Get Free Online Counselling For Women In India

Get Free Online Counselling For Women In India

Get free online counselling on the AskSHEROES free online counselling chat helpline for women. When you need online counseling free for depression or relationship counselling, you can talk to a counsellor online free in India.

The SHEROES app for women is one of the best online counseling apps for women in India because it hosts the women-only SHEROES community where trust and empathy come first.

You can get free online counselling for depression, free relationship counselling, free marriage counselling, career counselling, health guidance and counselling, and more on the free online counselling chat 24/7* AskSHEROES helpline for women.

*Our free live chat counselling is available from 11 am till 4 pm IST on weekdays, but you can leave a message for our counsellors 24/7 and get a response during our working hours.

Many women who need free online therapy don’t have access to it because they are worried about counselling fees, or because they don’t how counselling works, or don’t know where to get counselling.

So, if you’re thinking, “I need counselling free,” or wondering “Where can I get counselling?” and which free helpline for depression or Indian helpline numbers to call, just download the SHEROES app for women and chat with a professional counsellor.

You can forget about the free helpline numbers, counselling sites that charge a bomb, or free counselling phone lines. The Ask SHEROES free online counselling chat helpline makes it easy to get online counselling free 24/7*, no matter where in the world you live.

Here are some of the real testimonials that users of our free online therapy services have left on the SHEROES App Store Page:

The best thing about this app that you can talk to the real counsellor for free and it’s super easy.
I haven’t tried much of the app but the counselling feature is really good. There is a helpline feature where anyone on the app can go and talk to a counsellor about anything that’s troubling them. It’s absolutely free and the service is quite good.
Great app, I’ve received great services and advice. If you going through trauma and things you can’t talk about to people you know this is the app for you, very helpful.
The free counselling services and other women-friendly services are great. Every woman must have this app.
This app is great for all the women out there. They give counselling to all of your problems which is amazing. I suggest all of you women use this app.

No need to search numerous websites trying to find a free doctor helpline, women’s health helpline, pregnancy helpline, anxiety helpline, depression helpline, mental health helpline number, domestic violence helpline number, Indian legal helpline or gay helpline in India.

To get free online therapy, just connect with a professional counsellor on the Ask SHEROES online chat counselling helpline.

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What is counselling?

Psychotherapeutic counselling is a psychological speciality that encompasses a number of domains including mental health, relationships and careers.

A registered counselling therapist is certified and trained in counselling skills to offer support and advice to their patients or clients in an offline or online setting.

What types of counselling do Ask SHEROES helpline offer?

Here are some issues for which you can get free online therapy from a professional counsellor or psychologist on the Ask SHEROES chat helpline for women

  • Free marriage counselling
  • Free divorce counselling in India
  • Free grief counselling for widows
  • Free online counselling for depression
  • Free relationship counselling online
  • Free trauma counselling
  • Free emotional therapy counselling
  • Free anxiety and stress counselling
  • Free women’s sexual health hotline
  • Free online counselling for students
  • Free career counselling and guidance
  • Free job loss counselling
  • Free parenting advice
  • Free medical advice from a doctor
  • Free LGBTQ helpline in India
  • Free legal helpline in India
  • Free business or startup India helpline

Whatever your problem, the Ask SHEROES free counselling chat helpline for women is here for you. We have registered counselling therapists as well as medical and legal experts on board who offer free online therapy to those who need it.

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How can counselling help you?

The aims of counselling or free online therapy are to help you build emotional intelligence, learn emotion management skills, and provide you with coping strategies and life skills to overcome adverse circumstances or difficult situations.

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Here’s how our free online counselling chat can help you:

  • A counsellor can listen to you with empathy, objectivity and without judgement
  • A counsellor can help you feel heard and understood
  • A counsellor can help you feel less lonely and depressed
  • A counsellor can provide a shoulder to cry on when life gets you down
  • A counsellor can help you learn coping skills to deal with life’s challenges
  • A counsellor can help you figure out what changes you need to make

So, connect on the Ask SHEROES free online counselling helpline to discuss any aspect of life like careers, relationships, mental health, sex, violence, family matters. Everything you say to our counsellors is private and confidential.

You can rest assured that no one gets to see your free online counselling chat conversation except our counsellors, and our professional counselling helpline adheres to the principles of confidentiality.

Here is some actual feedback our counsellors have received after the free online therapy session:

Thank you soooo much for helping me out during this really difficult time. you have given me direction in my life now…
Thank you, ma’am, for such a beautiful platform and for beautiful suggestions where one feels healed! thank you
I want to thank you, you were such a great help the other night! I went from being emotional and fatigued to relaxed and inspired. Because of you, I feel awesome! I definitely haven’t mastered the art of self-love but it’s a journey I’m ready to take on. so, THANK YOU! :heart:
aaj tk aise kisi ne nhi smjhaya mujhe mai iske baare mai jroor sochugi mai i hope ki sb jldi shi ho aur mai aapko btau ki aapki hi vjah se sb ho paya hai
It is really incredible you were so concerned I had never thought about such a helpline.
It definitely helped…having someone you know won’t judge for your decisions and giving a perspective without any filter definitely helps…Thanks a lot!
Best part is that u didn’t judge or question me for my sexuality n were sensitive enough to understand the challenges of dealing with things when it’s exposed. Thank you Shakun and Aditi. I am out of words bcos full of emotions.. but just wanna say that this world needs more people like you and Aditi to make this world a better place to live. that’s all… that’s all.. thanks a ton.. god bless you all. Thanks a lot. I have taken something from both of you and it has changed me somewhat if not completely. I feel different, new and bigger inside. I am happy that I could make u guys day, make u guys feel appreciated and motivated to touch many other peoples life the way u have touched mine. Your legacy would be very big one day for sure for the lives u touch and the way u touch it.. and I am not just saying this for the sake of saying or because I have a lot of free time as being unemployed but I mean it as I see it. Continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Keep Rocking and Stay blessed. Love you both Shakun and Aditi and Team Sheroes.

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What a counsellor can’t do for you:

So does counselling help? And does counselling work for everyone? It depends on what expectations you have from your free online therapy session and whether you’re committed to making the changes you need in your mindset and life.

Here are some things that professional counselling cannot do for you –

  • A counsellor cannot fix your life or relationships for you
  • A counsellor cannot rescue you from an abusive situation
  • A counsellor cannot take legal action on your behalf
  • A counsellor cannot make other people change so you feel better
  • A counsellor cannot give you money or provide financial assistance

As long as you understand this, go ahead and start a conversation on the Ask SHEROES free online counselling chat helpline for women and a counsellor will get back to you shortly.

It doesn’t matter whether you need free online counselling chat for depression, marriage problems counselling, 24-hour relationship helpline chat, anonymous online counselling, or just a free 24-hour online counselling chat helpline to talk to someone.

Over 2 million women have benefitted from this free online counselling chat helpline on the SHEROES app. You can talk to our counsellors about anything personal or professional in your life in our online counselling chat room.

Your conversation during your free online therapy session is 100% confidential and secure.

Connect with us on the Ask SHEROES chat helpline for women now

Ask SHEROES Helpline For Women


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