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From Pause to Prosperity: Srividya’s Inspiring Career Restart Story

March 28, 2024
Srividya took a 7-year career break to raise her son. Today, she’s thriving in a work-from-home role! Read her inspiring story of career restart, resilience, and finding a supportive work environment at MARSbySHEROES. Ambitious women can find it daunting to take a career break for motherhood. Srividya’s journey proves it’s possible to restart your career ...
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How a Career Break Led 41-year-old Ashwini to Restart her Career with Flexible Remote Work

March 22, 2024
Experience Ashwini’s incredible journey from working in tech support to finding happiness in customer-focused jobs, overcoming career breaks, and embracing flexibility at MARSbySHEROES. Meet Ashwini from Bengaluru, a 40-year-old IT graduate and a mom to a 9-year-old son. Ashwini’s story unfolds in Hubli, India, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She began ...
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10 Smart Strategies for Returning to the Workforce After a Career Break

January 4, 2024
Discover 10 smart strategies for returning to the workforce after a career break for women. Explore actionable strategies for organizations to create a supportive environment and gain insights into tips for a successful return, including building support networks, updating professional appearances, and obtaining certifications.    In the dynamic landscape of the contemporary workforce, a noticeable ...
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