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10 Tips To Become a Successful Freelancer In India and Earn From Home

April 5, 2024
Learn essential tips to become a successful freelancer in India, thrive in the freelance market, and earn from the comfort of your home.   Imagine waking up every morning, brewing your favourite coffee, and starting work from the comfort of your home, ditching the 9-5 job. Sounds like a dream, right? If you have been ...

10 Tips to Enter the Workforce After a Career Break with Confidence

April 2, 2024
Discover ten tips to return to the workforce after a career break with confidence.    Have you been thinking of tips to enter the workforce after a career break with confidence? In this article, we will discuss some smart tips on how to enter the workforce after a career break. Have you ever wondered how ...

From Pause to Prosperity: Srividya’s Inspiring Career Restart Story

March 28, 2024
Srividya took a 7-year career break to raise her son. Today, she’s thriving in a work-from-home role! Read her inspiring story of career restart, resilience, and finding a supportive work environment at MARSbySHEROES. Ambitious women can find it daunting to take a career break for motherhood. Srividya’s journey proves it’s possible to restart your career ...

How a Career Break Led 41-year-old Ashwini to Restart her Career with Flexible Remote Work

March 22, 2024
Experience Ashwini’s incredible journey from working in tech support to finding happiness in customer-focused jobs, overcoming career breaks, and embracing flexibility at MARSbySHEROES. Meet Ashwini from Bengaluru, a 40-year-old IT graduate and a mom to a 9-year-old son. Ashwini’s story unfolds in Hubli, India, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She began ...

It’s Never Too Late: Savitha’s Inspiring Career Gap Triumph with MARSbySHEROES

March 15, 2024
Meet Savitha, a supervisor and operations lead at MARSbySHEROES, whose story defies the ordinary. In a world where career gaps are often viewed as roadblocks and age is deemed a limiting factor Savitha’s story shatters the myth of “too late” for career success, proving that age and career gaps are no barriers.  Rediscovering Purpose Savita, ...

How Priya Emerged Victorious in Her Career Restart, Defying the Decade-Long Hiatus

March 7, 2024
Priya Mathur, a mother of two, shares her inspiring story of career restart after a ten-year hiatus. Discover how she overcame challenges, found flexibility with MARSbySHEROES, and achieved success, all while fostering a supportive family environment. Be inspired to write your own success story! Yearning to Restart her Career Entering the world of motherhood, Priya ...


15 Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money At Home Without Investment

May 24, 2021
What are the best online jobs for students to earn money at home? Which online earning websites for students offer legitimate ways to make money online?

Top 10 Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment

March 6, 2020
How can I make money from my phone for free? This list of the best money earning apps in India without investment will help you earn money with mobile phones.

How To Choose The Best Jobs For Girls (21 Best Jobs For Women In India)

January 16, 2019
Looking for the best jobs in India for girls and women? In our list of the best careers for women, you’ll find the best professions for girls and jobs for women.

How To Find Domestic Violence Helplines And Counselling In India

November 3, 2015
What is domestic violence in India? Learn the types of domestic abuse and domestic violence against women. Find domestic violence counselling helplines in India.

21 Real Online Work From Home Jobs Without Investment

March 22, 2012
Looking for real online work from home jobs without investment? Here are some genuine online jobs without investment that let you work from home and get paid.

10 Best Jobs For 40-Year-Old Women Looking For Second Careers

April 19, 2011
Looking for the best jobs for 40-year-old women? This list of the best jobs for women over 40 includes some jobs that require no qualifications and no degree.
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