The Number 1 Reason Women Entrepreneurs Fail (+ 3 Powerful Strategies For Success)

The Number 1 Reason Women Entrepreneurs Fail (+ 3 Powerful Strategies For Success)
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Do you know the #1 reason why most women entrepreneurs’ businesses fail?

It’s because many women don’t know their own value. They under-charge, feel uncomfortable talking about their fees, are afraid to make offers, and don’t know how to design lucrative packages that truly benefit and serve their clients while at the same time create a powerful profit formula for their business.

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Let me share with you 3 amazing strategies to ensure success…


When you charge what you’re worth, you empower your clients and inspire them to their greatest potential. Low fees don’t serve anyone – in fact they harm the people you’re committed to helping.

You might think you’re doing a favor for your clients by maintaining low rates in this economy, but the truth is, when you lower your rates, you lower your client’s results. Low rates keep everyone down. When you charge what you’re worth you have greater impact… and you have more resources to help more people.

Tip #1: Know Your Value

Knowing your value begins with accepting and embracing the truth that you deserve abundance. You deserve to be well compensated for your expertise. You are a change agent. You transform people’s lives, whether you’re a financial adviser, career strategist, leadership coach, or business consultant. What benefits and results do you give your clients?

What’s the value in helping someone fund their dream project and give back to their community, get a promotion to a better job that allows them to spend more time with their kids, or launch a profitable business so they can have a farther reach and more impact? I bet the value is 100 times more than you would ever charge. I bet the value is priceless. It’s time to step up and value what you deliver.

Tip #2: Raise Your Fees

Your rate is a statement to the world of the confidence you have in your skills. If you’re charging low fees your ideal, value-conscious clients will go somewhere else because they associate low price with low quality. You’re an expert, not a commodity. Do you want to be Wal-Mart or the Ritz Carlton? Understanding the value of what you deliver will help you command higher fees.


If you’re still offering single sessions or an hourly rate, it’s gotta stop. You need to develop packages that serve your clients, generate consistent cash flow, and are designed for profit based on where you are in business right now.

Tip #1: Use Proven Profit Formulas

It’s super simple to choose where to focus your profit formula when you know what business phase you’re in on the Expert Entrepreneur Path. For example, if you’re in the Development Phase you’ll be focusing on high-ticket Intensives and Premier Programs and creating an ascension model to easily move clients to the next level.

Tip #2: Deliver an Exceptional Experience with Real Results

The bottom line is, you must offer something remarkable. The days of mediocrity are over. Hype is out… integrity is in. People want an exceptional experience from the time they connect with you through the delivery phase and beyond.

And you know what… it’s a lot more fun and profitable to deliver than bland, boring, and same-old, same-old. You need to lead here… with innovation, distinction, authenticity, and a signature system advantage.


Millionaire mentor David Neagle, says, “Sales is not something you do to someone, it is something you do for someone.” That’s a really beautiful, elegant way to position sales in your mind. Sales is about serving another person. If you don’t make an offer, if you don’t engage in sales, you’re not helping anyone.

In fact, you’re doing them a disservice by not making an offer when you know you have the solution to their problem or can help them get where they want to go. You owe it to your community to make offers for them to move forward and transform by investing in themselves through you.

Tip #1: Attach an Offer To Everything You Do

Successful entrepreneurs continually make offers… every day! Embrace the powerful and positive impact you have when you make offers and invite people to work with you. Always make an offer in everything you do (through your newsletters, your teleseminars, your workshops, social media, networking, and one-on-one) … so those people who need you can step up and change their lives.

Tip #2: Develop and Implement a System to Consistently Generate Conversations + Authentically and Naturally Convert Those Conversations into Clients

The sales process is about listening, having a conversation, identifying your potential client’s needs, showing that you have a solution to their problem or need, and making the offer. The sale is simply the natural outcome of the conversation.

You’re helping people make a decision about investing in themselves. You’re not committed to the decision. You’re not committed to whether they choose to work with you or not, but you are committed to helping them make a decision. You don’t serve anyone if you let them stay stuck in indecision.

Laura Cross is a Revenue Acceleration Strategist and owner of Expert Entrepreneur LLC. She helps women entrepreneurs build lucrative and exciting expert-businesses that thrive in any economy. Claim your no-cost High-Paid Expert Training, videos and worksheets at www.HighPaidExpertTraining.com

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