7 Tips To Stay Active When It’s That Time Of Month

7 Tips To Stay Active When It’s That Time Of Month
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Don’t want to let that time of month get you down? Here are 7 handy tips to help you stay active while on your periods.

There was a time when a woman felt coy about speaking about menstrual blood, but now the wave of menstrual activism has started and this can be compared to the women’s liberation movement that was prevalent in the 1960’s era.

Menstruation in our society is still considered as a stigma or a taboo. It’s something that is not openly discussed. Though it is a biological function, still people feel shame talking about it.

Keeping aside the social aspect, it is true that the modern, active, and dynamic lady of today’s times does have to rise above the physical, social, and mental difficulties that come up during the monthly periods.

Doing so will allow her to continue carrying out her responsibilities at college, work, and home. While it is not possible to know when the monthly cycle might start, the good news is that we can control a lot of things at this time of the month.

All of us have different ways of dealing with our period. While some prefer going about their daily routines, others may call in sick and relax at home. However, we increasingly see women who continue with their daily work, irrespective of whether or not their periods have arrived.

If you’re one such female of today’s times who doesn’t believe in staying idle and doesn’t want periods to be a barrier to her success, then this post is for you. Here are 7 handy tips to help you stay active while on your periods.

How to stay active during your periods

  1. Exercise

Most of us think that we should not exercise during our periods. But in reality, exercises do help us battle PMS and produce the feel-good hormones need to combat the stress during those days.

Those who hit the gym for heavy workouts should stay off from lower back exercises for the first two days. However, low-intensity workout using a foam roller or mild stretches can do wonders for your body. A milder form of exercises like walking or yoga is also beneficial for your body on these days.

  1. Eat right

Eating right can help you to minimise menstrual cramps. There are some foods that are labelled as nutritious, healthy, and are a pain reliever for these monthly cycles. Examples include nuts, green vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, and more of protein and iron-rich food.

The veggies and fruits you will be consuming will help you stay active and let you compensate for the pain and feeling of being down. Avoiding caffeine, junk food, and sugary drinks too can help you stay fit and feel good.

Some people think that the familiar case of sugar cravings are triggered by PMS, but in reality, there is no medical connection between sugar and PMS. The mind knows that it is comfort food and hence most women reach for a tub of ice cream during their periods.

  1. Feminine hygiene products

In order to remain active and carefree during menstruation, it is important to choose a good quality of feminine hygiene products.

Today, a wide range of options are available, including sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups to remain hygienic. Sanitary napkins also come in different types for different days like heavy flow or mild flow.

Choose a brand that you’re comfortable with and also consider the benefits of reusable menstrual products versus disposables, for their lower environmental impact.

  1. Minimise body odour

One thing that most of the teenage girls complain is the body odour that comes from the menstrual blood. In order to avoid this, it is important to change your sanitary pad once every six hours and tampon once in two hours.

That being said, you need to check your body clock and schedule the changes accordingly. Changing pads frequently also helps to avoid the risk of the medical conditions like urinary tract infection, skin rashes and vaginal infections.

But before you change your pad, it is important to wash your labia with water, toilet paper or tissue. This will help you minimize odours and stay confident and active during your period.

  1. Use period underwear

Teenagers often feel miserable with first-time changes happening inside their body. The first-time use of traditional sanitary napkins might make them jittery.

They would constantly check for leaks and stains. Coupled with the discomfort of putting on pads for the first time, this means a difficult time for young teenage women.

However, today, there are a lot of alternative options that seek to take away the feeling of being miserable inside and outside. Try using super-protective teen period underwear, to prevent leaks and make it easier to face your daily routines with confidence.

  1. Drink lots of water

You also need to drink an adequate quantity of water these days. Having water keeps you hydrated and eliminates the bloating that accompanies this time of the month.

You can also augment water with other liquids like fruit and vegetable juices, or milk. If you need to remain outdoors for your work or college, make sure to carry a bottle of water with you.

  1. Track your menstrual cycle

The best way to be prepared is to track your menstrual cycle. Record your periods each month on a tracker and see how long it lasts, its flow, and its side effects.

After a few months, you’ll understand the pattern better and be prepared for the future. Nowadays there are also apps that help you track your period.

The upside of being a girl of today’s generation is that you can explore options beyond traditional sanitary napkins. Period-proof underwear for teens will definitely be a boon for young women who are stressed out, physically and emotionally, by the onset of their monthly periods.

By using these tips and following a healthy and active outlook on life, you can easily cope with these difficult days of the month.

About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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