Stress Management: 5 Super Stress Busters For Working Women

Stress Management: 5 Super Stress Busters For Working Women
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How does one say goodbye to stress, and create a more energetic, healthier life? Sakshi Singh offers some very inexpensive and simple, but effective, stress busters.

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“If you ask me what the single most important key to longevity is, I would have to say avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I will still have to say it.” These lines by the late American actor and stand up comedian, George Burns, stand true for people all across the globe.

In a modern world, that is stretching our limits of physical and mental endurance, the single most widely seen reason for most ailments has to be stress. Stress is our body’s reaction to something that upsets the balance of a healthy life.

And it’s the things that bring pleasure bring pain too. It’s the things and people that overwhelm us that also cause us to experience stress, stressful enough to cause physical or psychological symptoms.

The symptoms of stress range from chronic fatigue to a decrease in your sexual desire, insomnia, loss of appetite etc. The even more worrying fact is that all these symptoms can be a precursor to ailments like heart disease, depression and even as doctors suspect cancer.

So what can one do say goodbye to stress, and move back to a more energetic and healthier life? The answer lies in following some very inexpensive, simple but effective stress busters.

A good first move is to get rid of artificial stimulants, like alcohol, caffeine and smoking, which only mask the symptoms and do nothing to cure the cause of stress. Instead, eat well and eat right.

Any doctor or nutritionist will tell you that a well balanced diet of fruits and vegetables is the way to reduce anxiety and stress to the lowest level. It’s not just what you eat, it’s also when you eat it.

Snacking between means is a no-no, and so is excess dessert, and too much of your daily cuppa. Time your meals, and when you eat, make sure it’s wholesome and healthy food that you ingest.

  • Chant a fitness mantra

The best way to start a day is to indulge in some vigorous exercise to get back into the groove of being on a physical and mental high. Join a health club or go for a run everyday. You can also opt for fun exercises where you combine various styles of dance with fitness. Consider this as your own sacred time, and don’t let anyone or anything interfere with it.

  • Become a child again

Rediscover the activities you enjoyed in your days as a carefree child and teen. Get outdoors, play music, run around, watch cartoons, tickle your friends, climb a tree, play ball, and allow yourself the freedom to express yourself without worrying what others might think of you.

You could simply join a group of children in your neighbourhood and see how much fun it is to do things you did as a child. If you have a younger nephew/niece who lives with you, try spending a day with him/her and watch the little joys come alive in your life.

  • Be good to yourself

Sometimes the giver needs to stop giving, and if you’re one of those who find yourself giving and doing for everyone at all times, stop, pause, reflect and renew your ways of working with yourself and others.

Put your own needs first and learn to say no. If you don’t put your foot down and assert yourself, the world will walk over you. Don’t fall into the trap of being “nice” and giving your all for everyone. Set your priorities first, achieve them and only then get around to helping others.

Surround yourself with positive people who lift your spirits and make you happy. If there’s someone constantly trying to bring you down, don’t encourage them, and feel justified in disengaging yourself from interacting with that person.

Set one goal at a time and pursue it to its completion. Setting unrealistic goals will set you up for defeat and create a situation where stress becomes unavoidable.

  • Indulge. Invest. Enjoy.

Lastly, indulge yourself. Invest in something relaxes and rejuvenates you. Buy some candles, aroma oils and surround yourself with these little luxuries, a good book and soothing music and just let the magic begin.

Getting a soothing massage or enrolling yourself for some spa treatments could also do the trick. Something as simple and practical like Pranayama (deep breathing and meditation) can help soothe your senses and calm you down.

Once you get around to following these guidelines, you’ll see the amazing effects on your stress levels and change your entire outlook towards life. Moreover, you’ll learn coping strategies to deal with stress in a healthy and timely manner.

Things that seemed overwhelming will soon become trivial matters, causing you to wonder what the problem ever was. Not only will you be less stressed, you’ll be healthier, happier, and more energetic, ready to face any obstacles that come your way.

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