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13 Top Career Options For Women In India

Women in India are getting out of their houses and making a mark for themselves. Today women stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts when it comes to career options and growth, and there are plenty of opportunities for them in all kinds of industries.

The modern Indian working woman has actually graduated from being a housewife to an equal income earner. As the economy flourishes and traditions take a backseat, women have found avenues to leverage their creativity, passions and career goals.

Here are some of the top career options that women in India find attractive for various reasons.

  1. Journalism / Public Relations

Not to generalize, but women stand a better chance when it comes to jobs that require communication, multitask and nurture social and corporate relationships.

The number of Indian women in journalism has, in fact, outnumbered their male counterparts and this has also helped businesses reach out better to their audience.

  1. Designing

True to trends across the globe, creative professions are definitely a woman’s cup of tea.

Of course, there are many talented men in this field, but the modern Indian woman now has more exposure to careers like fashion designing, jewellery designing, interior designing, graphic designing and similar creative faculties.

Many Indian women are starting their own clothes boutiques or freelancing to pursue their designing career goals.

  1. Social Work / Counseling / HR

It’s a fact that, on average, women have better communication skills than men. With the benefit of these skills, women professionals are often better suited to jobs that involve an empathetic approach.

Whether it is an NGO or a psychology counsellor, a woman professional is often preferred in fields that require empathy and interpersonal communication.

  1. Medicine / Nursing

Nursing has always been a popular profession for women. In India, the growing acceptance for the education of girls and women professionals has also led to them pursuing higher and more responsible positions in this domain.

Though the initial years may be filled with struggle, women in India can hope to strike a balance between their medical career and household responsibilities. The medical profession also gives women more stability and risk-free employment opportunities.

Careers in pharmacy and diagnostics have seen a steady uptick in women professionals, but we also have a large number of women doctors, surgeons and other professions that require specialized training.

  1. Education

For a long time, education has probably been the first choice of career for the modern Indian women. To become a teacher is both a safe and respected profession.

Also, teaching kids is something that would be more acceptable in the still-traditional Indian community. Consequently, we are seeing a steady rise of women educators and education professionals in tutoring, curriculum designing, professorship and related fields.

  1. Digital Marketing Head

While more companies are looking to create an online presence, there has been a steady rise in women employment in the digital marketing sector.

The inherent skill of patience and being able to cope with rather monotonous work has also made a woman a more preferable choice when it comes to digital marketing.

Coupled with the fact that digital marketing can often be carried out as a remote working or work-at-home job, and it becomes even more attractive for women looking for that elusive work-life balance.

  1. Air Hostess / Hospitality

Women are joining the hospitality field in growing numbers, as they inherently add an element of glamour to the job.

Further, the communication skills that most women seem to possess also help their roles as hospitality professionals, whether the choice to be an air hostess or a hotel receptionist.

  1. Banking / Insurance

Banking and insurance is a booming sector for the Indian economy. The ideal candidates are expected to have good communication skills, customer handling skills and a basic knowledge of the industry.

The work in a bank is also respectable and also offers promising career growth. Through a variety of entrance examinations, women are opting to work in both public and private sector banks.

In fact, women like Chanda Kochhar, MD and CEO of ICICI Bank, are being widely recognised for their role in shaping retail banking in India.

  1. Sales / Marketing

Again, this is a job profile that requires excellent communication skills, an understanding of people, and the ability to multitask.

Women seem to find more opportunities in this field and are being hired in a variety of roles, ranging from a sales head to marketing managers.

These jobs also offer a basic fixed salary, another reason for women to pursue them, if only for the sake of security.

  1. BPO / KPO / Customer Service

By nature, women are more understanding when it comes to hearing out grievances and guiding clients. BPOs and KPOs automatically prefer women to be at their customer service desks.

  1. Entertainment

Another important employer for Indian women is the entertainment and glamour industry. From acting to modelling, anchors, cinematographers and stylists, women seem to find more opportunities than men.

  1. Sports

Gone are the days when sports was the domain of men in India. Thanks to some very promising talent, women are also being encouraged to take up sports as a full-time profession. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Indian women were our saving grace, being the only ones to win medals for the Indian contingent.

PV Sindhu became the youngest Indian ever to win an Olympic medal, while female wrestler, Sakshi Malik, picked up a bronze, becoming the first Indian female wrestler to win an Olympic medal.

  1. Government Jobs

The only reason why government jobs still make it to this list is the advantage of stability and safety. While this is true for both men and women, a government job is still the most desired choice for many young people in India.

For women especially, it supports their goal of becoming an equal earner, allowing them to follow their passion and earning respect in society.

While this list is not meant to generalize, women do seem to have an advantage in many of the above fields.


Unusual Jobs For Women: Succeeding In Unconventional Careers

Hillary_Rodham_ClintonPerception about feminism has been largely duality-laden – whether it comes from the progressive societies of the west or the traditional and conservative ones of Middle East or South Asia. Despite there being a universal acceptance of ‘Women Power’, women have been stereotypically restricted to a few careers and their work domain has been limited.

However, the last century scripted a turnaround in this regard and the present one has set new trends, with women opening up and working in diverse fields. Of late, there have been a few unusual careers, where women have started making a mark.

They have proved that it only needs one successful example to break the myth of ‘female specific jobs’. Especially in a country like India where progress has been marred by gender discrimination, this change is heartening.

There was a time when women wouldn’t leave the kitchens, seek work outside their family farms, or at the most, teach at a local school. Women have begun to seek emancipation outside these set roles and are progressively making their way into unconventional and hitherto male-dominated arenas.

Successful Career Women Show The Way

The field of politics, traditionally male dominated throughout the world, has seen great women leadership recently. From Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton in the US, to Indira Gandhi in India or Angela Merkel in Germany – politics is now a woman’s cup of tea. Women in India are representing grass root panchayats and doing well. There is recognition, and fresh influx of faith in governance.

Women, who used to teach their sons  to dream of space travel, are themselves treading into a gravity-free world and participating in so-called ‘male-specific’ hazardous tasks – mining, nuclear reactors and fire services.

Woman’s innate capability of patience, understanding and decision-making has opened up newer avenues of work to them. They are working as psychologists and counsellors (Anna Freud is a classic example in this regard) and helping people make their lives worth living. They are also using their skills as fitness experts, chefs, journalists and even astrologers.

Traditionally, women are excellent managers at home (be it financial, crisis or relationships), but as soon as they step out of homes – eyebrows are raised. However, entrepreneurs like Indra Nooyi, Kiran Shaw or even the meticulous SHG workers of Operation Flood have proved that the creator has not differentiated between genders; it is the formation of self-fulfilling prophecies in society that has resulted in such discrimination.

Whether it is in the defence sector, the field of science and technology, or even the sports arena – women are rising up and breaking the mould. They’re not limited to teaching and nursing now, and are even they are being appointed as train drivers, combatants and expert advisors.

India’s foreign secretary and the Chairperson of the Advisory Council are incidentally women and this was something unheard of in the dark medieval era of the Parda, Burqa and Sati. Administrators with an iron fist like Kiran Bedi have led from the front, whereas the Sisters in the Missionaries of Charity have taken care of the destitute.

The inception of a thought is a change in itself and an Egyptian girl yet again proved this recently when her message on a social networking site triggered a successful uprising. Women are causing upheavals now. As this awareness grows in modern generation about this open era – there is a need to kindle a bit of faith in those dark homes throughout the world where a girl child is still considered a bane.


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