Jobs For Women

21 Best Jobs For Women In India: The Ultimate Career Guide

January 16, 2019
Today there’s no such thing as ‘female jobs’ or a ‘ladies job.’ This list of the best jobs for women in India will help you choose the right career for you.
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Women In India: ‘My Career – A Cornerstone Of My Identity’

September 7, 2011
For a working woman in India, having a career, and an identity apart from her family, has given her a sense of her own abilities and a new self-esteem.
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Jobs For Indian Women: Employment Opportunities Are Abundant

August 2, 2011
It is in the last decade that the corporate sector in India has seen a huge increase in the number of women taking on greater responsibilities.
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Jobs For Women: Why We Have More Work Options For Women Today

May 31, 2011
Jobs, for women, have now become a medium to break away from the shackles holding them back. Women are flooded with choices when it comes to work.