Three Authentic Voices: Three Keys to Authentic Success

Three Authentic Voices: Three Keys to Authentic Success
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By Reggie Odom

Authenticity is one of my top values. It has always turned me on, inspired me and makes me feel deeply grateful to whoever takes – what can sometimes be – a risk to be true and authentic.

Authenticity can be a challenge for entrepreneurs. The challenge comes when you don’t trust yourself or don’t believe that you can be who you are, do what you love AND be successful.

Key to Success

The truth is that authenticity – being true to you and to others – is core to stepping into your greatness. Authenticity is key to sustainable and joyful success.

I’ve been inspired by the authenticity of several entrepreneurs recently. I want to tell you about three of them and the key they each brought to the authenticity table.

  • Three Voices, Three Keys

  • The First Voice was that of one of my clients who was running up against a familiar wall – “I just can’t get myself to do what I need to do, my heart’s just not in my goals.”

I asked her what her heart wanted. She said, “The only thing my heart wants to do is write.” And I, of course, said, “Then you have to write. Writing is the first and most important thing for you to do every day.” She knew that was true.

Before our session ended, she had created a writing schedule for herself. Within two weeks, she had completed a book. Less than two weeks after that, she was putting finishing touches on a memoir she had begun sometime ago to ready it for publishing.

First Key: When your heart speaks, listen! Your heart is a fearless and trustworthy guide.

  • The Second Voice was that of a woman who is also a writer and is in an entrepreneur’s group that I lead weekly. This woman has recently written and published a book, with a very particular focus having to do with children with cancer. She is passionate about the message, the children, and her book. Love fills her voice every time she talks about it.

And no surprise, her book has been hugely successful. So successful that other aspiring writers of different genres have asked her to help them do with their book what she has done with hers.

She said “Yes” to those aspiring writers and recently launched a new program to meet their needs. Her program is based on the system she created for herself that got her book published and out in the world successfully. She had clients before her new program ever launched.

Second Key: Follow your passion, make it real and doors will open for you that you never knew existed.

  • The Third Voice is that of another woman in the same entrepreneur’s group. She had seen a significant shift in her business and was easily signing on new clients. I heard the shift in her voice and felt it in her energy. The struggle was gone.

“What is different that you are getting these results?” I asked. She thought about the question for a moment and responded, “I am not chasing the money, and I am getting to my ideal clients.”

Third Key: Your IDEAL clients are the people you were born to serve. Connect with them, focus on them and how you can serve them with your offer and the money will come.

Each of these women experienced their success because they said “yes” to their heart. They were being true to the deepest calling within themselves at the time.

The 3 Keys to Authentic Success were based in each of these women being true, true to herself. That’s powerful!

Authenticity is truth. Truth is authenticity. Being true to you and all others is the rock solid foundation that will support and sustain a powerful, successful business.

Step Into Your Greatness!

Be true!

© 2006-2011 Reggie Odom

Reggie Odom, Transformational Life and Business Coach, mentors entrepreneurs and artists to step into their greatness, where playing small is no longer an option. If you are ready for uncommon success and to have the impact that only you can have, start with The Ten Commandments of Greatness™ now at www.reggieodom.com. Reggie can be contacted at reggie@reggieodom.com

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