The Three ‘I’s Of Leadership: Idea, Incorporate, Identity

The Three ‘I’s Of Leadership: Idea, Incorporate, Identity

A leader must ‘practice what they preach’ and lead by example. Ensuring you are always performing to the best of your ability will excel the leader in you, and enhance your identity.


Leadership is a matter of how you are. We all need leaders who have a strong sense of purpose and are true to their code of values. Corporates choose bonafide leaders for their persona, for their abilities and values to inspire and encourage employees towards their goal.

Leaders add value to business by bringing in new ideas. It takes a lot of ideas to come up with a few executable ones that would suit the different aspects of a business and gradually bring success.

As a leader, it is important that you initiate the ideation process in an organization, and managing different ideas effectively would contribute to the overall innovation. Successful businesses have leaders who have the ability to reflect on their ideas.

An effective leader will be able to work with fresh ideas – theirs, as well as those presented by other employees or peers and also identify, pursue and support good ideas. Being an idea hunter and an idea worker will help you move up the leadership ladder and also help your organization grow smarter.

  • Incorporate

Incorporation, in business terms focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the different process that together run a business. As a leader, you must be able to improve the quality of information and also provide information whenever required.

Leaders who formulate a right plan of action prove to be the driving force behind incorporation, and businesses that focus on such strategies have earned a higher level of agility. Business incorporation strategies enable the company to work in a smarter way.

A leader should be able to define and implement an incorporation strategy that works best for a particular business unit. By empowering your team members to develop skills and make decisions, you will see the results that a successful leader will see.

  • Identity

An authentic leader, as defined in Greek mythology, ‘knows thyself’ – accepting, being and remaining true to oneself. A leader is selected or accepted amongst a group, depending on how representative she is to people within that group.

A genuine leader acts in accord with her code of values, needs and preferences and in the process, freely expresses her core feelings and motivations.

The importance of social identify in leadership can be explained with the example of a sports team selecting its captain. The captain is the leader of the team but when the players start the game on the field, the coach is the person that they look up to for motivation and direction.

The leader holds the responsibility of leading the team and ensures that the players play to the best of their abilities. The leader also organizes the team using effective methods and maximizes their coherency as a team.

To emerge successful in today’s competitive market, woman leaders must have a broad idea of the different functions in business and the way they work together. The three I’s of leadership will boost your growth up the leadership pipe.

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