Diwali Decoration Items From SHOPonSHEROES To Celebrate Diwali 2021

Diwali Decoration Items From SHOPonSHEROES To Celebrate Diwali 2021
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Celebrate Diwali 2021 and elevate your Deepavali celebration with these modern and traditional Diwali decoration items, Diwali diyas, rangolis and torans.

Diwali this year is on the 4th of November, 2021, and despite all the restrictions, Indians are hoping to make it a festive affair. Most people will do their Diwali shopping online this year and supporting Indian women-owned businesses is a great way to celebrate this year’s Deepavali festival.

You can make your Deepavali celebration a giving affair by supporting women-owned businesses in India and checking out the Diwali Dhamaka offers in the SHOPonSHEROES marketplace.

If you need Diwali puja samagri items for Diwali Laxmi Pooja, you’ll find them in this collection of Puja room decoration items from SHOPonSHEROES stores.

When you buy these Diwali items and Diwali ka saman from the SHOPonSHEROES marketplace, you’re helping a budding woman entrepreneur in India achieve her dreams of financial independence.

Traditional Diwali decorations and home décor add to the joy of Deepavali celebrations when we celebrate the Festival of Lights. Hindus use a number of traditional decorative items to decorate their homes during Deepavali.

Here are some Diwali lightning and Diwali home decorating ideas and Diwali designs to enhance the festive appeal of your home when you celebrate Diwali 2021.

Diwali Diyas & Lamps

Used since ancient times as a decoration and source of light, the diya is a Diwali oil lamp made of clay that burns vegetable oil or ghee (Indian butter) as a source of fuel. Traditionally, small earthen lamps were used as a Diwali diya decoration at home. Today, there are many more Diwali ka diya designs available.

Once the Diwali lamp or Diwali Deepak is filled, you place a cotton wick inside and light it to fill the room with a warm glow. Since Diwali is called the festival of lights, lighting diyas and putting up a Diwali diya decoration at home is an essential home décor practice.

Diwali diyas (or Diwali panti decoration) are used as festival decor, like home decorations in the living room, or placed on a dining table instead of candles. You can also place diyas on the balcony or at the entrance of your residence to welcome visitors into your home.

Diwali diyas are available in many attractive designs and may have good luck symbols on them like Om or Swastik designs. They may be decorated with sequins, beads, Meenakari work, and different traditional motifs.

Candle wax diyas can be used in the form of brass or aluminium diyas with tea lights. Panchmukhi floral diyas have Lakshmi and Ganesha idols embedded in them.

This collection of Diwali diya designs from SHOPonSHEROES stores will help you create easy and beautiful diya decorations at home to add a festive touch to your home décor.

1. Traditional Hanging Handi Diya

Light up your evenings with the pretty pattern of light streaming from the beautiful latticed cover of this Traditional Hanging Handi Diya that brings the vintage elegance of Diwali hanging lamps to your home.

Made of iron, this metal hanging Diwali lantern can be used as a hanging fixture with a thin, but durable, handle. From your garden to your living room to your puja room, this stunning piece brings sophistication to any space in your home.

A versatile item, the easy opening and closing of the lid makes it convenient to place a tea light candle or incense stick or dhoopbatti.

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Diwali Lantern

2. Brass Crystal Akhand Diya

This Brass Crystal Akhand Diya is a beautiful, stylish and modern Diwali diya decoration idea for your home. Place it in your living room or use it as a puja room decoration for Diwali Laxmi puja.

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Diwali Diya Images

3. Brass & Copper Akhand Diya

This traditional Handmade Brass Kamal Oil Lamp can be used to create artistic diya decorations in your home in the living room or bedroom or on a dining table instead of candles.

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Diwali Diya

4. Obelisk Table Diya Set

This traditional Obelisk table diya set or brass diya stand is an essential Special Samai Navratri Diwali oil lamp that can be used in any Pooja room. It is often used to inaugurate functions in India.

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Diwali Oil Lamp

5. Brass Kamal Magenta Akhand diya

Create a meditative and peaceful ambience in your puja room with the Brass Kamal Magenta Akhand Diya. This colourful Diwali oil lamp will brighten the look of your living room or puja room.

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Diwali Diya Decoration

6. Elegant Brass Diya

Add more elegance to your Diwali Laxmi Puja ritual with this Elegant Brass Diya. It has ample space to hold the oil and the batti. This beautiful and elegant Brass Diya can be used as a home decor item or given as a Diwali gift to your loved ones.

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Easy And Beautiful Diya Decoration

7. Table Top Matki

Bring vintage elegance to your evenings with the pretty lights streaming from the beautiful lattice of this traditional Table Top Matki. Made of iron, this gorgeous metal Diwali lantern will give an antique aesthetic to your living room or table-top decor.

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Diya Designs

8. Table Top Handi

This beautiful and elegant metal Table Top Handi can be used as traditional Indian home décor or a Diwali diya decoration for your living room, puja room, or garden.

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Diwali Deepak

9. Traditional Brass & Glass Diya

This Traditional Brass and Glass Diya is an elegant Diwali lantern. Buy this Diwali diya online and transform the look of your living room, dining room table, puja room, or balcony.

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Diwali Lamp

10. Handmade Kamal Diya

This brass and copper Handmade Kamal Diya is a traditional Diwali oil lamp with a floral lotus design that will delight your family and guests. Place it anywhere in your home as an elegant Diwali diya decoration.

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Diya Decoration At Home

11. Ganesh T-Light Holder

Bring an auspicious beginning to everything you do with this unique and stunning Ganpati T-light holder. Intricately and painstakingly hand-painted in bright colours by local artisans, this antique-style Diwali lantern made of metal will brighten your space and elevate any corner of your home with its distinctiveness.

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ganpati diya decoration

12. Gold Tealight Candle Holder

This Gold Tealight Candle Holder is the perfect Diya stand for Diwali and will go beautifully with modern Diwali home decor. The soft Diwali candlelight will enhance the experience of celebrations and prayers in your living or pooja room.

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Beautiful Diya Decoration

13. Green Moroccan T-light Holder

Decorate your homes with this Green Moroccan T-Light Holder. It makes a beautiful and unique Diwali lantern for your living room, balcony or as a mandir decoration to shine light in the most magnificent manner. A unique and graceful home décor item, it also makes a great Diwali gift for friends and family.

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Green Diwali Lantern

14. Iron Pink Color Lotus Akhand Diya

This Iron Pink Color Lotus Akhand Diya will light up your home and can be used as a Diwali diya decoration in the living room or bedroom or on a dining table instead of candles.

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Iron Pink Color Lotus Akhand Diya

15. Small Size Candle Laltin (Lantern) With Rope

Add a rustic touch to your Diwali décor with this Rust-Free Small Size Candle Laltin (Lantern) with rope. This rustic Diwali Lantern is perfect as outdoor décor, but it can also be hung on a wall or placed on the table to welcome guests.

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Rustic Diwali Lantern

Diwali Flower Decorations & Urlis

One of the best Diwali decoration ideas is to use floating candles in urlis (pots filled with liquid or water) decorated with petals of flowers or rose petals for an artistic look. Urlis are a decorative bowl used to create a floating Diya decoration with flowers as a part of Indian festive decorative tradition.

A beautiful Diwali flower decoration arranged together with floating Diwali candles in urlis add beauty and charm to your home. They also make a beautiful and traditional Diwali mandir decoration at home.

You can display the decorative urli or bowl in the traditional way by filling it with water and by floating flowers or rose petals on top along with some floating diya decorations to illuminate your home and create the perfect atmosphere to go with your festive Diwali decor.

1. Large Decorative Floral Urli

This Decorative Blue Flower Urli in a gold finish is a beautiful addition to your home decor. It also makes an amazing option for gifting or even serving dishes.

It can be placed right in your living room complemented by other Diwali decor items and accessories. You can also fill it with flowers and place it in your Pooja room before your idols as a traditional pooja room decoration.

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Diwali Decoration

2. Elegant Rosy White & Golden Urli

How gorgeous and elegant are these Rosy White And Golden Urli decorations that can add grace and style to any living or puja room! Put diyas or flowers in it and place it near your mandir or puja unit as a home mandir decoration with flowers to give a festive touch to your Pooja room decor.

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Diwali Home Decoration

3. Bloomy Round Platter

The Bloomy Round Platter is the perfect Diwali item to create a Diwali flower decoration in your home. Arrange diyas or flowers in it and put them near your home entrance, temple, living room or even on the balcony for a memorable Diwali aesthetic.

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Traditional Diwali Decorations

4. Handcrafted Peacock Decorative Urli

Place diyas or flowers in this Handcrafted Peacock Decorative Urli to add a touch of grace and elegance to your Diwali home decorations. This peacock diya decoration item also makes a great Diwali gift or housewarming gift item for newlyweds.

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Deepavali Decoration

5. Beautiful Lotus Urli Combo Set

Create a multilayered Diwali flower decoration highlighted with candles in this beautiful Lotus Urli Combo Set that comes with a lotus urli, floating diya, candle stand, and hanging urli.

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Beautiful Lotus Urli Combo Set

6. Artificial Marigold Diwali Flower Decoration

Why use real marigold garlands for your Diwali flower decorations when you have Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flower Garlands as a reusable alternative for your Diwali decorations or as flower decoration ideas for mandir at home? Made of plastic and fabric, they come in a pack of 5 pieces.

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artificial marigold fluffy flower garlands

Diwali Rangolis

Rangolis are used to decorate the entrance of Hindu homes during Diwali and other festivals. Common themes used in Diwali rangoli designs include sacred symbols like “Swastika”, “Shree”, “Mangal Kalash”, “Deepak” etc.

The Goddess Lakshmi figure sitting on a lotus is often depicted with Diwali rangolis. Figures of animals, geometric patterns, and natural images such as flowers and trees can also be included in these Diwali designs.

To add special effects to these Diwali Rangolis, you must place the candles and diyas at specific positions on them. If you want to avoid the effort of creating a rangoli from scratch, you can easily buy these reusable Diwali rangolis made from acrylic with Kundan or other embellishments.

1. Decorative Handmade Kundan Work Rangoli

This Handmade Kundan Work Rangoli is made of acrylic and comes with studded stones and pearls in sequence work. As a beautiful Diwali décor item, it makes a great Diwali gift idea or a gift for other festivals. Buy more Kundan work rangolis from the SG Collection Shop.

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Decorative Handmade Kundan Work Rangoli

2. Handmade Reusable Acrylic Rangolis

These Reusable Acrylic Rangolis come with studded stones and pearls in sequence work and make a beautiful Diwali floor decoration for your home entrance, as well as a great gift for Diwali and other Hindu festivals. Buy more acrylic rangolis from the SG Collection Shop.

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Handmade Reusable Acrylic Rangolis

3. Handmade Acrylic Rangoli

This Handmade Acrylic Rangoli is embellished with decorative materials like moti (pearls), Kundan, and lace. Use these Diwali designs as pooja ghar decoration ideas or a Diwali decoration for your home door entrance.

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Handmade Acrylic Rangoli

4. Metal Kalash Design Rangoli

A Kalash, (also spelt kalasha or kalasa) is a metal pot with a large base and a small mouth, large enough to hold a coconut. This Metal Kalash Design Rangoli makes a beautiful traditional motif for Diwali decorations to remind us of our culture and traditions.

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Metal Kalash Design Rangoli

5. Diwali Rangoli Stickers

Buy these Rangoli Stickers for the festive season and use them as Diwali designs in many places, for example, to spruce up your old wooden chowki or kitchen tiles, Diwali sweet boxes, old cupboards and almirahs, old iron trunks, or even as puja ghar decoration ideas.

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Diwali Rangoli Stickers

Diwali Torans Or Bandhanwar

Bandhanwar, commonly referred to as Toran, is an ornamental door decoration traditionally crafted with marigold flowers and mango leaves on a thread and are used at the entrance gate or door of the house.

Attractive Torans are used as a traditional Diwali door decoration that brightens up your decor and gives a colourful, festive look to your home.

You can get Torans decorated with beads, bells, and mirrors as fashionable Diwali designs to decorate your home entrance with style. You can also get handcrafted torans that are crocheted or made from other materials for unique homemade Diwali décor.

1. Crochet Festive Toran

This Crochet Festive Toran is inspired by the colours of the rainbow. Made of high-quality yarn, tassels, colourful crochet motifs and soft tinkling bells, they can be hung over doors or on the wall, liven up any Diwali celebration.

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crochet festive diwali toran

2. Crochet Multicolour Toran

This Crochet Multicolour Toran inspired by the hues of the rainbow can be used as part of your festive Diwali decorations to infuse a dash of colour into your home.

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crochet multicolour toran

3. Floral Crochet Toran

This Floral Crochet Toran is made of high-quality yarn, tassels, and floral motifs. It can be hung over doors or on the wall to liven up your Diwali celebrations.

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floral crochet toran

4. White Swastik Crochet Toran

This simple White Swastik Crochet Toran with blue thread and pom-poms will make an adorable Diwali design and decoration for the door of your child’s room.

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white swastik crochet toran

5. Classy Festive Handicraft Torans

This Classy Festive Handicraft Toran collection contains various materials like plastic, wooden, metal, and ceramic that will enliven your Diwali home décor with traditional Diwali designs and motifs.

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classy festive handicraft torans

6. Festive Handicraft Torans

Use this Festive Handicraft Toran from Yatee’s collection shop over doorways or as a wall hanging for your Diwali home decoration.

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festive handicraft torans

7. Graceful Festive Torans

This Graceful Festive Toran is handcrafted and decorated with traditional Ganesh and other motifs and will make a distinctive wall hanging for your Diwali décor.

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graceful festive toran

8. Festive Elephant Motif Torans

This Festive Toran from Nishu’s art gallery shop comes with elephant motifs and will make a cute and colourful Diwali decoration for any child’s room.

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festive elephant motif torans

9. Traditional Diwali Special Torans

This Traditional Diwali Special Toran is made of plastic marigold flowers and is the perfect reusable home décor item for that traditional touch.

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traditional diwali special toran

10. Red Rose Motif Traditional Toran

This beautiful Red Rose Motif Traditional Toran for Diwali home decoration is from Nidhi’s Fashion store and is a colourful Diwali design for any Diwali celebration.

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rose motif traditional toran

Diwali Wall Hangings

Diwali wall hangings that have a picture of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi or other Hindu deities will give your home décor an exclusive touch during Diwali. These wall hangings, combined with ethnic motifs and embroidery work, add to the charm of your Diwali home décor.

1. Durga Maa Gond Art

This beautiful painting of Goddess Durga Maa In Gond Art Style sitting under the kalpavriksha tree (wish-fulfilling tree) is representative of Gond tribal paintings and comes with a fibreglass frame.

It makes the perfect wall decoration for Navratri (which celebrates Goddess Durga) and will add an artistic and creative touch to your Diwali room décor.

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Diwali Wall Hangings

Diwali Lights

Deepavali light arrangements are an essential part of your Diwali home decorations, so the festival of lights is incomplete without a Diwali light decoration outside homes or inside. You can buy these Diwali lights online from women-owned businesses on SHOponSHEROES.

1. Ganpati Modak-Shaped LED Light

These adorable, colour-changing multi-coloured Ganpati Modak-Shaped LED Lights are safe for kids to handle and perfect for your Diwali thali decoration during Diwali Dhanteras puja or Diwali Laxmi puja.

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Decorative Lights For Pooja Room

2. Leaf String Diwali Ladi Lights

These Leaf String Diwali Ladi Lights are lightweight and sturdy and make great Diwali decoration lights for both indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to move, bend, install, and are energy-saving and eco-friendly.

The hanging, leaf string Diwali LED lights can be arranged as a Diwali lights decoration on houses and also be used for weddings, holidays and parties.

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Leaf String Diwali LED Lights

3. Solar Water Drop String Fairy Lights

These 21-foot 30 LED long-hanging Solar Water Drop String Fairy Lights make a great Diwali light decoration as waterproof garden solar lights. The 200 mAh solar panels on these Diwali home decoration lights keep them working for up to 12 hours on a 6 to 8-hour charge.

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Solar Diwali Lights

4. Solar Pencil-Style Diwali Ladi String Lights

You can use these 21-foot 30 LED long hanging Solar Pencil-Style Diwali Ladi String Lights as waterproof garden solar Diwali lighting ideas for outdoors. The 200 mAh solar panels keep them working for up to 12 hours on a 6 to 8-hour charge.

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Solar Pencil Style Diwali Lights

5. Mini-Ball LED Fairy String Lights

Light up your party, garden or room with these Mini-Ball LED Fairy String Lights made of ultra-bright warm white Diwali Ladi LEDs that can be tuned to a light fairy twinkle effect or steady light. Both modes will create a festive ambience for you and the brightness of these Diwali LED lights is not too strong but makes the room warmer.

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Mini-Ball Diwali LED Light

6. Pink Diwali Jhalar Light

These 197-inch pink Diwali Jhalar Lights come in a pack of 7 and have 300 bulbs each to light up your home for Deepavali celebrations. You can also use them as hanging lights for pooja room décor or for your balcony.

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Diwali Light Price

Akash Kandil Or Diwali Kandil

Another popular and traditional Diwali home decoration you can buy online is the Diwali Akash Kandil or Diwali Kandil. This is a paper lantern hung in the balcony or area outside the home during Diwali to decorate homes for the Festival of Light.

When you do all your Diwali shopping for Deepavali decorations and Diwali gifts on SHOPonSHEROES stores online, you support budding women entrepreneurs in India. Decorate your home with the Diwali items and Diwali designs above for new and creative ways that add to your festive fun.

Also, check these eco-friendly Diwali ideas and go-green Diwali decoration ideas for a green Deepavali celebration.


Diwali Decoration Items At Home

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