Rolling Out The Red Carpet: Giving Your Home That Ultrachic Look

Rolling Out The Red Carpet: Giving Your Home That Ultrachic Look
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For ages now, carpets have been a prominent part of the décor of most homes. Adding character to the room, it is necessary that the carpet compliment the walls and decor of the room, as well as being easy to maintain.


While originally carpets were either made of wool or cotton; today with the many choices available between natural and synthetic fibers; there are countless carpets in the market to choose from.

In addition, there is a plethora of colors and designs also available which can confuse any ordinary buyer. Monetary value and maintenance are primary factors while purchasing that new carpet.

Our modern day lives have left us with very busy schedules, and hence it is essential to find that right carpet, which is neither very heavy on our pockets nor difficult to maintain.

With changing daily lifestyles even the products we use have changed so why not our carpets. Modern day carpets are not only easy to use but also provide that ultra chic look to our homes.

Buyers have multiple choices which focus around the materials and carpet making techniques. All of them also require different cleaning methods and so the task lies in choosing the best combination that suits your needs most effectively.

Here’s what some experts would suggest looking into, while buying that perfect carpet for your room.

Choosing the material

  • Wool Rugs:

They’re not only attractive to look at but also soft and durable. The material in itself is resistant to stains and spills because it contains its own natural oils. They are also very durable, so can be placed underneath furniture along in areas which are used very often; besides being more fire resistant compared to other fabrics. On the downside they shed, and it is important not to pull on loose strands but to clip them to keep the rug intact.

  • Cotton Rugs:

They’re useful as all-purpose rugs, being both soft and durable and less hefty on the pocket as compared to woolen rugs. They can be utilized anywhere in the house and are machine washable.

  • Natural Fibers:

These are again a cheaper option as compared to woolen rugs, and the material used in them differs, but usually contain a mixture of plants and grasses like seagrass and jute.

Though they’re not very durable they bring an organic look to the room. It is advisable not to place them in highly used areas or under very heavy furniture.

Similar to wool rugs; spills on the carpet need to be cleaned quickly, moreover these rugs can absorb moisture faster than other materials, hence it would be preferable not to use them in areas of the house which are exposed to changing humidity conditions.

  • Synthetic Rugs:

The materials used include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Acrylic fibers are mostly used in bath mats and rugs, as they are highly resistant to stains and mildew; while polypropylene is also a highly stain resistant fiber.

Being durable they can be used under heavy furniture and are also inexpensive. As they are normally machine-made, they can be created in a large variety of attractive patterns and designs and can be cleaned with a wide range of substances.

On the downside they are not as soft as natural fiber rugs and do not possess the same intricate details.

Choosing the design

Getting a modernized rug also means getting a sleek uncluttered look with abstract shapes and clean designs. There are varied methods of manufacture and mostly the higher priced rug is the one which takes longer to make.

The aesthetic appeal of a buyer may differ as per their personal taste, so here are few production techniques to know about before buying your rug.

  • Hand-Knotted:

This process is time consuming, and mostly requires high quality materials, such as wool. Due to each strand of material being wrapped and knotted by hand they are highly priced; but can also last for a long period of time.

  • Hand-Tuft:

These are produced on a piece of fabric stretched over a frame. Similar to the hand knotted rugs, this process is time consuming, and hence results in high-quality expensive rugs.

  • Hand-Loomed:

Unlike handmade rugs these are faster to make but provide greater variety in design. The speedy process makes them less expensive, though loom-crafted rugs come in intricate designs as well.

  • Power-Loomed:

Lacking intricate designs they make up in the large variety of attractive styles available, being machine-made. Mostly made with natural or synthetic fibers they are a good option in the lower price range.

Choosing the vendor

Carpets have been traditionally purchased from well known and familiar furniture stores and carpet retailers, but now many online sites also provide the option to buy carpets online from varied or direct sellers who otherwise would have been difficult to reach or even be known to the buyer.

This has increased the options available for buyers and in fact sites like World Art Community and other online sites provide a large variety of listings for rugs in all designs and materials from varied artisans across India to compare and choose from.

This task would be difficult for an individual to do by themselves. It is easy to search for products online and choose the one providing the best craftsmanship and price.

If one decides to buy carpets online it would be advisable to examine the product specification in detail along with the seller profile rather than choosing just on the basis of the pictures provided.

Online purchases also offer the option to get real reviews of previous buyers. Someone with a highly positive feedback is of course a safe bet while purchasing the carpet, which will eventually help in lending that ultra modern look to your home.

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