How Smart Digital Assistants Can Help Women Get Organized

How Smart Digital Assistants Can Help Women Get Organized

Right from kids to old people, smart virtual assistants are getting more popular every day. An assistant helps get a lot of work done. They are super cool and very helpful, whether you are a student, a housewife or a working woman.

A recent study suggests that both genders find the female voice of smart digital assistants warmer and easier to relate to.

Women are the multitasker in the true sense of the word. Since smart virtual assistants can do a lot of things, from setting an alert to things like ordering food from a restaurant, they can become indispensable to a busy modern woman.

Today the fight to be the best smart assistant is between the top 3 tech giants – Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant and Apple’s Siri – whose only quest is to be super efficient and be able to ease the tasks of our daily life.

All these 3 assistants are called by name upon which they get an alert and start the process to track down the best response for your unique situation and needs.

The process that goes behind the working of a smart assistant is complex, yet interesting. The very first stage is to understand if the query is a statement or a question.

If it is a question, the next stage is to figure out where the query is sent in small packets to the servers, where the algorithm analyzes the context behind the statement and executes accordingly.

The draw of a smart assistant is that it learns along the way. It keeps getting smarter with each query. Once the query is done, the response comes in the form of a voice response that gives you the information you require.

Women can use smart virtual assistants in a number of ways like setting up a reminder, book a restaurant for dinner, order takeout from your favourite food delivery service, or help you multitask.

You can even ask the smart assistant to order provisions for you if you’re running low on something in the kitchen. Amazon’s Alexa is a wonderful example of that. Since it syncs with your Amazon account, it can directly order something for you from the Amazon.com website.

A smart assistant can also do things like downloading an app or even calling someone. Since women may also need to take care of things like their baby or family, you can just ask your phone to remind you of certain important tasks and it shall get it done.

Check out the infographic below to compare smart digital assistants and find out which one is best for your lifestyle.

Comparing Smart Assistants – Infographic

Infographic by Techiespad



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