10 (More) Proven Small Business Ideas For Indian Women

10 (More) Proven Small Business Ideas For Indian Women
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Need small scale business ideas for housewives? Adding to our many lists of small business ideas, here are 10 more proven small business ideas for Indian women.

Building on our lists of small business ideas for Indian women here are 10 more small business ideas for Indian women. These small business ideas for women include some that have worked in the past and some that you can start today from the comfort of home.

With an increase in the cost of living becoming a problem even in tier-2 cities of the world, it doesn’t hurt if housewives start running small businesses to earn extra income for their daily requirements.

It also helps the GDP of the country if we can create offer valid and actionable small scale business ideas for housewives.

In India, 60% of all industries belong to the SME sector and this is why Indian Gov. is doing its bit to encourage small business owners to set up shop.

In times when women’s empowerment is being heralded as the way forward, we still come across certain cases in the rural sector where women are forced to work as domestic help for other well-to-do families.

With a little training and advice, starting a small business from home with the ideas below can help them live a good life by earning money for their spouses or for their children if they are single mothers.

Work-from-home moms can get expert business coaching to launch their dream business, create a stellar business plan, an amazing financial plan and more.

Below are some home-based business ideas for moms which can help inspire women to come up with their own small scale business ideas for women’s empowerment.

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10 Successful Small Business Ideas For Indian Women

These business ideas for ladies might be small, but such ideas can create a huge impact if they inspire even a few women to start a home business that creates financial security for themselves and their family.

1. Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad

This famous co-operative was started in 1959 in Mumbai by 7 Gujarati women who stayed in Lohana Niwas of Girgaum Locality. With a seed capital of just Rs.80, they wanted to start an enterprise with only one skill they were all expert in i.e. cooking.

Guidance from one Chhaganlal Karamsi Parekh helped them focus on quality, product standardization and proper maintenance of accounts.

The firm was named “Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad” and was registered as a Co-Operative society under the then recently introduced Companies Act (1956).

The business grew from the women doing all cooking by themselves to the employment of 25 girls aged above 18 who were assisting them in the process.

Steadily, the Business grew to different parts of the country with several women agents helping the brand to reach rural lands as well.

By 2002, they had a turnover of Rs. 3 billion and exports of Rs. 100 million which was an astonishing record to be achieved by a co-operative society of Indian origin.

Can you come up with a similar business model that will work by creating a co-operative for women? If so, you could very well become a successful social entrepreneur.

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2. Rural Bank Doing Wonders In Satara District Maharashtra

Mann DeshiMahila Bank was started by Chetna Gala Sinha in 1997 at a small village called Mhaswad in Maharashtra. The village belongs to Satara district, an area which is seriously prone to drought cases and is heavily dependent on Agriculture.

In such a heavily resource depleted area, work done by Mrs Sinha should be highly admired as she set up a Radio station for the unemployed women of the village apart from starting her co-operative bank (Mann DeshiMahila Bank) which helped many women to start their own business through the availability of capital.

One woman, Vandana Pise, was given training on financial literacy and, after successfully making her loan payments, turned around her business. She now earns enough to be able to send her children for higher education.

Her other contributions to the village included setting up of cattle camps, check dams construction which helped reduce excessive use of resources in the village giving the villagers an idea on how to manage their resources.

What ideas can you think of to help women in rural India create financial independence for themselves?

3. Become a Freelance Writer And Blogger

With the arrival of internet income through digital publishing, content creation and blogging have become the next hot arena of demand for businesses.

This has given many budding freelance writers an avenue to showcase their talent and mastery over the English language.

Blogging can be a huge business opportunity as bloggers can sell their content writing skills to big business houses who want to promote their products and services through their own blogs.

There are plenty of self-made celebrity writers who make money blogging and earning huge bucks to start their own businesses.

Guest Blogger

4. Start Your Own Patiserrie Or Chocolatier Business

Cooking is a very handy skill that many housewives can take advantage of as many Indian men still don’t know how to cook. They can go a step further and start their own pastry business or chocolate making.

This is quite popular in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai or Los Angeles, London etc. as in such places the population consists of different communities.

With different cultures come different requirements – a theory which bred the UK food Industry quite famous for chicken curry.

Pro Tip: Start small and target locality wise. Work on promoting your work in a particular locality. Once the word goes around, people start coming then start expanding your Business.

It is possible to be flexible as you can request your prospective customers to place their order in advance (say 3 weeks before) so that you can have ample time to do your work as well as stealthily expand your production area.

5. Home Tutoring And Online Education

Home tutoring is definitely the queen of all home businesses for Indian women. There is every possibility that you will come across private tutors in every city who teach students in a rented place.

Women have traditionally been known to be good teachers so it gives an opportunity for highly-qualified women to start coaching classes at their own place or in a rented place for highly popular and evergreen courses like CA, CS, CMA, IIT-JEE, Medical etc.

The next iteration of home tutoring is online tutoring, which allows women to take up online tutoring jobs or go into business by creating online courses of their own, all from the comfort of home.

Sewing Embroidery Business

6. Sew Your Way To Success

Sewing and embroidery are traditional arts carried on by generations. Mostly done by women, there are numerous techniques in embroidery sciences which are not much known about in the world. For example, TODA is one such embroidery style quite famous in the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu.

Taking inspiration from a very famous Hindi film, women can start a co-operative society of stitching experts so as to be able to attract contracts for work in different countries.

A similar model has been followed in Kullu-Manali where there are several Government-recognised weaver associations employing thousands of winter-clothes makers who are experts in the Kullu style of embroidery as well as the weaving of shawls.

Also read: How to Start Artificial Jewellery Business From Home

7. Cook Your Way To Riches

As I said cooking is a very handy skill to start a business with. A recent example I can give is from our trip to Darjeeling where we came across a local Bengali Restaurant providing home-made quality lunch at Rs. 100 per plate.

The restaurant has been functioning since the 1950s with interiors replaced with concrete from wood back in the day. It has been able to provide a decent income to its owners who are able to live peacefully and send their kids to school as long as you can follow economies of scale and maintain pricing per plate.

There are more home-made food business ideas for ladies who love to cook, such as starting a YouTube recipe channel and earn money from ad revenue or collaborations and sponsorships with advertisers.

8. Start Your Own Interior Design Firm

Interior Design is a very flexible arena and not only trained but also untrained people can start consulting as designers as long as you have a good aesthetic sense.

You can take a page out of Suzanne Khan’s book start your own interior design consultancy firm. With the change in design norms amongst the corporate class, this is an opportunity for artistic women to start an enterprise in which they can express their creativity and passion.

The only problem is getting clients for which you would need to create a brand and promote your work heavily in order to make your enterprise profitable in the long run.

Pro Tip: Zero compromises on the quality of products sold to design offices or homes. Customers look for a first-class finishing touch.

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9. Start Your Own App Development Firm

With the world going digital and focus on women safety being high in consideration across the world, it is the right time for starting an all-female app.

You could focus on developing apps devoted to women safety on the lines of the Vodafone “Sakhi” app which can help many women stay in contact with their family or law enforcement for their safety.

With India’s Smart Cities initiative currently undertaken, there is no better time than the present for starting a small business in the field of software development.

10. Start Your Own Female Taxi-Aggregator Service

With taxi-related crime constantly occurring in metro cities, this is a chance for starting an all-female taxi business which can cater to the transport needs of women working in late-night in offices across the country.

There are already certain local level private transport initiatives in Mumbai and other cities, like TaxShe™ as well as the Pink Auto service, which means it is a viable business to get into.

It can be a good opportunity for college students who are outstation but know how to drive to earn some money for their college fees.

Final Words

The cost of living is constantly increasing and raising a family is a mandatory norm for many people belonging to rural areas or cities and towns outside the metro areas.

Today it is important to train Indian women or at least assist them in setting up their own small business, home business or online business without investment in India.

Traditionally, women are more likely to spend time with their kids at home. So it is beneficial for the kids to learn something about entrepreneurship from their parents.

Innovation and creativity can help bloom ideas turn into reality which can earn money for the family. This list of small business ideas for housewives and home-based business ideas for moms can help create financial independence for Indian women.

I hope this small business ideas list will inspire many women to start a small scale business for ladies.

About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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10 (More) Proven Small Business Ideas For Indian Women

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