10 Jobs In Singapore For Indian Female Graduates

10 Jobs In Singapore For Indian Female Graduates
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Are you a young Indian woman looking for international jobs for women in Singapore? Check out this list of 10 jobs in Singapore for Indian female graduates.

As a recent female graduate from India, Singapore provides lucrative opportunities for you. There are a variety of jobs for women in Singapore for Indian nationals in the government, NGOs and the corporate sector that are open and willing to bring you on board.

India has some of the best universities and colleges, which yield top performers and ambitious and innovative graduates. In Singapore, jobs for Indian graduates are not hard to find.

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10 Jobs In Singapore For Indian Female Graduates

Here are some international jobs for women in Singapore that are waiting for you. After obtaining a job in any of the following positions, you will then have to proceed to acquire the appropriate permits to allow you to work in Singapore.

1. Construction Engineering Jobs In Singapore

There are more females joining the field of construction engineering these days. Singapore is one of the countries that promote equality, and companies here are not shy about employing female engineers.

If you are a female graduate from India with skills in engineering, there are many opportunities waiting for you in Singapore. The field of real estate is growing at a fast pace. All you need is to check popular job advert websites for relevant jobs.

2. Software Engineering And IT Jobs In Singapore

If you are looking for a more challenging environment in Singapore, software engineering is the field in which to apply for those with the right skills.

Many new and successful software and app companies are looking for women from all over the world to bring their skills. So, if you’re a graduate of India, you have a good chance of getting this position. Again, there are various websites that advertise such jobs.

3. English Teaching Jobs In Singapore

English is taught in all schools in Singapore and there are many teaching jobs in Singapore for Indian nationals. Female graduates from India can easily secure a job here with a relevant degree or diploma.

Indians have a good accent that will be easily understood by those with all levels of education in the country. As a matter of fact, female teachers are preferred both for English and other subjects as well.

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4. Marketing Jobs In Singapore

It is said that women perform well in marketing roles because they can convince potential buyers. Since Singapore is a business hub, you can rest assured that there are many marketing jobs.

Almost every business needs a marketer. You can even diversify your work by having a couple of part-time marketing jobs in Singapore to earn a little more.

So, if you have been planning to relocate from India to Lion City, this is one of the best tickets to success.

5. Accounting Jobs In Singapore

There are equally many female accountants from India as men. Both the government and the corporate world in Singapore do employ female accountants from within the country and outside.

It is easy to land a job as an accountant from India if you apply and pass the interview. But the first thing is to show them that you have the right skills.

After qualifying for the position, One Visa Singapore will assist you in obtaining the necessary work permits and travel documents with ease. They are your best bet for learning how to get a job in Singapore from India.

6. HR Jobs In Singapore

Indian female graduates with relevant education have a reputation for making some of the best HRMs. They know how to deal with employees and keep them motivated.

Therefore, they stand a higher chance of getting this position when they apply for it. If you have a couple of years of experience, this will be an added advantage. It is ideal to go for this field right now.

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7. Nursing Jobs In Singapore

Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It has been used as a benchmark even by economic giants like the US.

So, why not try and find an opportunity here if you have a degree or diploma in nursing or another healthcare-related field.

If you have all the right papers and qualifications, the hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities in Singapore are already looking for you.

8. Customer Care & Call Center Jobs In Singapore

Have you completed a course in customer care? If yes, you should apply for a job in Singapore as a customer care representative.

As a young Indian graduate, you stand a high chance of growing your career to the level of customer relations manager, sales manager and many other positions.

Just like many other sales jobs in Singapore, you will need an updated CV explaining the value you will add to the company.

Remember that good customer service is what increases the customer base, and numerous companies in Singapore are looking for a person like you.

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9. Airline Jobs In Singapore

In addition to Singapore Airlines, which is the main employer in this sector, there are many other small airlines that operate from Singapore. All of them are looking for women with the relevant qualifications to work as flight attendants.

If you have just graduated from an Indian school with a degree that qualifies you to be a pilot, you can apply to work in an airline company or to fly one of the many private helicopters in Singapore.

10. Hospitality And Hotel Jobs In Singapore

This sector is doing well in Singapore, and Indian female graduates are already getting a big slice of the pie.

Whether you have just graduated or had some experience in managing hotels and other hospitality businesses, do not hesitate to apply for a job here.

One of the many reasons that they value foreign employees like Indian female workers is that Singapore appreciates and celebrates ethnic diversity, which is part of Singapore’s identity.

Getting a Job in Singapore from India

With the advancements in technology, it is easy to find a job from anywhere. Some Indian women think that they are too far from jobs in Singapore. But in a real sense, these jobs are just a few clicks away.

There are several websites that advertise the positions available in Singapore. In fact, some of them are specifically reserved for female Indians.

Therefore, it is good to be specific when searching for these positions. However, web portals are the best places to look for these jobs abroad for Indian freshers.

Another excellent way of finding specific jobs in Singapore is through the use of appropriate jobs-related agents. There are many of them in India, but you will still need to search for them online if you do not have referrals on where to find them.

Other advertisement platforms like magazines, digital media and social media can also help you to know who is advertising what jobs.

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Does Experience Really Matter?

As a graduate, one does not yet have too much experience to show. But one thing to know is that most startups in Singapore are run by young people.

The state has learned to appreciate the input of fresh and talented minds, and this attitude is almost becoming a culture.

Luckily, most Indian female graduates have already had exposure from completing internship programs before they graduate. With this, it is easy to join other young minds in one of the above fields and learn quickly.

So, you will find there are many employers providing jobs in Singapore for Indian graduates or freshers that are looking to employ graduates whether they have experience or not.

When applying for any job abroad, make sure you have an updated resume and a compelling personal LinkedIn profile. This guide to jobs in Singapore for Indians provides hope that as an Indian female graduate, Singapore has a place for you.

If you find an international job position or jobs in Singapore for foreigners without experience, being advertised online, it is good to check and see if you meet the standards that they are asking for.

In fact, some employers organize the processing of work documents, air tickets and even accommodations when applying for jobs in Singapore for Indian nationals.

Of course, you need to make sure you buy travel insurance before your trip. There is no reason to wait to apply for a job in Singapore if you feel that this is your best opportunity.

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10 Jobs In Singapore For Indian Female Graduates

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