NRI Woman: Staying In Touch With Your Roots

NRI Woman: Staying In Touch With Your Roots
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Growing up in the West the busy working life can often be overwhelming. We get very consumed in our hectic lives, which makes it difficult to make time for other things.

Although diversity is encouraged in our multi-cultural societies, displaying your ethnic roots can be frowned upon as it may limit your ability to connect with individuals of different ethnicities.

We begin to repress our Indian tendencies in our day-to-day lives to better connect with others. Through this transition, we adapt the cultures of our new societies and slowly begin to forget that feeling of pride, joy and fun that comes from being Indian.

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Because work can significantly impact your lifestyle, it’s always healthy to incorporate other activities. If you miss participating in some fun-filled Indian customs, here are a few ways to get back in touch with your Indian roots.

  • Incorporate more family time

Make more trips to see your family. Unless your family is equally disconnected with their Indian roots visiting your family every few days is a great way to reconnect with your culture.

This allows you to devour homemade chai, samosas, rotis and delicious basmati rice and curry. You have some great company to update you on Indian politics, Indian films and all the gossip on your relatives and neighbors.

  • Save up for India trips

The best way to cure your cultural withdrawal is by going back home! Start saving a portion of your paycheck every month for a trip to India.

This will not only allow you to immerse yourself in Indian culture but will also provide you with the opportunity to see close and distant relative that will display a great deal of love and affection.

By visiting your beloved homeland, you will get to indulge in some authentic food while also significantly improving your native language skills.

  • Attend local events

If you are an NRI, you’re most likely living in or near a major city. With higher diversity in cities, Indian communities are not difficult to find. Based on the diaspora population in your area there are bound to be many cultural events taking place. You can find out about local events through forums, websites, and even local Indian newspapers.

From formals for Indian professionals to charity fundraisers, religious celebrations, local festivals (Desi Fest, Independence Day mela’s etc.) and even music concerts or plays; there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure to bring some company with you to increase your personal comfort level and help you socialize.

  • Frequent visits to your local little India district

Indian expat communities are found in various corners of the world. Little India districts offer the home away from home culture.

With local shops featuring anything and everything from textiles, snacks, sweets, cinemas to beauty parlors specializing in mehndi designs you are sure to forget you had cultural withdrawal.

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