3 Presentation Skills To Confidently Stand In Your Power On Stage

3 Presentation Skills To Confidently Stand In Your Power On Stage
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If you’re delivering workshops or planning to begin giving presentations, then the 3 presenting tips here will help you leap ahead of any other speaker.

If your marketing plan includes giving workshops then there are three skills you must learn:

#1. The mechanics of how to deliver great content

#2. How to successfully offer your programs and products from the stage

#3. How to create an unbreakable energetic connection to your audience

For the past five years, every workshop I’ve delivered has been to a sold-out crowd. Initially, I focused on the mechanical aspects of delivering content and making an offer from the stage. Sales were good but I kept feeling that something was missing.

It was then I discovered that the energetic connection between me and the audience mattered MORE than technical presentation skills.

What I found out is that the more I stood in my power, even BEFORE the workshop started, the more fun I have, the more my audience loves the content I’m delivering, the more connected to my passion and mission I feel… and the more sales I make.

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3 Presentation Skills To Confidently Stand In Your Power On Stage

If you’re delivering workshops (or you’re planning to begin giving presentations) then the 3 tips I’m sharing with you here will help you leap ahead of any other speaker out there… a leap that will land you right into YOUR authentically powerful stage presence.

I have to warn you, these tips are a little “whoo-whoo” but trust me, they work!

Tip #1: BEFORE Your Presentation

A few days before a big event I used to get really nervous. My stomach would turn flip-flops and my shoulders would hunch in tension. Not good.

Now, I practice Extreme Gratitude, reciting to myself what it is I am so grateful for, allowing the feeling of appreciation, expansion and love to flow through me.

This may sound corny but it really works! Think of it this way: You can only feel one feeling at a time so, if you’re feeling gratitude, appreciation or love you’re not able to feel nerves or fear.

By practising Extreme Gratitude you’re also “anchoring” the thought of delivering a workshop with the yummy, expansive feelings of appreciation, connection to spirit and love.

Tip #2: DURING Your Presentation

Many presenters seek approval or acknowledgement from the audience. At best, this comes across as mechanical or even manipulative. At worst, the speaker can easily appear needy or unconfident.

When I’m on stage, in addition to continuing my practice of Extreme Gratitude, I look for opportunities to ask questions that help audience members open up and share their problems or concerns.

This way, you’re making your presentation all about them, instead of about your need to know they like you. Believe me, when you focus on them, they’ll not only like you, they’ll LOVE you!

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Tip #3: AFTER Your Presentation

Ladies, after your presentation, do you immediately think about how you “should have said this” or “should have done that”?


Instead of tearing yourself up after your talk, debrief with someone you trust. Ask them what you did especially well. Then, find 3 things YOU think you did well and tell your friend. For example:

“I loved how I made a joke when the hotel worker dropped the plates at the back of the room. I didn’t get upset and instead, I stayed in my power by laughing at the incident.”

Consider The ENERGY Of Your Presentation

Consider that the ENERGY of your presentation matters even more than your CONTENT. Your audience wants to feel your heart, your confidence and your strength. They want to be lifted up by your message as well as learn the content you’ve promised to deliver.

So, the next time you’re getting ready to deliver a presentation, include these tips. Your audience will remember YOU — and the ENERGY you deliver — long after the memory of your Powerpoint slides have faded away.

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