5 Tips For Buying a Good Pregnancy Test Kit Online

5 Tips For Buying a Good Pregnancy Test Kit Online
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Learn what to look for when it comes to getting the right kind of Pregnancy Test Kit, and what condition your wife should be in before the test.

Imagine that you and your wife have been trying for years to have a child, then one day she starts to feel some telltale symptoms: nausea, sensitivity to certain smells and more. “This is it!” you say to yourself, “It’s morning sickness!”

You feel happy and elated at the prospect of finally having a child; however, you are still not certain whether or not she really is pregnant. You can set an appointment with a doctor in order to make sure but the cost of a hospital appointment just for a test seems slightly unreasonable.

Then you realize that you can simply buy a pregnancy test kit from online sellers like Big Chemist and immediately determine whether or not she is pregnant with a doctor’s accuracy.

The problem, though, is that you don’t know what to look for when it comes to getting the right kind of kit, as well as what condition your wife should be in before you actually get the test in the first place.

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5 Tips For Buying a Good Pregnancy Test Kit Online

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind when it’s time to pick up a pregnancy test kit online.

1. Be Sure to Wait Before Testing

Before you choose a test for your wife, HealthXchange.com states that it is important that you first determine how many weeks it has been since her last period, as well as when you think she could have gotten pregnant.

Just because she feels slightly ill does not mean that she is pregnant. The necessary HCG hormones take time to really come out once a woman is pregnant and, as such, if you were to take the test immediately after she started feeling ill and vomited, it is likely that the results would come back as negative.

It is due to this that you must first look at the schedule of her periods and determine if a sufficient length of time has passed. Give it at least two weeks from the time you suspect she was pregnant to the time that you will start testing. This gives the HCG hormones enough time to truly get around the body and will enable the test to properly determine whether or not she is pregnant.

2. Kits Must Test for HCG Levels

HCG level tests, as explained by eMedicineHealth.com, are the means by which kits determine whether you are pregnant or not, and if the kit does not indicate in the labelling that it tests for this specific hormone then it is likely that you have bought a fake kit or one that does not dispense accurate tests.

5 Tips For Buying a Good Pregnancy Test Kit Online 1

However, before proceeding to buy any kit that has this indicator on it online, you will need to first check out the various reviews associated with that specific product.

One of the reasons behind this is the potential for some kits to read a “false positive,” indicating pregnancy where there is none. This sometimes depends on either the quality of the kit in question, but could also be indicative of a hormone shift that should be addressed by a doctor.

In order to be sure about the type of kit that you will get, make a thorough examination of the various reviews it has received and determine whether the experiences of other people show that the kit is a good choice.

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2. Are the Results Easy to Interpret?

SurgicalShop.com explains that one of the most frustrating things about some pregnancy kits is that interpreting the results can be a nightmare – not all kits follow the same standard.

It is often two bold lines in the kit for a positive or a single bold line for a negative; however, here are some kits that have the opposite result.

While most kits are fairly accurate, it is recommended that you choose one that you believe has results that are easy to determine without having to do extensive research on the topic.

3. Examine the Price of Kits

The price of a pregnancy testing kit often ranges from Rs 50.00 to Rs 98.00, but there is no such thing as a “standardized” price when it comes to the sale of certain items.

The price of items sold online is based on the discretion of the seller and, as such, it is very likely that some of them can be rather malicious when it comes to price gouging.

It is based on this practice that it is highly recommended you check out the different prices of sellers online. Also, do note that despite the numerous positive descriptions stating how good one kit is over the other, they all basically function in the same way.

5. Determine the Kit You Need

One of the best kits that you can purchase that has easy results to interpret are those that use either a happy face or a sad face when it comes to determining whether you are pregnant or not.

A smiling face indicates that you are pregnant while a sad face indicates that you are not. These are easy results to determine and, as such, helps to ease your mind that much faster when it comes to whether you are pregnant or not.

You really don’t need to pay more than you really have to for a pregnancy test kit, especially when taking into consideration the fact that you’re going to be throwing it away after you are done.

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Priya Florence Shah is the author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women. In the book and online course, you’ll learn how to throw off the shackles of your own limiting beliefs, come into your power and design your destiny.

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