Working Women’s Forums in India: Networking To Learn And Grow

Working Women’s Forums in India: Networking To Learn And Grow
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Forums are a great way for any group of like-minded people who have common interests or professional goals to interact and benefit from each other’s experiences and knowledge.

Working women’s forums in India are extremely popular because they enable women to share, learn, educate, or sometimes simply unburden their hearts. These could be formally established forums, informal forums at the workplace, or online forums.

Women Networking

There are several formally established working women’s forums in India. One of them, Working Women’s Forum (WWF), was founded by Padma Shri, Dr. Jaya Arunachalam, in Chennai, in 1978 for the welfare of working women from lower economic backgrounds.

Their mission is “Poverty reduction and strengthening of economic, social and cultural status of poor working women, through micro-credit, training, social mobilisation and other interventions to poor women.” This organization has tirelessly been working to achieve their goal for the past three decades.

That said, it is not only working women from lower economic backgrounds who benefit from forums. Today’s urban corporate women have much to gain from forums at the workplace, or even the local clubs.

These forums meet regularly to discuss various topics ranging from child care options for young mothers and carpooling to office, to discrimination or sexual harassment at the workplace.  Lectures by prominent women in the corporate setup who graciously share their experiences are not uncommon in forums in larger organizations.

Potluck lunches and high tea add zing to these meetings. Rewards and recognition for women achievers to appreciate their contribution in various activities whether business related or Social Responsibility related , are given to encourage the women employees to stay motivated.

Online forums for working women in India are also aplenty.  Healthcare, childcare, or dealing with an unfair boss – you name it, and you have forums that deal with it.

While these forums may not always give you a perfect solution to your problem, or the perfect answer to your nagging doubt, they bring you closer to a number of other women who may be facing the same issues, or waiting to learn the same skills.

A young working mother says “I scour the internet for recipes that I can quickly prepare in the morning before I leave for work. And voila! There are so many websites and women’s forums where people share recipes, comment on the results and help each other out.”

This is just one example.  A lot of online forums for women deal with pregnancy concerns, and other health issues that women go through.

To help women understand the importance of saving and investing money, there are forums where experienced financial consultants answer queries. These consultants, also women, are focused on educating Indian working women about the various instruments through which they can save and invest their hard earned money and help them stay financially independent.

So join a forum out there, whether on the web, your workplace or your local sports club and speak your mind to benefit other working women, and also learn a lot yourself.


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