Top Women Entrepreneurs In India: Sulajja Firodia Motwani

Top Women Entrepreneurs In India: Sulajja Firodia Motwani
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Women in India have come a long way to attain equal rights and positions in a society that stands deep rooted in traditional values. The world now sees them in a different light and women are respected for the work they do and the contribution they make to society.

India has, and is seeing a number of successful women who inspire the world with their leadership qualities and business acumen. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Managing Director of Kinetic Motor Company, is one such woman entrepreneur in India who has established a name for herself in what was considered the male domain.

For Motwani, the impulse to join her family’s business became something more than simply carrying the business inheritance forward.

Being a second generation woman entrepreneur in the Kinetic group, she has brought about remarkable changes in the business and has taken it to new heights that the company never saw before.

Sulajja graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, with a master’s degree in Business Administration. Barra International, an investment firm based in California, was her first employer. She says that the work she learned there for four years helped her understand the practical details and difficulties involved in conducting a business.

With that knowledge in hand, Sulajja returned to India and joined the Kinetic group. She explains, “I truly enjoyed my work experience in the USA. However, joining the family business has always been a part of my life plans since my childhood days. The decision was spontaneous.”

After she joined Kinetic, Motwani has made some bold business moves. Today, she has transformed the small time family business into a leading two-wheeler manufacturing company, offering a whole range of motor vehicles.

Soon after her appointment in 1997, Kinetic joined hands with Honda Motors and came to be known as the Kinetic Motors. The company then tied up with Hyosung Motors, a Taiwan based motor vehicle manufacturer.

Kinetic has seen a huge increase in productivity, and its sales shot up to 19,000 additional vehicles in less than a year. The company now focuses on transmission systems and power train engines.

Motwani has always excelled in everything she did, right from being a topper in school to being a good performer in the investment firm she worked with. However, she did face a number of obstacles too. She says, “I now know that I do not like failures. This keeps me going, and I only look ahead.”

  • Achievements and Awards

Motwani has been recognized for her outstanding business accomplishments. Here are a few of her achievements.

• Elected the ‘Global leader of Tomorrow’, 2002, by the World Economic Forum.
• Titled the ‘Face of the Millenium’ by India Today.
• Awarded the ‘Young Super Achiever’, 2003, by Business Today.
• Awarded the ‘Top Woman CEO’, 2003, by the Institute of Marketing and Management.
• Ranked #1 among the top 25 business leaders in a poll conducted by Fortune India.

For Sulajja Firodia Motwani, her career is more of a passion itself. She is a woman of substance and a true role model for the young aspiring Indian woman entrepreneur.

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  • $ 50 Million corporate fraud under exposure here http://wikileak-corp.blogspot.in/

    See how the makers of Kinetic Honda duped 30 banks simultaneously & got away with it.

  • Why are you glorifying the Failure-Daughter of the CEO of an utter failure business ???

    Sulajja Firodia has got good education (courtesy: Her father's money – DADDY KA PAISA) but the graph of kinetic motors started falling after she has joined the group.

    In 1998, Honda Motor Company unties the joint venture with it, after that some Taiwanese company UEN was approached by kinetic, after it's failure AGAIN kinetic tied up with Hyosung Motor, AGAIN after a couple of years kinetic launched a bad example of a two wheeler – The Italiano Blaze which did not stand the market (Cheap materials, idiotic design & lots of vehicle unbalance were the key constituents of being a failure). After that AGAIN Kinetic ties up with SYM to create Flyte, a 125cc scooterette which had a limited number of customers. After that, Kinetic was taken over by Mahindra, who is selling the same vehicles renaming them ex. Nova as new Duro.

    After losing tie up woth Honda in 1998, kinetic has always compromised on Material Quality & performance. The greatest example of this is the Italiano Blaze. Fitting a 165cc engine to such a bunch of plastic can never be a good idea. Same thing to Kinetic Nova – Launching a vehicle with some foolish technology badges like AAHO! (Advanced Acceleration & Handling Optimization '!') could never rise Kinetic again in competition.

    Past 2000, kinetic was severely hit by motoring Giant Honda, through the launch of Activa, which is still a complete automatic scooter full of Quality & performance. Later, Honda & several other brands like Hero Honda, TVS, Suzuki had continued delivering 100 times better products than Kinetic.

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