Women In Business: Challenging Age Old Ideas Of Leadership

Women In Business: Challenging Age Old Ideas Of Leadership

Women in business have proved themselves and excelled in every field, whether it is joining an existing establishment and taking it to new heights, or starting a new venture. There is a large sector of women in business, which has been contributing to the growth of economy every year.

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“A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” There is not a single soul on earth who would argue with this statement. History is witness to the fact that women have been working both inside and outside the home since centuries.

In colonial times, their work included helping their husbands or fathers in the fields, and as time passed, it involved taking on more responsibility. The world wars and industrial revolution bought women out of their homes and there was an influx of women working in small roles in various industries.

However, it was post-independence that we saw the women move out of these micro job roles towards the successful role in the business industry. Today there is not a single area which does not boast of ‘women in business’.

Whether it was in ‘blue collar’ jobs in trades or ‘white collar’ jobs in managerial and administration jobs they‘ve participated with enthusiasm and made a niche for themselves. Their presence can longer be ignored.

Women in business have shown a remarkable sense of business acumen, planning and management, finance and all areas that are necessary to make a venture a success.

Women are born organisers. Their skills are demonstrated by the fact that there are lakhs of women you are handing the responsibility of home as well as office effectively and without any complaints. In India, over 40% of the workforce is comprised of women.

Even the Indian government has realized the importance of supporting women in business ventures. There are special grants and loans available for women who want to strike out on their own. There have also been a number of certifications introduced which help a women train in specialised fields to gain more knowledge and expertise.

Of course growing up in a male dominated society like India, it has not been easy for women to strike out on their own. Despite strict laws in force by the government, regarding gender equality there is still a large number of women who are short-changed because of their gender.

Discrimination is rampant in areas of salaries, promotions and even preferences in interviews. Despite all this, women have made great inroads in the corporate world and have established themselves as influential leaders in every field. They have an inborn qualities, like patience, that makes them great leaders.

The role of women in business has not been limited to the corporate work environment. They’re also active participants in various non-profit organisations and business associations where get a chance to state their views.

Women in business have moved much beyond just being a source of secondary income to supplement their husband’s income to leaders and entrepreneurs in their own right.

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  • My name is Pragya Singh,and m 21yr old.i have done my graduation (account honours) with 70% marks in 2009 and i was the cabinet member (general secretry) in my college,so i have an idea bout so many things like sponsorship,event management,leadership etc..well!i’m very much interested in business field.but the main problem is i don’t have any good knowledge like whats the difficulties and how to start etc..and i’m also financially not strong,and there is no one to help me,if m thinking for my business.even my family members also.so,m helpless here.but i want to get knowledge and correct guideline.i want to open resturant…and interested also if any one can suggest me any other business suitable for me.

    • Hi Pragya,

      First of all, it’s a myth that you need a large investment to start a business. I started mine with no money, except an internet account, and I have done pretty well. There are many low-cost businesses that you can start and women entrepreneurs can get soft loans from the bank as long as you have a good business plan. If you want to start a restaurant, the best way to do that is to work in one first (perhaps as a manager) and learn how the business works. After that you can prepare a business plan and apply for a loan or get investors to help you get started.

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