Top 5 Natural Treatments To Make Your Hair Strong And Gorgeous

Top 5 Natural Treatments To Make Your Hair Strong And Gorgeous

With all the available hair treatments that we have today– rebonding, perming, keratin treatments, etc.– it can certainly take its toll on our hair. When you regularly avail such chemical treatments, you will soon notice that your hair will become dry and frizzy.

Instead of having the dream hair that you have always wanted, you might end up with a damaged hair. Even if you do not avail such treatments, your hair will still be affected by the pollution that it will encounter day after day.

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If you wish to maintain long, gorgeous and strong hair, then you must go all natural.

  • Natural Hair Treatment #1: Olive Oil and Egg Yolk

We all know how great olive oil is for your skin as well as your diet. However, did you ever stop and think what this amazing natural oil can do to your hair? For your information, applying olive oil in your hair can actually do wonders for it. In fact, olive oil is known for restoring the elasticity of your hair.

On the other hand, egg yolk is great in replacing the protein that has been lost in your scalp. Aside from that, egg yolk contains high amounts of protein and lecithin which has amazing moisturizing and strengthening properties. When you combine these two, you can surely say goodbye to hair thinning and hair loss and say hello to your gorgeous and beautiful long mane!

  • Natural hair Treatment #2: Coconut Oil

They call coconut the tree of life and for good reasons! All the parts of the coconut tree can be put to good use. This is most especially true with its amazing oil. If you have limp and dry hair, you can use this amazing oil to revive your dry and limp hair.

Coconut oil actually has a great molecular structure, which allows it to penetrate the hair shaft. This coconut oil can even get past the cuticle. In turn, it can repair as well as prevent the damage from inside out. Amazing, right?

According to studies, people who use coconut oil for their hair actually has experienced an increase in body, shine as well as manageability. In addition to that, you will also enjoy a decrease in breakage, split ends, static and many more.

  • Natural Hair Treatment #3: Banana and Papaya

In Thailand, lots of women use fresh fruits to deep condition their hair. One of the most popular combinations include the banana and papaya hair conditioner. This is done by placing a banana and a large slice of papaya in a plain yogurt.

Ensure that they yogurt that you will choose is full-fat. Blend until it becomes thick. Put it in every strand of your hair, leave for one hour and then rinse.

This natural treatment does not repair split ends. It does, however, make the split ends less noticeable. As a result, you will have a more gorgeous looking hair.

  • Natural Hair Treatment #4: Mayonnaise

This natural hair treatment can be easily found in your refrigerator. These days, a lot of women slather on some mayonnaise on their hair for deep conditioning and it has certainly worked wonders for them.

  • Natural hair Treatment #5: Aloe Vera

This is, by far, the oldest hair trick in the book. All you need to do is put some of the gooey jelly found in the middle of the aloe Vera plant on your hair. Rinse afterwards. You will certainly get to enjoy a long, lustrous hair.

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