Ordering Jewelry Online: How To Be Sure You’ll Choose the Right Size

Ordering Jewelry Online: How To Be Sure You’ll Choose the Right Size
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Do you love shopping for jewelry online but are never sure if it will fit you well? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that online jewelry retailers are working harder than ever to ensure a proper fit for your purchases of watches, rings, bracelets and other accessories to complement your wardrobe.

Although some pieces come in standard sizes, even these can vary from brand to brand. It can be hard to know the jewelry you wish to buy is the right size for you so we’ve compiled some tips to make your online shopping even easier.

Jewelry shoppingAcross the Board

With more and more online jewelry and accessory retailers you’ll notice they’re showing measurements in both millimeters and inches.

Millimeters offer a more precise measurement, however, when an item is measured this way it can be hard to visualize. There are 25.4 mm to one inch, so a good rule of thumb when you’re trying to visualize the size of a piece is to divide the mm amount by four.

If you don’t have a measuring tape handy and wish to see the approximate size of a gem, a clasp, or other small piece, a typical lead pencil is 6.5 mm across, and most mechanical pencils have leads that are 0.7 mm. This may help you get a visual for some things.

Ring Sizing

There are sites that are measuring across the width of band portion of rings and posting the size so you can adjust your screen to view the pieces in actual size.

Conversely, retailers are also providing printable guides with ruled edges so you can cut them out and use them as templates to measure for their rings.

With these great features made available, it’s so much easier to make sure when your beautiful ring arrives it will glide right onto the finger you ordered it for.

Bracelets and Watches

Standard sizes for bracelets and watchbands are 7″ for ladies 8″ for men. The place to measure your wrist is right under the fattiest part of the palm, and you want to make sure to allow up to an inch for movement.

Since people are so many different sizes, many retailers are now stocking items in varying sizes starting as small as 5″ and increasing in ½” increments.

In the case of a watch purchase, look for the minimum and maximum measurements listed. If they’re leather bands, the holes are made to accommodate all sizes within the range listed. Most companies now offer larger sized bands as replacements if needed.

If the watchband is the metal link type, the retailer will show what sizes it can be custom-fit to, and will either provide that service or suggest where to have it done.

Ready, Set, Order!

With the helpful tips in this article, your next online jewelry and accessory purchase will be easier than ever. Watching for the helpful measurement systems online retailers are putting into place will ensure the fit of your piece is just as good as if you had been there to try it on.

Don’t be disappointed when you receive your jewelry or accessory item; try it on virtually before you buy!

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Jamie McMackin is a gift shopping extraordinaire. He enjoys finding the best ways to shop online, and sharing his tips and experiences on various shopping and lifestyle blogs. For that person in your life that is hard to satisfy with a gift, why not get them to try a supercar with Wish , an experience they will never forget.

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