8 Ways To Save Water In The Bathroom

8 Ways To Save Water In The Bathroom
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It’s not so hard to save water in the home. Here are some tips that are easy to follow and will help you save water in the bathroom and other areas in the home.

It’s important to save water in the bathroom and other areas in the home where we have taps and other water sources.

The loss of a few drops here and there may sound like nothing, but when you put these random drops being wasted all over the house together, you will realize that you misuse a lot of water.

What’s wrong with wasting water?

There are many reasons why wasting water is a shame. There’s the familiar line fed to us by our parents that we should remember people in famine-ridden places that have no access to water as we merrily waste it.

Also, there is the fact that many of us pay for our water and hence every drop wasted is money we lose from our pockets. Therefore, saving water is a matter of basic human decency of valuing what we have and also a way to save a few coins here and there from our household budgets.

It’s not so hard to save water in the home, so it’s a wonder that many people do not think it’s a priority. There are small things that are easy to do and will help you save water in the bathroom and other areas in the home.

Once you master these things and also get other people in the household such as your spouse and children to do the same, then wasting water will be a thing of the past in your house.

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8 things you can do to save water in the home

1. Fix leaky taps

You will not believe how much water you can lose from a leaking tap or faulty plumbing. I once had a leaking faucet and was collecting water using a bucket.

In the span of one night, I found that the whole 10-litre bucket was full. Can you imagine how much water I would have lost in a month if I didn’t get it fixed? You should do the same!

Repair any leaking water pipe or tap in your bathroom or any other place in the home, as those tiny drops build up to gallons of water when you do nothing about it.

2. Install water-saving toilets and faucets

These days there are efficient toilets in the market that are built to help you conserve water in the bathroom. The same applies to water faucets and taps.

Dual flush toilets come with a double flash whereby one is for solids and the other to flush away liquids. Otherwise, we waste a lot of water when we use the same amount of water to flush away everything.

The same applies to faucets as there are hi-tech ones that only let water out when you place your hand underneath them and then stop when you move your hand.

It keeps us from wasting water by just letting it run even when we don’t need it. It means you don’t have the tap running when you don’t need to use water.

For example, you usually wet your toothbrush and then brush your teeth. Many people have the water running even as they scrub their teeth when the tap should be off until it’s time to rinse out.

A hi-tech faucet helps you stop this kind of water wasting habit by regulating how the water flows so that the water is only running when necessary.

4. Replace old bathroom fixtures with modern ones

You will notice that old toilets and taps and other water dispensing gadgets in the bathroom do not have water-saving features. If your bathroom has old school toilets, faucets, and showerheads, then you must be wasting a lot of water.

First of all many of these taps are old and may leak here and there. Also, they do not conserve water like the modern ones as that kind of technology was not a priority in the past.

So, consider changing your old bathroom fixtures for the modern highly efficient taps, showerheads and toilets in the market so that you can save water in the bathroom.

They also come in a variety of beautiful styles and designs so you can be sure that your bathroom will get a worthwhile upgrade on top of becoming more efficient as concerns water use.

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4. Adjust your bathtub habits

Usually, when I fill the bathtub for a soak I always let the water run until it’s hot then I plug the tub. In my mind, I am allowing the cold water runoff so that I can get only the hot water that I need.

Well, this is one of the biggest ways to wastewater in the bathroom. All the water that flows out before you plug the tub is lost, which is a shame. Instead, you should plug the bathtub before opening the taps and adjust the water temperature as it fills up.

Also, you can catch the cold water first in a bucket and use it for another purpose such as scrubbing away the scum from the tub when you are finished bathing instead of letting it run down the drain.

You must also stop the habit of filling the tub to the brim when you want to have a soak. Instead, just let it fill up halfway, and you will save water in the bathroom.

5. Get water-efficient showerheads

Install showerheads that are great for conserving water. These showerheads are made to cut down on the amount of water you use when showering hence they are called water-efficient showerheads.

Some even have sensors so that they only allow water to flow out when you are under the showerhead. It means that you can step away from under the shower when soaping or scrubbing your body or hair and the water will stop running. In this way, you will save a lot of water in the bathroom.

6. Reduce shower and bath time

You don’t need to have a bath every day of the week. Perhaps save it for the weekend only as a treat to save on your water consumption. Similarly, you don’t need to spend close to an hour under the shower unless you’ve been in a swamp or something worse.

The more time you spend under the shower with the water running the more water you waste for no reason. Just get in, have a quick scrub and get out and you will find that you spend a lot less water and your bills are sure to reduce significantly.

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7. Use rainwater

One of the biggest tragedies in any home is not saving rainwater. Rainwater is free and can be hooked up to the house to use for various chores.

You can hook up your bathroom plumbing to your rainwater tank and other areas in the home to cut down on your water bills. Just build a huge water tank and make sure that you collect as much rainwater during the rainy season as you can.

It’s a great way to save water in the bathroom and rainwater is ideal for other chores around the home such as gardening as well.

8. Teach your children to save water

If you have children in the house, then you know they can waste a lot of water. Even if you put in all water-conserving gadgets in the home and do not teach them the value of water conservation, it’s a waste of time.

Many children love to play in the water and will often leave taps running, spend too much time in the shower and so on. So if you want to save water in the bathroom and other areas of the home make sure you teach your children the values of doing so and ensure they make a habit of it.

Once they learn it, then it will become a valuable habit that will help you save lots of water, and also it’s an excellent way of teaching them to value the resources they have around. It’s a great thing to have clean running water in the home. However, it’s wrong to waste it, and it also brings about unnecessary expenses.

Conserving water in the house by saving water in the bathroom and other areas in the home is a decent thing to do and even a great way to cuts down on household expenses. Use these tips to make your home a place where everyone appreciates and conserves water and you will benefit a lot from it.

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