From Pause to Prosperity: Srividya’s Inspiring Career Restart Story

From Pause to Prosperity: Srividya’s Inspiring Career Restart Story
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Srividya took a 7-year career break to raise her son. Today, she’s thriving in a work-from-home role! Read her inspiring story of career restart, resilience, and finding a supportive work environment at MARSbySHEROES.

Ambitious women can find it daunting to take a career break for motherhood. Srividya’s journey proves it’s possible to restart your career and find a fulfilling work-life balance. As a mom to a teenager, she expertly juggles the joys (and, let’s be honest, the chaos) of parenthood with a successful work-from-home career.

Her story starts in 2001 in Hyderabad, when she was fresh out of college with an MCA degree and ready to take on the world. Landing a role as a Technical Support Associate at General Electric felt like the perfect start. The corporate world called, and Srividya eagerly dove in, excited for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Life, however, rarely follows a straight path. Marriage brought her to Pune, where she continued her professional journey at Tech Mahindra ITes BPO. 

Navigating Motherhood and Career

2009 brought Srividya one of life’s greatest joys: becoming a mom! But the joy was quickly met with a difficult reality. Her maternity leave was only one month, which wasn’t enough time to adjust to the whirlwind of motherhood. With just 30 days to bond with her baby, recover from childbirth, and battle sleep deprivation, the last thing Srividya needed was added stress from work. Finding childcare felt impossible, and her request for a longer leave – just one more month – was only granted for a week. It wasn’t much, but it would have made a world of difference for a new mom in this critical time. “My heart ached as I struggled to find someone, I could trust with my one-month-old baby,” shares Srividya, reflecting on the overwhelming hurdle she faced during that crucial time in her life.

Srividya faced a daunting decision, forcing her to confront the harsh reality of balancing career aspirations with family responsibilities. She made the courageous choice to step back from her career to care for her son. Would she ever find her way back?  Srividya’s heart ached at the thought, but she knew her son needed her most. 


Srividya's career restart with MARS

From Career Break to Career Restart

Lucknow, where they relocated with her husband, offered a slower pace, but Srividya’s ambitions yearned for more. When her son turned four, the desire to restart her career grew stronger. She searched for roles matching her skills, but opportunities were scarce. A return to Pune, fueled by a renewed determination for a career restart, became the next chapter. 

While browsing for jobs on LinkedIn, Srividya stumbled upon a job post by MARSbySHEROES. Her skills match perfectly, and the work-from-home flexibility was the cherry on the cake. She applied and got a call from team MARS in a couple of days. In 2018, Srividya restarted her career with MARS. She began as an associate and has now taken up the role of a Project Manager. 

Her experience with clients such as Paytm and Fenice Energy allowed her to leverage her expertise and improve her skills. Despite receiving numerous tempting offers, Srividya remained steadfast in her commitment to MARS. What kept her rooted wasn’t just the charm of professional growth but the essence of the MARS’ culture. 

Beyond Paycheck: The Power of Culture and Support

“I’ve had many lucrative offers, but MARS offers so much more than just a job. The team’s approachability and support have been my pillars of strength,” Srividya reflects, her voice tinged with gratitude. At MARS, Srividya found more than just a job; she found a community— that stood by her through thick and thin. The culture of inclusivity and support fostered an environment where her talents flourished, and her contributions were valued.


Srividya perfectly captures the essence of MARS with a simple truth: “It’s not just about work; it’s about people.” Finding a community that valued her contributions and stood by her during challenges solidified her decision to stay with MARS for six years. Srividya’s story exemplifies the power of a career restart fueled by resilience and a supportive environment. It offers hope to anyone navigating the complexities of balancing family and professional aspirations.

Ready to write your own story? Explore opportunities and restart your career with MARSbySHEROES. Start your MARS certification today and discover a world of remote work opportunities tailored for women!

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