Send Free Sanitary Napkins In India To Needy Women With Everteen

Send Free Sanitary Napkins In India To Needy Women With Everteen
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Here’s how you can send free sanitary napkins and free pads for women in India to lockdown-affected women with everteen, one of the top sanitary napkin manufacturers in India.

In the Pad Man movie, superstar Akshay Kumar played social activist and entrepreneur, Arunachalam Muruganantham, showing us how most women in rural India use unhygienic methods such as rags and leaves, to soak up menstrual blood during their periods.

With the coronavirus lockdown, women from rural and low-income households who do not have access to ecommerce sites are finding it harder by the day to buy sanitary pads for their menstrual health needs.

Having lost their jobs and unable to afford even the low-cost sanitary pads price, many have gone back to using unhygienic cloth pieces or leaves, as they have no idea how to get free pads or where to find sanitary pads offers for free sanitary pad samples.

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Many sanitary pads manufacturers have been forced to shut shop or are unable to get the sanitary napkin material they require to keep the units running.

The shortage of low-price sanitary pads (also known as period pads, ladies pads or सेनेटरी पैड) means that sanitary napkin suppliers are unable to provide sanitary products to women in rural and low-income households, a trend that threatens to reverse all the gains made in the improvement of menstrual hygiene.

So should feminine hygiene products be free? Perhaps they should, as periods are not optional for women. But until that happens, you can do your bit to help needy women who can’t afford to buy sanitary napkins online. Would you like to know how?

How To Send Free Sanitary Napkins In India

To help needy women get access to free pads during the lockdown, one of the top sanitary napkins brands, everteen, is distributing 1 million free sanitary pads to lockdown-affected women in India.

You can help everteen send free sanitary napkins to women who can’t afford the cost of sanitary pads. There are many types of sanitary pads. So what are sanitary pads made of, especially the ones shipped by everteen?

As one of the leading sanitary napkin brands in India, everteen manufacturers cotton sanitary pads, such as the everteen XL Soft Sanitary Napkin Pads with Neem and Safflower, which is one of the best sanitary pads in India.

With their 8-layer protection, 280 mm extra-large pads, wide wings, odour-locking gel-core system and advanced leak protection, these natural sanitary napkins give you the confidence to live life fully even during menstruation.

Everteen makes some of the best cotton pads for periods in India. Their soft pads for periods give your sensitive intimate skin a smooth, feather-like touch with a cottony-soft top layer designed to make periods ultra-comfortable while protecting sensitive skin from rashes and tanning.

Unlike other sanitary pads in India, everteen’s sanitary napkin pad is enriched with neem (Azadirachta Indica), which is widely acclaimed for its anti-irritant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties, and ability to clear rashes, soothe the skin and reduce redness and pain.

Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) extract in the everteen menstrual pads acts as a skincare lubricant and moisturizer, helps nourish the skin with Vitamin E, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and helps speed up skin healing.

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In these days of contagion, it’s also comforting to know that like most responsible sanitary napkins manufacturers,  everteen sanitary pads are manufactured using fully automated, touchless processes at one of India’s most sophisticated, ultra-modern and hygienic manufacturing units.

Thoughtful details like these make everteen cotton napkins for periods one of the best cotton-made pads brands in India. So how can you ship these free sanitary pads to needy women who are unable to buy sanitary napkins online?

Everteen has two options to help you send free menstrual pad samples to needy women in India:

1. The Refer-A-Pad Option

In order to send a free sanitary pads sample to any woman in need of free sanitary napkins due to the COVID19 lockdown, all you need to do is go to SheNeedsPad.com and fill in her details.

Whether you send these free period samples to your maid or to any other woman in need of sanitary pads, everteen will ship her a pack of 7 free pads by mail, absolutely free of cost, subject to availability and lockdown relaxations.

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If you decide to order sanitary pads online and support another woman in need, everteen will send you updates on the status of the delivery and neither you nor the recipient of your generosity needs to make any payment.

As a token of their appreciation, you will also get a flat 20% storewide discount on the everteen store, so you can avail of sanitary napkins online offers from one of the premium sanitary napkin manufacturers in India, and shop for natural feminine hygiene products at a discounted price.

Along with your sanitary pads online shopping, you can also buy feminine products like menstrual cups, tampons, intimate wash, intimate hygiene wipes, daily panty liners, bikini line hair remover creme, toilet seat sanitiser, menopausal relief supplements, and vaginal gel.

So, if you know one or more women who can benefit from a gift of free sanitary products or cotton sanitary pads in India, use this option to send free sanitary towels and free period pads to those who need them.

2. The Sponsor-A-Pad Option

Distributing a million sanitary napkins is easier said than done and this sanitary pads company needs support from you to make that happen. It requires a peer-to-peer (P2P) effort to make this initiative a success so that more women benefit from the gift of free pads by mail.

If you’re willing to contribute any amount over Rs.100 to the cause of women’s health, you can go to SheNeedsPad.com and donate to this worthy cause.

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Help Raise Menstrual Health Awareness

Here are some other ways you can raise awareness of this message of menstrual hygiene and health.

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So do your bit and spread the message of menstrual health and hygiene with everteen, a top sanitary napkin company and manufacturer of some of the best feminine hygiene products in India.

With their commitment to providing 1 million of the best period pads and sanitary napkins to women desperately in need of free women’s hygiene products, we can all help them build awareness of the need for menstrual health and feminine hygiene.

Too many women in India cannot even afford the period pad price for menstrual products like cotton sanitary napkins and are risking their health and their lives with unhygienic alternatives.

When you send quality feminine hygiene products like these free sanitary pads online, it will give a needy woman hope and assurance that she can count on people like you to deal with life’s challenges.

Join everteen’s campaign to help women in India get access to free menstrual products and free period products like natural sanitary pads, sanitary towels, and cotton pads for girls during the lockdown.

Each of these free sanitary towel samples for women will help an Indian woman live a life of dignity, health and hygiene, during the lockdown and beyond. Join the discussion on the everteen community on the SHEROES only-women app.

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