What Do Working Women In India Look For In A Man?

What Do Working Women In India Look For In A Man?
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By Sriraj Ray

The secret to a man’s heart has been well documented throughout history and after various theories, arguments and counter arguments, wise ladies of yore came up with the one-liner “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” In contrast, the secret path into a woman’s heart is not that clear, let alone a working woman.

With socio-economic dynamics changing in India, many women today are embracing the opportunity to follow their career dreams and are at par, if not better, in many fields than their male counterparts.

The essential qualities that a woman looks for in a man is usually said to revolve around the three magic words ‘love, care and honesty’, but today’s modern Indian man will have to have a few more skills than that if he wants to charm his lady love.

To begin with, in almost all cases, working women look for a man who is also a successful professional. This not only serves the purpose of supporting her financially but also adds brownie points at social functions and the like.

What friends and family think about a woman’s choice of mate is of utmost priority to her, and if the love of her life is a bum who likes television and beer, well then, he’s going to have to find a job real soon.

You may wonder why a working woman would look for financial security in her mate, as she’s bringing in the moolah herself. The answer is simple: so that she has the freedom to experiment and work in fields that may not necessarily pay that well, but that give her greater professional satisfaction.

She might have a passion to work for an NGO at a meager pay, or to teach arts and crafts to under-privileged children. The main thing is that, in this age of insecurity, it helps to have a partner who is able to provide should she choose to change her field of work.

  • Emotional Support

A working woman also needs her partner’s support. And here we’re talking of emotional support and care where the man must always be ready to lend his ear and his heart for times when she just wants to talk or vent about the stress and tension at office.

A man who listens is a man worth being with. Although this doesn’t come naturally to a man whose natural desire is to fix whatever problem his woman has, a definite milestone on the road to a woman’s heart is the ability to listen patiently without jumping in with advice or solutions.

  • Shared Domestic Responsibilities

Sharing responsibilities on the domestic front is becoming very important to Indian women, who are some of the most stressed on the planet. Indian women have not fought patriarchal mindsets, and worked hard to get where they are now, without expecting men to pull their weight around the house.

We now expect our men to find a proper balance of helping us wash the dishes, look after the kids, and make dinner (or, if they can afford it, hiring a maid to do so). We don’t want men who return from work only to put up their feet on the couch, TV remote in hand.

Ultimately, it is not that complicated to realize what a working woman looks for in a man. The secret to your woman’s heart is ‘understanding’. Understand her goals, aspirations and feelings and you will be the hero of her world.

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  • Hi,

    All that is written above is a good read. The way to a women’s heart is through Gifts (Flowers, Jewelery, Candle Light dinners, Long Drives, reading romantic novels, Camp fire, play the guitar, etc.). This makes the women go complete ga ga over her man.

    Well as always there is a flip side to this coin.

    I want to ask what does the women do to satisfy her man. As said rightly – The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Why in the world should the man be helping out in the kitchen.

    How is a man ever supposed to get satisfied from his Lady Love? If he is working in the Kitchen and in the office. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Men Satisfaction and what a Man wants? A man is suppose to show chivalry – what about a woman? What is she suppose to show towards her man?

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