Single Working Mothers: You’re Not Alone – Help Is At Hand

Single Working Mothers: You’re Not Alone – Help Is At Hand
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In today’s world, many single mothers have no choice but to work outside the home. Balancing work, home, kids and your social life is a juggling act that can leave many single working moms feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Working motherOften they walk around carrying feelings of guilt for not being able to do it all. With so many single mothers leading hectic lives, looking to other women who make it work is one way of seeing if their secrets can work in your life.

In addition to the life changes involved in becoming a single parent there are high physical demands which are imposed by the dual responsibilities of running a home and managing a job.

Even the most resilient woman has to perform a very delicate balancing act to avoid becoming the victim of stress-related illness. For a working woman and a mother, that too a single working mother, the role is tough and challenging.

Being the sole guardian angel to her child and also the sole breadwinner of the family with an immense responsibility to raise her children all by herself, her role undoubtedly calls for a woman with plenty of emotional strength and a steely determination.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child, said the famous actress Sophia Loren.

For all those single mothers, here are ten tips to overcome this feeling of being alone.

1. We all know that being a single mother is tough. You have to make time for yourself no matter what the situation is.

2. Even though you are caught up with a lot of work at the office, as a working single mother, you need to make friends outside the office so that you can have some time for yourself to go out once in a while and enjoy your space.

3. Don’t shy away from asking someone for help. It is ok to seek assistance from parents, friends and colleagues when necessary.

4. If you find it difficult at times to manage office work and the household, try other options. Hire the services of a domestic help and create a support system at home. This will let you have few days off or just go out with friends to de-stress.

5. Though your life is only ‘you’ and ‘your child’, make sure that you spend a good amount with your little one as she/he needs you just like how you need her/him. Always remember not to mix office and personal life.

6. As a single mother or single parent you should interact with your child everyday. Interaction with your child helps to bring you closer. Be honest with your child and let them know about the changes in your life.

7. If work and household chores leave you hassled and flustered, keep yourself from spilling your bad mood onto your children.

8. There is no harm for single parents to date. You have to make your children understand the reason as to why you want to date. Don’t divulge too many personal details with them, if they’re too young, as it will be difficult for them to understand the meaning of dating and romance.

9. Single parents who need financial aid, especially single mothers, should visit a bank or any other home loan company where they can find assistance.

10. The most important thing to always remember for single parents is that though you feel all alone in life, that is not true. There are many people who want to help you and understand the problems that you face.

Many successful single mothers have proven that it may be challenging, but not impossible to balance work, home and children. Society is now more considerate, supportive and receptive to this new genre of working mothers in almost every field.

With a lot of support, guidance and gumption, you will eventually tide over the difficult times. Start networking with other single mom support groups online and offline and you’ll see what a difference their support can make in your life.

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