Copywriting Business: How To Start Your Own Copywriting Agency

Copywriting Business: How To Start Your Own Copywriting Agency

Copywriting services have become a growing industry since the surge of the information technology revolution.

Not everyone has the talent to string words into a form that readers and customers love, so good copywriters are in great demand.

6 Steps To Start Your Own Copywriting Agency

Most copywriters prefer to work on their own schedule by starting their own copywriting agency.

1. Develop your Copywriting Skills

If you don’t have the information and experience you need to practice as a copywriter, spend some time and invest in learning the trade.

There are many excellent freelance writing courses available online where you can be certified by agencies as a good copywriter, or if not you can study the trade by yourself.

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success is a course that will help new and aspiring freelance writers start and grow a freelance writing business from scratch.

The quality of your writing will reflect on your completed projects, and although your educational background does not matter much if you have a natural talent for writing.

But, if you would like to become an expert copywriter in a specific field, you need to get proper training.

If you want to write about topics such as legal studies, training will greatly help especially if the issues write about are sensitive and needs a touch of professionalism.

Check out these 200+ Writing Niches for more ideas on the niches that you can write in.

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2. Create Your Resume and Portfolio

Your first step to building a portfolio must be to write a professional resume detailing your copywriting skills. Emphasize any knowledge, background, credentials and experience (if any) you have.

Since some highly-paid copywriting fields, such as writing direct-response copy, are is all about marketing services and products, you should mention the results you have managed to create thanks to your education or training.

If you don’t have credentials as a copywriter, emphasize the courses or training you have gone through.

3. Invest in the Resources You Need to be Productive

You just need a few bucks to start a copywriting services agency. But the minimum requirements you need are a quality computer with a speedy internet connection, printer and computer peripherals that will help you keep your focus on your writing.

If you’re interested in offering your own copywriting services to clients, either as a professional copywriter or a freelance writer, you need to set up your home office and prepare yourself to write, write and write.

You also need to have a business email address where your clients can contact you, aside from your personal email. This will help you to keep business and private emails separate, and also to present a professional look to your business.

Writers Work is a resource for freelance writers that offers tools and resources to help guide you on your way to a career as a freelance writer.

Their document editor has built-in grammar and style checking to make sure you’re always sending top quality work to your clients. You can also get career training, writing tools, an online portfolio, and more.

4. Scope Out Jobs Online

When you want to set up your copywriting agency, you need to understand that most copywriting projects are part-time and can be done from home. Online freelance sites post freelance jobs many of which require copywriting services.

WritingtoWealth is a website that will pay you to write short articles, review websites for inappropriate content, read and respond to emails, edit and proofread written content, and write blog posts.

If you like writing on academic subjects, StudyBay is a freelance writing platform with a large number of daily orders allowing you to stay self-employed and avoid paying a fee to a middleman.

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5. Write Your Own Professional Blog

If you have the resources to spend on a web host and domain, you should start your own blog, highlighting your copywriting experiences and successes or just be offering more information about you and your services.

A blog can give you the visibility you need and give even an inexperienced writer an advantage in a tough job market. Plus, you need to have an online presence so your clients can keep in touch, network with you and make quick transactions.

6. Ask For Referrals

After your first successful project for your client, ask them to pass on your information to other possible clients that they can refer to you.

You can even create an affiliate program or referral system offering incentives as a bonus to your clients refer new clients to you.

Lastly, do not spend too much effort and money in creating your blog, buying equipment and setting up your business, all at the cost of looking for new business and servicing your existing customers.

It’s essential to be prepared, but most of those tasks can be outsourced for a small amount. As a professional copywriter, you want to devote most of your time to your projects, such as writing your first sales letter or website.

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