Confidence For Women: 6 Tips To Rocking Your Confidence

Confidence For Women: 6 Tips To Rocking Your Confidence
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By Karen Fagan

Part of being a confident, strong, successful woman is living from a place of calm and fully connecting to your inner rhythm. Doing away with drama, chaos, worry, self-criticism and such behaviors will allow you to instantly feel a sense of calm in your life.

Being free from everything that is not authentic to you will give you a sense of calm so you can get clear and take action on the things you’ve been secretly dreaming about. It’s time to ROCK your confidence level and watch that new level of confidence rock your life!

Confidence for Women

1. Confident women have no interest in interpreting the actions of others (big energy zapper).

Let go of the need to worry, especially about what others think or meant when they did this or said that. Release the need to ruminate on what happened, what you did or didn’t say or what others did or didn’t do. Completely release worrying from your life and about what others think. Worry doesn’t bring happiness or increase your confidence.

The truth of the matter is we have no idea of, and we have no control over, what others think. When we spend time interpreting the actions of others, it depletes us and distracts us from our life; these distractions usually lead to self-sabotaging behaviors.

Let go today of the habit of interpreting others’ actions and put this energy into living out your desires and creating the most meaningful life. By doing this you naturally feel more confident. Make a sacred commitment today to free yourself for good from analyzing the actions of others. Replace this energy with dreaming BIG – you will instantly feel better!

2. Confident women choose a life free from worry.

Worrying about the things from the past and future things we can’t control, never provides a helpful solution or contributes productively to our goals and dreams. Worry is a big distraction, holding us back and keeping us from taking consciousness and meaningful action in our lives.

Make a list of all the things you worry about on a daily basis and replace this worry with something that positively and powerfully fills your soul instead. You will feel so much better and feel more alive.

3. Confident women enjoy every moment in life – even the difficult ones.

Confident women know how to savor every morsel of life. They believe themselves to be strong, resourceful and creative, even in when things become challenging. They know that through challenge, there is growth.

Allow yourself to move in the flow of things and let go of resistance. This is key! Especially when things are most challenging. Staying connected to your good flowing energy, even in the most challenging moments in life, means looking for positive and creative solutions.

You must let go of critical or negative thoughts so you are able to find the perfect opportunity in the challenging moment. Confidence increases when we take action in the moments we feel like we would rather avoid or hide from.

4. Confident women feel connected to themselves, others and nature.

The more you love yourself and the more connected you feel to yourself and with others, the more you give and receive.  Spend time each day whether it’ s journaling, taking a walk in nature, moving your body through exercise or dance, meditating or drinking a cup of tea, in quiet and begin to connect with yourself again.

Dig deep into your soul and connect with your dreams and desires. Get to know yourself well, so you can begin to create the life you want and share your best self with the people in your world.

5. A confident woman smiles with her mouth, heart and eyes.

Your eyes are the pathway to your heart and soul – smile with them.  Really practice this right now – go to the mirror and smile at yourself with your eyes. Smiling brings feel-good energy and is very contagious. Smiling is a reflection of inner happiness and is a gift you can share with the world wherever you are.

Confident women act spontaneously and are not paralyzed by fear. Please don’t let fear from the past, or fear of what could happen, stop you from being authentic and real right now. The past is the past, and we all have things from the past we would rather forget.

The future hasn’t happened – so fearing what could happen really isn’t the best way to engage in your life or rock it! If you allow yourself to give your power to the past or the future, this will hold you back. Allow yourself to learn and grow, so you move on from the past and live in the present.

© Karen Fagan is an international empowerment coach, motivational speaker and writer. Her mission is to empower women, teach them to live on purpose and achieve amazing results in their life.  Karen believes when a woman claims her voice not only does she transform her life, she makes better decisions for herself, her family and her business. Karen is a Master Certified Life Coach.  She has studied and trained with the best in the industry such as New York Times bestselling author Dr. Martha Beck, PhD. She believes in contributing to global change and donates a percentage of her program profits to women and girls philanthropy. Karen Fagan, International, offers dynamic coaching programs and products. She will teach you to claim your personal power to transform your life, motivate and inspire you with her unique mix of wisdom, fun, warm-hearted humor and laser-focus.

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