5 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Women for Top Positions

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Women for Top Positions
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Living and working in male-dominated fields for years, women are still having difficulties finding high-paid jobs. Their skills are as good as men’s, but society has made it harder for women to succeed.

Today, research shows that hiring more women to work within a company brings employers amazing benefits, both in the short and in the long term.

Women are mothers, women are wives, women are workers – women are basically multitaskers every day. Society avoids seeing that. Most men employers focus on pregnancy as being an issue and prevent women from climbing the success ladder because of it.

But, in the end, a woman is the exact person that she was before bringing a child into this world. Her senses might have developed and her love might have expanded, but she has not changed her work ethic.

Because of these societal stereotypes, even women might think about quitting work after giving birth to a child. They start asking themselves “Am I going to be able to handle all the work?” or “Am I good enough to return?”

A lot of women end up quitting because society makes them think that they won’t be able to handle their work and that they aren’t good enough to return.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you want to change this world, you can start by hiring more women in your company. Here are 5 reasons why you should do it.


As I was pointing out before, women can easily multitask. How many times have you seen a woman cooking, then taking her child to kindergarten, then going for a quick run, and ending with a bike ride to the office? Ummm… all the time?

Women must be multitaskers all the time! They are in charge of three meals a day, children, and work. And they do all these things amazingly well.

Women are really good at organizing their time and activities and planning out future actions; that is one of the reasons why most women are secretaries.

But that is not a goal for them! They could excel in other higher positions if given the chance. Women can keep the work-family life balance in the right place!

Connection (Relations, Work Environment)

Hiring more women is going to add a positive vibe to the company. By their nature, women are more likely to develop long-time relationships and create a friendly work setting.

They connect better with clients and close more deals than men do. Their charm can be deceiving sometimes, but it is all in your company’s interest.

A woman will get over anything and everything in order to succeed – she might influence people with her strong personality, but she will always get her job done.

Laura Swollen, CEO at Rush My Essay, shares her personal story with us.

“I have never thought I would become a CEO for such a big company. My personal life had a huge impact on me. I went through challenging life situations, but then I realized I had to evolve. I had to change something. So, I committed to myself – ‘I will become the best at what I am doing, no matter what.’ I began searching for managing positions within different companies and didn’t stop until one of the companies saw my true identity. I was good, I was smart, I was strong, and I was made for this. For all the women out there feeling lost – you can totally do this if you really want to. You need a strong character and strong nerves, but once you are on the path to success, nobody can stop you.”

Effectiveness (Team Dynamics, Productivity)

Because women are kind and open with people, they will bond better with their colleagues and create stronger team dynamics.

As we all know that teamwork makes the dream work, your team is going to be more effective in having a qualified woman as leading manager.

She is not going to be too harsh on them when it is not the case, but she is going to be very strict when the team needs her to be. As I’ve mentioned before, she is going to find the perfect balance to keep things fair and square for everybody.

Not only your team is going to be more effective, but its productivity level is going to increase. Most of the times, we see our partners and colleague in accomplishing their tasks because they have to.

With a woman manager, these assignments are going to seem easier and more enjoyable to accomplish. Why? Because she will know how to motivate her team and increase their enthusiasm!

Overcoming Adversities and Evolving

Now let’s touch on the controversial subject of pregnancy. The 9 months of pregnancy are extremely tough for women. They have to go through so many changes and challenges!

Imagine taking care of another person while performing daily duties. You must be careful about what you eat, how you act, and what you do.

There is no way a responsible mother will drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy. She is responsible and strong, and for nine months of her life, she puts all of her baby’s needs before her own.

It’s not only about egoless actions that a woman takes when she is pregnant. It is about the self-confident issues that she goes through as well.

She starts putting on weight and seeing changes in her body, things that can influence anyone significantly. She goes through a hard time getting used to her new looks and buying the right clothes for her pregnancy months.

After all these challenges that a woman goes through, of course, she will not be the same. She has evolved and has experienced something that a man hasn’t. She gave up on her own happiness for her child, and she has overcome self-assuring problems with strength and fervour.

Her mind has changed, but she has become a stronger person who is willing to take on more tasks and help more people because of the qualities she gained. She has gone through a hard time, got back on her feet, and moved on – and isn’t that the perfect employee any company wishes for?


Research shows that women are more creative than men. While creativity might not be something your company looks into, we believe it is essential to have such people within your team.

Innovation and creativeness generate increased motivation. Breakthroughs make your ideas flourish and expand in amazing ways. Getting away from a tiring routine and making constant changes keep employees pumped and ready to accomplish anything!

Women tend to be right-brain sided. Their imagination and originality take employees out of their comfort zones and develop their qualities. There is no better trainer than a woman! She can make you give out 100%, and then 20% more.

Wrapping Up

Being a woman can be challenging nowadays. Even though society has undergone changes and has taken actions in dealing with sexism, there are still lots of issues that need to be solved.

As I said earlier, regardless of your gender, you can make a change in the world by hiring more women for top positions. Let go of wrong beliefs and mistaken prejudices, and make the right choice.

I hope that after reading this article, we made you understand why hiring more women in your company is extremely beneficial. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Brandon Stanley is a professional independent journalist. He is interested in writing articles concerning career and HR-management. Apart from that, Brandon loves travelling and playing the piano. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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