How To Learn Pilates And Start A Pilates Studio Online

How To Learn Pilates And Start A Pilates Studio Online
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Do you want to start a Pilates studio online? In this article, you’ll learn how to become a Pilates instructor and start a Pilates school at home.

Pilates is an excellent fitness workout for women because it seeks to build strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance without adding any muscle bulk.

It is among the most popular exercise programs with about 5 million people who are regularly participating in various Pilates classes and sessions in the USA alone.

Even more, people are learning how to do Pilates at home for beginners, right in the comfort of their own homes during their free time.

What Is Pilates And Why Should You Be Doing It?

What is Pilates exercise? It is a body conditioning method that helps increase circulation which gets the blood flowing to every cell of your body. It also helps to sculpt the body as well as strengthen the body’s powerhouse or core.

So why is Pilates a good workout and what does Pilates do? To begin with, Pilates is an exercise system that focuses strategically on improving the body’s core strength, flexibility, and posture without building up any bulk.

How to do Pilates exercises? This involves a series of highly controlled movements that are performed using especially and specifically designed spring-resistant apparatus.

What is Pilates good for? Pilates training makes a person aware of the breath and the alignment of the spine and core. In pregnancy, Pilates also strengthens the deep torso muscles which are important in helping to alleviate and prevent back pain.

Is Pilates good for abs? Yes, but that’s only one of the many benefits of Pilates. People who faithfully do Pilates for back pain feel that they are less prone to injury, have better posture and experience better overall health.

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Pilates History: Who Was Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates who founded the Pilates method was born in Germany. He was especially frail as a child as he had asthma along with other childhood conditions.

In order to grow stronger and to build up his body, he took up a variety of sports and even became an accomplished athlete.

He served as a nurse during the First World War in Great Britain. It was here that he designed exercise methods as well as equipment for soldiers and other immobilized patients.

Joseph Pilates
Joseph Pilates developing his exercise technique at Jacob’s Pillow, circa 1943. Image source: Pinterest

Pilates also developed a series of exercises that used a mat that focused on the torso. These exercises were based upon different exercise methods from all over the world including the mind-body formats of Chinese martial arts and yoga.

Joseph Pilates believed that our mental and physical health are intertwined and his exercise program was designed to establish coordination among the body, the mind, and even the spirit.

These include concentration, control, flowing movements, precision and breathing. Joseph Pilates called this coordination ‘Contrology.’

Are Pilates And Yoga The Same?

Are Pilates and yoga the same? No, and it’s not about Pilates vs yoga. In fact, these two fitness modalities complement each other.

Yogalates, created by Louise Solomon, is a body toning program that combines the gentle stretch of yoga and the core-building strength of Pilates.

That’s why you’ll find many of the Pilates studios or Pilates yoga studios or gyms with Pilates classes offering both yoga and Pilates classes or Yoga-Pilates classes.

How Does Pilates Differ From Other Forms Of Exercise?

Pilates is not actually aerobic or cardiovascular although it will increase your heart rate. It is more like weight lifting than biking, jogging, and many other forms of popular aerobic activities.

The two key elements are spinal alignment and core muscle strength. Pilates targets the core musculature, which is loosely defined as the abdomen, the spine, the pelvis, the hips, and all other muscles that support such structures.

During a Pilates session, the Pilates instructor will continuously prompt you to focus deeply on your core muscles. You have to also pay attention to your breath as well as to the quality of movements and appropriate contraction of the muscles.

One of the many Pilates fitness benefits for women is that it does not build muscle mass. You can expect a Pilates session to help increase strength and flexibility, align the spine and lengthen the body.

The fields of rehabilitation and fitness encourage Pilates exercises for its focus on the lower back muscles as well as those of the abdomen.

Pilates reformer

Types Of Pilates

Pilates is a form of resistance exercise and there are two basic ways to exercise. You can either focus on Pilates mat exercises or you can use a variety of Pilates machines, such as a reformer machine, to strengthen and tone the body using the principle of resistance.

Although there are 6 types of Pilates – including Classical Pilates, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Contemporary Pilates, Stott Pilates and, Winsor Pilates – all the workouts rely on the core principles of breathing, control, centring and flow.

Pilates can be performed on the floor (known as Pilates mat work) without the need to use any Pilates apparatus or equipment. However, your private Pilates classes should be supervised by a trained and certified Pilates instructor.

How To Learn Pilates During The Lockdown

With the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, even the best Pilates studios and local Pilates classes have had to close down to protect their clients and Pilates teachers from contagion.

Today, almost no one is searching for “nearby Pilates classes” or “Pilates studio near me” and those who want to learn Pilates are now watching Pilates YouTube beginners videos or downloading the best Pilates app to watch Pilates workout videos online.

While you can learn Pilates online with free Pilates videos for beginners, it’s always better to take private Pilates lessons online from a personal Pilates trainer who has completed a Pilates certification program.

A certified Pilates teacher will help you learn the best Pilates routine for you and avoid injury, especially if you want to learn pregnancy Pilates, prenatal Pilates, or mom-and-baby Pilates.

You can either take a private Pilates workshop online or buy Pilates training courses that offer group Pilates classes online so you can engage with other like-minded people and make friends too.

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Become A Pilates Instructor

If you’re really enjoying your private Pilates lessons or Pilates group class, you can also decide to do Pilates certification and Pilates instructor training and become a Pilates instructor yourself.

You can get a Pilates mat certification and offer a Pilates mat class that only teaches Pilates mat exercises. You will require very few Pilates accessories to get started, and you can buy a Pilates mat, Pilates clothes, a Pilates band and a Pilates ball online.

If you want to teach advanced Pilates reformer training and prefer to use the equipment for Pilates, you can set up a home Pilates studio and buy Pilates equipment and Pilates gear, like a Pilates chair, Pilates table and Pilates reformer equipment.

Whether you decide to buy Pilates equipment for home use or do a Pilates instructor course and get Pilates instructor certification, you can get Pilates studio equipment cheaper by buying used Pilates equipment for sale.

With everything available online now, you don’t have to wonder where to buy Pilates equipment for your home Pilates studio.

Start An Online Pilates Studio

Now is the best time to start an online Pilates school, brainstorm some creative Pilates studio names, and start posting free online Pilates videos for those who want to learn Pilates at home.

As a Pilates professional trainer, it’s easier to sell Pilates personal training to a specific demographic, so you could specialize in Pilates for men and create online Pilates workouts only for them.

Or your online Pilates studio can offer mother and baby Pilates workshops or online Pilates courses for new moms looking for online prenatal Pilates classes to learn Pilates during pregnancy.

Besides creating a Pilates website and sharing free Pilates videos to promote your Pilates school, other lucrative Pilates courses and products you could sell include:

  • Pilates books for beginners
  • Pilates ball exercises
  • Pilates exercises for beginners
  • Pilates core workout for beginners
  • Pilates for weight loss
  • Pilates abs workouts
  • Pilates reformer classes
  • Yoga-Pilates workouts

Or you could focus on a geographic area and offer Pilates classes in South Delhi or Pilates in Chembur, for example, especially if you intend to buy a Pilates franchise and open a Pilates center once the lockdown ends.

Now that you know the health benefits of Pilates and how you can turn it into a lucrative work-from-home business, you can get started by watching free Pilates workout videos and Pilates exercise videos online.

Get your Pilates teacher certification and start offering Pilates lessons online so you can teach others how to do Pilates at home for beginners and create a money-making Pilates studio by the time the lockdown ends.

Author Bio:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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