Working Women: Top Companies For Women To Work For

Working Women: Top Companies For Women To Work For

Nowadays, more and more government and non- government organizations are giving special amenities and facilities to female workers. These are aimed at providing support and encouraging more women to enter and stay in the workforce.

These days woman workers are an essential part of all sorts of industries. Whether it is the IT industry, scientific projects or film and media, companies are increasingly extending more and more support to women.

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Here’s a list of some of the more female-friendly companies that offer women the best growth opportunities.

  • IBM appointed its first woman employee Ruth Leach in 1943. Since then, IBM has gained a reputation for being the greatest female-friendly industry. This company has more women networks than any other IT company. It provides better opportunities for career development, and a good communication between the co-workers. About one third of IBM workers are women.
  • Google, another high tech company, provides opportunities to young women. This company always recognizes that the female employees add a great deal to their success.
  • Microsoft is well known for its friendly atmosphere and special facilities given to ladies, especially the working mothers. It also encourages woman for assuming leadership roles within the organization.
  • Cisco has 34 Women’s Action Networks (called WAN) within its global operations. In the year 2009, female workers made up 23.35% of Cisco’s total employees and 15.47% of leadership positions were taken up by women.
  • Intel has a special women’s group amongst the employees – Women at Intel Network (WIN). This company also provides female students with special facilities and opportunities.
  • Qualcomm also has a women employee focus group known as Qualcomm Women in Science and Engineering (QWISE), which encourages more women workers to work for them.

A magazine called the Pink Magazine in US regularly makes surveys for determining the top companies for woman. Apart from the companies mentioned above, the last survey cites the following companies as one of the best and most conductive for female workers:

1. American Express Co.
2. Heller Ehrman LLP
3. Kelly Services
4. Aflac Inc.
5. Fedex Services
6. Grant Thornton LLP
7. Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
8. Wachovia Corp.

As women are bringing success to different aspect in life, not only the major companies but even the smaller companies have begun formulating special schemes for the women, in order to encourage and attract more women employees.

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