Women In Business

Naaree Interviews Indian Woman Entrepreneur, Priti Shroff

December 12, 2011
Mumbai-based entrepreneur, Priti Shroff, overcame the tragedy of losing her sister to breast cancer to take alternative therapy to the masses.

The 10 Essential Keys To A Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business

November 24, 2011
Treating yourself like the goddess that you are will uplevel your experiences, raise your standards and expand your sense of authentic possibility.

The Top 10 Businesses Owned By Women Entrepreneurs In India

June 17, 2011
Women owned businesses are adding significantly to India’s economy. Here's a list of the top ten women owned businesses in India.

Women In Business: Challenging Age Old Ideas Of Leadership

April 8, 2011
Women in business have moved beyond being a source of secondary income to excelling in every field as leaders and entrepreneurs in their own right.

Indian Women In Business: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

April 2, 2011
The role of Indian women in business has grown beyond running boutiques, parlours, secretarial and lower managerial jobs to running full-fledged enterprises.

Women In Business: How Women Leaders Are Changing The World

March 28, 2011
Women have entered the business world with confidence, which has made the world sit up and take notice.