5 Reasons Remote Customer Service is a Great Career Move for Women after a Career Break

5 Reasons Remote Customer Service is a Great Career Move for Women after a Career Break
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Discover how remote customer service roles can help women in India restart their careers after a break. Join the MARS Certification program by SHEROES and take the first step towards a rewarding career comeback. Apply NOW and become a MARS Certified Remote Professional.

Almost 80% of working women in India take a career break, with 45% citing child care as the primary reason. When their children start school, many of these women feel the urge and need to return to the workforce. Take Srividya, for example. Srividya quit her job after her son was born. When her son started school, she had more free time and a strong desire to re-engage with her professional life. 

Srividya, like many others, discovered that the skills she had developed during her career break—empathy, patience, and multitasking—were highly valuable in the job market, especially in customer support roles. Women who take career breaks often develop valuable empathy through their experiences, such as managing extended time with children or dealing with personal challenges. This empathy can be crucial for successful leadership roles and is a vital skill for those restarting their careers in customer support roles.

Here are 5 reasons why Remote Customer Service roles are great career options for women willing to restart their careers.  


Flexible Work Schedule

Flexibility is crucial, especially for women balancing family and work. Remote customer service jobs often allow for adjustable hours and shifts, enabling individuals to choose shifts that best fit their needs. For instance, Ashwini found her ideal shift at 2 PM, allowing her to handle personal commitments in the morning and evening. This flexibility reduces stress and helps people manage their responsibilities more efficiently.

Opportunities for Skill Development

Remote customer service jobs can help women refresh and learn new skills. These positions enhance communication, problem-solving, and tech-savviness, which are valuable in the job market. Women can also take advantage of online training and development programs companies offer for their employees to stay updated on their skills continuously. Certifications that prove proficiency in English, like the Versant Certification, are highly valued by corporations worldwide and can open an ocean of opportunities. 

Work-Life Balance

Working from home significantly improves work-life balance. It allows women to spend more time with their families and reduces the stress associated with commuting. Ruchi, for example, transitioned to a remote customer service job and found that her mental health and family relationships improved. She could be available to drop and pick up her child from daycare and still fulfil her job responsibilities, creating a harmonious balance between her personal and professional life.

Increased Job Opportunities

There is a growing demand for remote customer service jobs across various industries. This field offers a wide range of job opportunities, from tech support to customer care in retail and finance. The advantage of not being limited by geographic location means women can find employment opportunities nationwide or internationally, expanding their career prospects significantly.

Financial Independence after Career Break

Returning to work can boost confidence and independence. Remote customer service jobs can be a stepping stone to other career opportunities, providing women with the experience and skills needed to advance. Ritika Damani’s story is a perfect example. A B.Com graduate, Ritika took a career break to prioritize her health during pregnancy. She came across MARSbySHEROES in 2017 and restarted her career as a Customer Service Representative. Ritika is now a part-time Educational Ambassador, balancing her career with being a full-time mom. Her success story is a testament to how remote customer service can empower women to take charge of their careers and achieve their professional goals.

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Remote customer service jobs offer numerous benefits for women looking to restart their careers after a break. These roles provide flexibility, skill development, work-life balance, increased job opportunities, and a path to empowerment and independence. Women can leverage these opportunities to rebuild their careers and contribute meaningfully to the workforce while managing their responsibilities.

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