10 Ideas For Working Women To Look Stylish

10 Ideas For Working Women To Look Stylish
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We all know that holding down a day job and trying to pursue a career can be a both a rewarding and tiring experience.

However, choosing your wardrobe can make bold statements about the type of person you are, not just from a formal business perspective but also in the clothes that you wear on a casual basis.

Business Style Fashion

From a business view, dressing stylishly, and with a hint of elegance can make all the difference to how far up the career ladder you are likely to progress.

Putting effort into your style speaks volumes to clients, customers and your superiors, so in today’s post we wanted to take an in-depth look at 10 simple but effective ideas that can help you, the working woman, look as stylish as possible.

The first port of call in our run down of the top 10 ideas is your dress code, whether it’s a suiting dress or a blouse and a pencil skirt, you need to choose wisely at this stage as this will make up the basis for your entire professional look. Get this wrong and any other ideas just aren’t going to work.

You need to think of this as a jigsaw puzzle where we will be putting each piece together in the process to getting you looking your absolute best.

You dress should compose of the two main colours, black and white; these are popular in the business world because they are plain and professional.

If you are wearing a dress, then make sure that the dress is tailored to fall below your knees, and if you are wearing a blouse you will want to make sure that it buttons close to your neck for the ultimate in style and elegance.

If you have any doubts on the look at this stage it’s always worth consulting a friend, partner or family member who can give a second opinion and some advice.

  • Tailored Blazer

Call it the finishing touch to a formal outfit or the working woman’s alternative to a little black dress. However you want to look at it you can’t help but notice the powerful statement a well-tailored blazer can give to a business woman. It adds class, character, but more importantly it shows a certain level of authority of the woman that is wearing it.

If you think these are expensive you’d be wrong because a tailored black blazer can fall in at less than $50 if you shop in the right places.

  • A Silk Scarf

Accessories to your look can go a long way to complete your outfit and there is nothing more chic than a silk scarf draped around your neck.

Now, the reason we have chosen silk at this point is that silk is known for being an expensive looking material that will complement the blazer look.

A woollen scarf or other fabric just wouldn’t look right with a working woman’s outfit. You would only end up looking tacky, out of place, with no fashion sense.

A silk scarf, such as one that is silver in colour will radiate elegance and freshen up your entire look no matter what season of the year.

  • Stylish Necklace

In the fashion industry we call these accessories, statement pieces of jewellery that can add the final touches to business attire.

A subtle necklace to match your blazer and blouse look is all you need to put the final pieces to a well thought out professional look. Remember that, when it comes to choosing a necklace, less is more.

Choose something that looks classic, and stands out (gold, silver or diamond solitaire usually do the trick), but not something that stands out in terms of size, as it will overpower your look. You just want something that adds value and character.

  • Stud Earrings

Earrings and necklaces are a perfect team so never leave one of these out if you really want the polished look. When it comes to deciding which earrings to go for, the choice should be easy because you want them to match up with your necklace.

Therefore, when you buy a signature piece of jewellery look for a matching set and you won’t go wrong. Again, less is more because you want to make a statement but you don’t want great big earrings that overpower your overall look.

Some diamond solitaire studs are just the trick to adding a little bit of bling to your professional image, but they won’t take the attention off your complete look. This really is where classic statement jewellery can really pay off for you.

  • Smart Handbag

When it comes to handbags you need to consider a few things. This is going to be completely different from your Friday night bags, because you are going to need it to carry more stuff in it.

It’s an office bag at the end of the day, so you are going to need a roomy and spacious bag that is a cross between a Friday night bag and a handbag.


Buying a bag that is too big which just draw attention from your look to the bag, and if anything, it will have a negative impact on your finished style.

Instead choose a professional looking bag that will help compliment your overall look, and allow you to carry all those office necessities with you to work in the morning.

  • Fashionable Watch

Keeping an eye on the time can be a critical factor in being a successful career driven women, whether its deadlines that need to be met or whether its keeping an eye on meeting times, having a watch can make all the difference.

Not just any watch will do though because you are now well into the process of creating a stylish look that you don’t want to ruin with a cheap watch. The idea of getting the right watch is to combine the latest fashion with the same look and style as your necklace and earrings.


The good thing about a quality watch is that they last years and years, and unlike dress fashion they tend to always stay in fashion and never fade out.

The real question is how much do you want to pay, as we know that watches can range from $30 to $1,000, so you need to work with what your budget allows for.

  • Silver Bracelet

This style choice is optional if you already have a necklace, earrings and a watch, but it can add some more bling to your professional image.

This is optional because you need to see if adding a bracelet will be too much for your look. At the end of the day, you don’t want to over complicate your look and if you feel you will be wearing one for the sake of wearing one, then you might not want to include this tip.

However, if you think that adding a silver bracelet will be beneficial to your look then we say go for it! As always go for simplicity in design and don’t get anything too chunky or overpowering that will spoil your look. The most basic of bracelets can add a lot of value to your professional image.

  • Ankle Boots

Moving away from statement jewellery we come to footwear, and there are a couple of designs that will set your image off for you.

The first are ankle boots which look great all year-round, but it’s about sending the right message and having a certain level of comfort because you are more likely going to be wearing these boots 40+ hours of every week.

Ankle boots can create a confidence factor amongst business women, providing style, elegance and professionalism.

  • Black Pumps

If boots just don’t cut it for you, believe it or not a simple pair of black pumps can really finish off your look.

Perhaps wearing pumps with other dress combinations wouldn’t look right but this simple addition to a professional image can really do wonders, because they are classic, simple and they aren’t overpowering.

With pumps you have a few designs to go for, and this is where the comfort factor will play its part. You can have closed toe and high heels, or open toe and flat soles.

What you have to remember is that you are going to be wearing these shoes a lot more than any other shoes in your collection, so you want to look for combinations of classic chic as well as a mix of comfort, that will take your professional look to the next level.

  • Summary

When it comes to advancing your way up the career ladder and looking stylish at work it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort if you know what to look for.

These 10 ideas are aimed to transform your look and give you some inspiration in how you can be taken seriously as a working woman who wants to advance in her chosen field.

Remember that first impressions can make a substantial difference to how you progress within a company, so looking elegant, classic and stylish is something that you want to really zone in on, if you want success to follow on from that.

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