Last-Minute Diwali Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Last-Minute Diwali Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones
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Have you been thinking about last-minute Diwali gift ideas? Here are some thoughtful Diwali gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

Diwali, the most awaited time of the year, is finally here! The festival of light is about celebrating with our families and the people we love. Diwali, one of India’s biggest festivals, is never complete without gifts. 

Amidst all the cheers and laughter, we never miss out on the opportunity to shower our loved ones with the best Diwali gifts. Whether choosing the best Diwali gifts for parents to Diwali gifts for family, or friends, ideas for Diwali gift often gets confusing for most of us, right? We always make sure to choose the best Diwali gift that would add value to our loved one’s life without being hoarded in the storeroom.

We’ve curated a list of thoughtful last-minute Diwali gifting ideas for your loved ones that would surely put a smile on their face and lighten up their day. Not only this, if you purchase your gifts from SHOPonSHEROES India Gifting Site, you are also putting a smile on the face of our women entrepreneurs in India who are building their businesses online. 


Last Minute Diwali Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Send your friends, family, and loved ones their Diwali gifts online with this list of India’s Best Last-Minute Diwali Gift Odeas.


Diwali Gifts For Parents

Diwali is one festival that brings the whole family together and evokes a feeling of togetherness. The mere sense of celebrating the festival with our loved ones is what makes this festival so unique. This Diwali, pamper your parents with these wholesome gifts to spoil them with love and happiness.

#1. Puja Thali

Help your parents sort out their arrangement chores of pooja essentials, all in one place in the most attractive way, and add to the essence of the celebration. 

Diwali Puja Thali


#2. Healthy Gift Hamper

Who doesn’t love hampers? Remember the time when your parents bought you a box full of gifts? Wasn’t that amazing? No matter what age group we step in, gifts and goodies always make us happy so do your parents. 

Healthy Gift Hamper

#3. Cotton Blend Kurta Set

Festivities are about ethnic wear, pairing it with your best accessories. And, for mom, of course, you may buy her a comfortable yet chic ethnic set she longs for. 

Cotton festive kurta


#4. SockSoho Premium Stripes Socks

Make this Diwali comfortable for him by gifting him the perfect pair of socks that are unique, just like him. Also, with socks, he can never have too many, right? 

Diwali gifts for dad


#5. Ceramic Tea Cup- Saucer Set

Help your parents enjoy their tea time with these elegant and sassy tea cups, which will surely help them win accolades from their tea-time friends. 

Tea cup diwali gift

#6. Bedsheets

Gifting good quality bed linen on a festive occasion like Diwali gives the receiver good sleep, good vibes, and energy. Choose a vibrant sheet and gift your parents comfort this Diwali. 

bedsheet diwali gift


Diwali Gifts For Partners

This Diwali, gift your partner some extra love to make their heart melt into a puddle. Express your love for them in the most unique way and show that you care.


#1. AUREX Analogue Couple Watch

Watches are a style statement and are one of the best Diwali gifts for your loved ones. A couple watch set can be an excellent way to stay connected with the partner in the most elegant way. 

Watch set Diwali gift

#2. Couple LED Initials Showpiece

Diwali is the festival of lights! Twinkling lights tend to amplify the festive vibe within any space. This customized LED initials gift set can light up your Diwali instantly. 

LED couple light diwali gift

#3. Special Love Couple Figurine

 Show your love most romantically this Diwali. Surprise your partner with this cute and elegant figurine and show them your love. 

Couple diwali gift

#4. Couple Chocolate Gift Set

The perfect gift for all the foodies out there. This chocolate gift hamper can add extra sweetness during the festive season. 

Diwali chocolate hamper

#5. Digital Couple Portrait

If you wish to gift something exclusive this Diwali, gift memories. A digital portrait painting of beautiful moments spent together, captured beautifully in an artistic way, will be a gift for a lifetime. 

Digital couple portrait diwali gift

Diwali Gift For Workout Buddy

Diwali is the perfect time to feast on your favorite sweets and savory items. But just in case you are looking for the ideal Diwali gift for your health-conscious gym buddy who prefers to stay away from traditional sweets, we are here to help. 

#1. Premium Quality Organic Dry Fruits Combo

Nuts and dried fruit are always a great healthy Diwali gift idea for health fanatics. The Renaush healthy treat combo consisting of a bountiful array of nuts, including almonds, cashews, and raisins, can be an ideal replacement for desserts and sweets. These nuts are not only an excellent source of protein and unsaturated fats, but dry fruits are also an excellent source of fiber. 

Dry fruit diwali gift

#2. Daily Protein Combo

Help your buddy meet their daily protein intake with these tasty treats. The Naario classic Muesli and 9-in-1 Flour Mix is filled with the goodness of nuts, seeds, and healthy flour such as ragi, flaxseeds, oats, chickpeas, bajra, and soybean. 

diwali gift

#3. Healthy Hamper Gift Set

Don’t Stress on Calories A complete array of ‘good for you’ products that are low on calories and rich in nutrients. So that you can have all your favorite food items without stress and the ill effects on weight or metabolism. 

diwali gift

#4. Diwali Cookie Hamper

Open Secret’s hampers are a perfect healthy gift for all. They come in beautiful premium packaging, enhancing your gift’s charm, leaving a lasting impression. This sinfully healthy combination of chocolates & nuts forms perfect for gifting on Diwali. 

diwali gift

#5. Stay Hydrated

While your buddy makes sure to burn extra calories, follow a dedicated schedule, and maintain a proper diet, this isn’t child’s play. While it becomes equally essential for them to stay hydrated throughout! And to ensure that they never miss out on the required intake of fluids while exercising, you can gift them the perfect water bottles.

diwali gift

#6. Glass Jars For Storage

Perfect for storing healthy nuts and munchies, help your buddy keep track of their eatables with these chic, see-through glass jars. 

diwali gift

Diwali Gifts for Besties 

#1. Handmade Soaps 

Bring a smile to your bestie’s face with these cute, vibrant doughnut-shaped handmade soaps and make their Diwali fragrant and sweeter. 

handmade soaps diwali gift


#2. Scrunchies

Have you ever thought that scrunchies would make for a perfect Diwali gift? This one truly has our hearts. Don’t you love the thought?

Scrunchies diwali gift

#3. Socks

From Iconic to Quirky to Subtle to Everyday Stripe sock design, this gift box includes fourteen pairs of our finest-selling socks ready to help elevate your bestie’s attire.

Socks set diwali gift


#4. Ethnic Hoop Earring

Help your besties look the best during the festivities. Help them add that extra bling with this statement hoop earring, sure to catch everyone’s attention. 

Ethnic earring diwali gift

#5. Sandals

Help your bestie step out in style during Diwali with this beautiful pair of sandals, which can adorn any outfit.

Sandala diwali gift

Diwali Gifts For Kids


#1. Memory Game For Kids

 This Diwali, make learning Indian mythology fun for kids by matching illustrations of Gods and Goddesses (deity cards) with their Vahanas (animal cards). A Memory game your children would love to play over and over and over again.

memory game kids diwali gift

#2. Timios Snacks Mix

Make snack time fun and healthy, and keep your children away from junk snacks by introducing them to the goodness of multi-grain Munchies. Non-fried, wholegrain, and unbelievably delicious –Munchies are the perfect savory treats for your kids.

healthy snacks diwali gift

#3. Crochet Toys 

Make playtime fun with these assorted crochet animal toys. Perfect for playtime at home or on the move. It will keep the kids busy for sure. 

crochet toys diwali gift

#4. Girls’ Ethnic Wear 

Make your princess look beautiful in this ethnic set, which is just perfect for Diwali.

sharara set diwali gift

#5. Boys Indo Western Wear

This festive blazer set for boys is all you need to make his Diwali extra glam.

Boys jeans blazer diwali gift

#6. Leak Proof Tiffin Box

 This steel leak-proof tiffin box set is perfect for carryoing those homemade delicacies without the fear of spilling out. 

tiffin set diwali gift

Unique Diwali Gifts For All


#1. Diwali Crackers Chocolate

Say Happy Diwali with this chocolate box beautifully shaped in crackers. From sutli chocolate to chakri and anar, this box of goodness will make your loved ones diwali extra eventful. 

diwali cracker chocolate


#2. Stag Pair

This Diwali let your loved ones adorn their doorways and highlight the corners in thier home with this hand-painted artwork made of metal. 

diwali gift

#3. Rose Chocolates

These edible rose shaped chocolates will make the most unique diwali gift spreading all the happiness and love. 

rose chocolate diwali gift


#4. Leather Laptop Bag

Help your loved ones stwp out oin style with this amazing leather laptop bag which is sure to gram eyeballs. 

laptop bag diwali gift

#5.Travel Doodle Pouch

This multi purpose travel doodle pouch can be the perfect companion of all those who likes to venture out in style. 

travel pouch diwali gift

#6. Table Lamp

This rustic lamp can be the best diwali gift to light up your loved ones home with lot of love and positivity. 

table lamp diwali gift

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This is why we believe the SHOPonSHEROES marketplace is the best website to send gifts to India from abroad and ship Indian presents online across India. Enjoy your online shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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