beautiful craft items, you can create your online store for free and have a ready market to sell your art and crafts with SHOPonSHEROES.

2. Online Clothes Store

Starting an online store to sell clothes is usually the first thing that comes into a woman’s mind while thinking about online store ideas. And why not? We all love our clothes and browsing clothing boutiques for the latest fashions is a woman’s favourite pastime.

There is no dearth of boutiques in a city and it’s becoming harder for a boutique owner to get customers every day. During the pandemic, many brick-and-mortar clothing stores were forced to shut down or saw their footfalls fall to zero.

Creating online boutiques on SHOPonSHEROES ensures that your store will stay open 24/7 come rain or shine, and it can house anything from clothes and accessories to shoes and bags. Learn how to start an online clothing store with SHOPonSHEROES.

See how our Super SHEROES, Amita Chauhan is selling clothes sourced from her own boutique along with products from the SHECO marketplace in her online SHOPonSHEROES. And she’s not the only one!

3. Online Homemade Pickle Store

Are you talented in the kitchen and passionate about cooking? Why not apply your culinary skills to your business venture and start your own SHOPonSHEROES?

While many home cooks enjoy starting a home tiffin service to do what they love the most – feed people – you can also use your culinary skills to start selling products online, such as homemade pickles or dry snacks that can be shipped all over India.

Sell Products

4. Online Cosmetics Store

This is one of those small business ideas that you just cannot go wrong with. A lot of women started their homemade cosmetics business from a spare room or kitchen.

With a little investment in beauty courses and training, quality raw materials, and basic equipment, you can turn your spare room into a handcrafted cosmetics manufacturing unit.

Or if you already have a natural cosmetics business, your SHOPonSHEROES can be the online store to showcase and sell your wares to the entire SHEROES community.

5. Online Home Décor Store

Indian women are experts in decorating their homes. You can learn how to start an online home decor store with SHOPonSHEROES.

Stock your shop with exclusive and unique home décor items that you’ve created, connect with local artisans and craftspeople to help them sell their wares online,

If you love creating home decorations and merchandise, you can build a SHOPonSHEROES to sell your home décor items online, like Esha Biodegradable that sells mats, rugs, baskets, planters and wall hangings made from banana fibre.

Online Shop For Clothes


6. Tarot Reading Services

Do you sell tarot card readings or astrology services? Spiritual teachers can set up their SHOPonSHEROES and sell anything from tarot card readings to astrology services and meditation sessions online.

MysticonnectionIN’s SHOPonSHEROES sells Tarot readings such as classic 3-card tarot readings and offers answers to love and relationship related questions with Love Tarot readings.

These services are very popular with Indian women and creating your online store will help you take instant payments from your tarot reading clients so you can focus on serving them better.

7. Online Coaching & Counselling Services

Internet Saathi mentor and business coach, Rupa Patil, is promoting her Training, Mastermind, and 1:1 Video Coaching to help women start their own businesses in 30 days through her Heart Leaders Business Academy on SHOPonSHEROES.

This 6-month Food Business Accelerator Coaching Program conducted by Kavitha Rajeevkumar includes step-by-step guidance to grow your existing food business to 6 figures or more in one year.

Life coaching is one of the easiest businesses to set up because you ARE the product. All you need to sell life coaching services online is a storefront showcasing your various coaching programs and a payment gateway to accept payments online.

You can easily get started coaching women in managing their business and life challenges on the biggest social network for women in India. See how Chaitanya Homeopathic Clinic offers Personal Stress Counselling through their SHOPonSHEROES.

Start An Online Store

8. Online Fitness Classes

Online fitness classes might take a little more effort to set up, but the returns are great. You don’t even need expensive equipment if, like SHEROES user Geeta, you sell Zumba and dance workshops online.

If you’re a trained yoga or Pilates trainer, you’re likely to get a lot of sales if you position yourself well. If you don’t want to conduct live classes and workshops, you could even sell weight-loss, Zumba or yoga courses online.

With everybody being fitness-conscious these days, you can be sure that your fitness business and online workshops will get a lot of takers.

9. Online Teaching Services

Did you offer home tutoring services before the pandemic? Why not turn your love of teaching into a small business by selling online tutoring services?

With the growth of homeschooling and virtual education, more students are looking for online tutors to help them handle the burden of homework.

You could set up your online tutor store with SHOPonSHEROES and accept advance payments for your services. Then you can send your students a link to book their tutoring session on a free app like Calendly.

Your online tutoring services will be a hit if you offer niche classes and lessons that few others are offering, such as music tutoring or online baking classes on Zoom. If you’re a business coach, you could even sell business coaching online.

Rzaacreators is a SHOPonSHEROES that offers graphic design classes and design services for logos, posters and social media posts.

10. SHECO Partner Products

Don’t have any of the products or services listed above to sell? No worries! You can become a SHECO Partner and sell hundreds of high-quality, high-margin, premium brands online through your SHOPonSHEROES.

From vegan, organic cosmetics to healthy, nutritious snacks, educational toys, home decor, clothing and more, the SHECO Partner program empowers women to make money online by selling products from an ever-growing catalogue in the SHECO marketplace.

Creating an online store to sell products with zero capital is within the grasp of every Indian woman with a Smartphone today, especially if she’s building an online store on SHEROES and selling products from the SHECO marketplace, like these beautiful housewarming gifts for new homeowners.

Even if you’re selling one or more of the products above, you can increase your profits and expand your inventory by becoming a SHECO Partner and cross-selling or up-selling any of the SHECO products to your existing customer base.


7 Benefits of a SHOPonSHEROES Online Store

Why should you open a SHOPonSHEROES online store in the first place? Here are 7 benefits of building a web store on the SHEROES app for women:

1. Your online store is open for orders 24/7

Many brick-and-mortar stores were forced to shut down during the pandemic. Online stores are one of the pandemic-proof work-from-home business ideas because they stay open 24/7, no matter what.

In the battle of online stores Vs brick-and-mortar stores, creating an online store on SHOPonSHEROES ensures that your online shop will stay open 24/7 come rain or shine.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store where you need to be present, your SHOPonSHEROES online store can take orders from customers even when you’re asleep. So you can literally make money while you sleep, pandemic or not.

2. Start an online shop without investment

When you create a SHOPonSHEROES, you don’t need to build your own shopping website, so there are no yearly domain costs, no monthly hosting costs, and no expensive ecommerce builder software or online shop website builders to start an online shop in India.

With SHOPonSHEROES. you can make online stores free of cost and start your online shop without investment.

3. Start accepting payments instantly

SHOPonSHEROES provides you with a safe, secure, and instant payment gateway to accept credit cards, debit cards, online wallets, or any form of payment your customer prefers.

These hassle-free digital payment options help you capitalize on the impulse buy, so you don’t lose out on sales as a result of your customer changing their mind due to issues with their payment or for other reasons.

Online Shop Creator


4. Sell products or services to customers anywhere

If you sell services that don’t require shipping or your own products that you’re ready to ship, you can start selling to customers anywhere in the world with your SHOPonSHEROES.

Whether you’re selling online coaching services and workshops, or art, crafts, clothing, and other products, you can start selling your products and services to customers anywhere in the world through your SHOPonSHEROES.

5. Sell to millions of women customers on SHEROES

The SHEROES app for women is a supportive and trustworthy women-only community of over 22 million women who love to support other businesswomen and enjoy shopping online.

When you start a SHOPonSHEROES, you get instant access to this massive audience. So if you sell products that women love, you’re in the right place.

6. No limit to the number of items you can sell

There’s no limit to the number of items you can sell withSHOPonSHEROES. You can easily maintain your catalogue and keep your online store inventory up to date and repost your catalogue within the SHEROES community.

Don’t forget to update your catalogue regularly and remember that you alone are responsible for ensuring the delivery of products you own or are sourcing from another seller.

Of course, if you’re a SHECO entrepreneur and sell products from the SHECO catalogue, they will handle the delivery of your products for you. Keep in mind that SHECO products are only available in India.

7. Share your products easily via WhatsApp

Once you come up with some catchy online shop name ideas and build your online store, you can share your products with your friends, family, customers, and social media followers via WhatsApp and other social networks.

You can also respond to product queries raised by potential customers and chat with the people who comment on your products on the SHEROES platform.

See how 21-year-old Geetika Parouha made 1 lakh worth of sales in just 3 months! An engineering student and a proud SHOPonSHEROES seller, she hails from a family of farmers in Katni, Madhya Pradesh. Geetika always wanted to help her parents financially while being self-independent. Watch her #TakeCharge story and be inspired.

To start an online store and sell products online, download the SHEROES app for women and set up your SHOPonSHEROES today!

The Internet has changed the way we think about earning money and provided us with many more ways to earn money online. SHOPonSHEROES is set to redefine the growing social commerce space in India, led by women who want to make things happen.

With trends in online shopping showing no signs of decline and new online shopping sites springing up every day, there’s no better time to start your own SHOPonSHEROES and become an online entrepreneur.

When you start your SHOPonSHEROES, you’ll take the first step to start a business online and create your own identity. Few things can help you achieve success, deep satisfaction, and a sense of achievement like the pleasure of being a successful businesswoman.

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