Getting Dumped? Read The Signs

Getting Dumped? Read The Signs

Worried that your man’s losing interest in you? Here are some of the warning signs that he might be getting ready to dump you.


Cold vibes, unfriendly body language, and the things he loved about you are now just plain annoying? Well, you’d better start worrying, girl.

Because these are just some of the warning signs that this guy is about to press the “DUMP” button and delete you permanently from his system. Still not sure what the signs are telling you? Let me take you through them.

Did you think something was amiss on that regular Saturday night out of yours with your guy? Think the dancing was more distant and there was no staring into each other’s eyes like the last time out at the club?

These are more than enough tell-tale signs that he’s lost that loving feeling, or probable never had it in the first place. The signs that say he intends giving you the royal dump.

Most women in a relationship can see and interpret the more obvious signs of their mate’s behavior to guess that their relationship is on the downhill. One case in point would be the sudden drop in levels of physical intimacy.

But the same women often fail to see the subtle, well-disguised signs of a man’s loss of interest in her.

Reading the Signs

  • Turning critical

A commonly seen trait seen in most men who want to split, is to turn critic or cynic all of a sudden. In short, he becomes more judgmental and critical of you than ever before and that’s a red flag for a dismal future with him.

Those little things that made him fall in love with you are very the same things that are driving him up the wall now. Your cute little banter seems to be getting on to his nerves, or so he says.

Suddenly your tyrant boss seems to be making sense to him and you need to change. On the other hand, he becomes extremely sensitive to any criticism from you.

  • Outrageous flirting

He flirts with your friends all the time and, though he finds it completely natural, it’s obvious to you that the flirting is clearly out of hand. On confronting him about it, you just end up getting into another quarrel. He doesn’t feel the need to justify his actions, and you feel that he’s answerable for his behavior.

  • Something feels wrong

From a bad dream to an uninvited fear, women know it all before they experience a traumatic situation. You can clearly see that the more you’re into the relationship and him, the more you see the relationship slipping through your fingers.

Something in your heart says it’s not right, what’s happening is not right. He seems like he isn’t into it anymore, and you find yourself asking him again and again why he seems so distant and changed.

  • Becoming unavailable

Men and women are both quite capable of becoming unavailable when they want to and this is something you should definitely lookout for. Does he takes longer to message back or respond to that email you sent him last week? Do you often hear the line, “Honey, work is crazy nowadays”?

He’d like you to believe that the boss has suddenly made him the office racehorse but you should know better than that. The sudden late nights, boys’ nights out, rekindling with an old flame, all these are signboards that scream DANGER.

  • Body language

Body language is a big give away about a man’s intentions. The shrug as an answer to your questions, the looking away while saying those three magic words, avoiding focusing on you in a group, or even a hug that seems too buddy like, all indicate that you’re in dead-end relationship.

  • Three’s a crowd

Your weekly outing is one time that you could use to decipher his moves. If he asks his buddies to tag along on your romantic dates too many times, your man is telling you that you’re no longer fun for him. Moreover, you will see that he would soon turn these dates into a guy’s night out with you almost an outsider.

  • Whatever happened to “we”?

The code breaker to his enigmatic behavior is to look for the avoidance of the word “we” and all things associated. Noticed that he avoids your query of when to move in together or why he’s taking crucial decisions on his own. If his poker faced reply to even a simple question like, “Where should we go out?” is ignoring you, understand that your man wants out.

It’s time women realised that they hold the reins in deciding who they get to spent their time and life with. Dating is supposed to be fun, and if you’re not having any, or feeling loved and cared for, opt out with your dignity intact before being shown the door.

A woman should know that she deserves better, and if the one she’s with is not worth the effort, then being single and the creator of your own destiny is sometimes the best way to be.

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