Fall And Winter Scarf Trends

Fall And Winter Scarf Trends
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The history of scarves dates back to ancient Rome, where men would carry one in order to combat perspiration while working in hot weather.

Later, scarves moved more towards style, and in the 1800s high-end fashion houses began manufacturing elegant silk scarves on a large scale for the more affluent members of society.

Scarf Trends

Of course over time the materials used in scarf making began to vary, making them more accessible for all members of society. These days scarves still serve more as a fashion statement than a functional piece of clothing designed to combat cold weather.

For many, the scarf is an accessory no different than a handbag or piece of jewelry. It is often the perfect compliment to a well put-together outfit.

And while scarves are no longer relegated to one season in particular, it’s still in fall/winter that most people don the scarf and all the new trends present themselves.

With that in mind here’s a look at what the fashion landscape regarding scarves is looking like at the moment.


This season those thick European scarves are all the rage and for good reason: they are functional and fashionable. Snoods have the lovely effect of being warm and cozy as well as looking good with a number of outfits.

That’s because they can be knitted or made of fur. They are also versatile, and can be worn around the neck or as a stylish piece of headwear, as Hermes brand suggests.

Those in the market for more of a luxurious piece of neck attire should consider Christian Dior snoods in elegant pastel tones. Those looking for a mere accessory can’t go wrong with the bold colors of Versace’s snoods.


Fur scarves are always the vanguard of scarf trends and this season is no different. That’s because they compliment just about anything, from pea coats to evening gowns. They’re also the scarf equivalent of liquid chocolate: luscious and rich.

Of course with many people taking a stand against the wearing of fur many designers have begun incorporating fake fur scarves in their lines. Those looking for the utmost in elegance as far as fur scarves are concerned would do well to consider Carolina Herrera’s options.


Knits have always been popular in fashion and will likely continue to be for some time. Knitted scarves have a way of always appearing appropriate and functional no matter the outfit and can be worn over or under coats to great effect.


Pastel colors are all the rage this season, as are darker tones such as browns and blacks. The reason for their popularity is that these tones are neutral, which makes scarves in these colors multi-functional. Scarves in pastels and darker tones will end up finishing any outfit perfectly.

These are some of the major trends in scarves this season. And while there is currently much focus on versatility and practicality in the scarf landscape, the best thing is that they are still in step with overall fashion trends. That means you don’t have to sacrifice trendy for functionality with your scarf looks.

James Scaggs is the Director of Marketing for ecommerce retail sites Ties.com and Scarves.com, based in Orange County California.  Check out Scarves.com for a huge selection of winter scarves, pashminas, knit scarves, loop scarves, and more!


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