Free Maths Online Classes To Help You Prepare For The 12th Board Exams

Free Maths Online Classes To Help You Prepare For The 12th Board Exams
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Looking for Maths online classes to prepare for 12th board exams? These free online Maths courses will diminish exam stress and help you ace the board exams.

As the months of February and March approach, students in India begin to feel the mounting pressure of studying and scoring well in the 12th standard board exams.

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or 12th standard board exam plays an important role in deciding on a career path for students in India. Good grades can give students a competitive edge and offer a wider spectrum of opportunities when it comes to selecting their career path.

However much we would love to believe in platitudes that claim, “Marks are not everything” and “Each child is talented in their own way,” it is an undeniable fact of life that the 12th standard board examination marks a turning point in a student’s career.

How well a student scores in their 12th standard can either expand or narrow the range of careers they can choose from, depending on how well they perform in certain subjects.

When a student comes to that crossroads, getting shortlisted for further studies in their college of choice can mean everything, especially if they have their heart set on a career path.

As most top-rated colleges in India tend to shortlist students who score better than others, it’s an accepted fact that Class 12th is an important milestone in every student’s academic journey.

As soon as the examination dates are declared, fear grips every candidate who realizes that it’s time to begin their preparations. But, instead of getting nervous, there are a number of ways you prevent panic from setting in.

Instead of letting stress get the better of you, starting your preparations well in advance will give you the confidence you need to succeed, especially when preparing for a subject like Maths, which even capable students may find challenging.

Having a good understanding of Maths is important, not only to score good marks in the board exams, but also if you have your heart set on a career path in fields like science, engineering, architecture, finance, accounting, or business, where a good comprehension of mathematics is essential.

While it is important to utilize the books and study materials provided by your school or college, you can also do an online Maths course, especially when there is excellent online Maths training available today.

You don’t even have to pay a lot of money to access the best online Maths courses. In fact, some of the best Maths online classes are available completely free of cost, thanks to the Glow & Lovely (formerly Fair & Lovely) Careers Maths online practice classes.

These free Maths courses include free online algebra courses designed to help students learn algebra online free. Along with the free algebra course and free online calculus courses, you can also take online geometry courses.

The core objective of these online mathematics courses is to assist students who are preparing for the 12th CBSE Board exams and need help with understanding the basic concepts of higher Mathematics.

These free Maths online courses will help 12th standard students –

  • Learn Maths online free
  • Understand topics in greater detail
  • Learn easy ways to understand formulae and equations
  • Help clear their doubts with subtle justifications provided in videos
  • Help them get familiar with complex topics, such as integration and probability, and learn techniques to solve Maths problems quickly

Free Online Maths Courses

The free online refresher course in mathematics is designed by experts to help students who need better comprehension of the subjects below.

The list of topics included in these mathematics online classes are:

  • CBSE Exam Preparatory Class 12 Maths-Mock Test Paper
  • Relations and Functions 1
  • Relations and Functions 2
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Matrices
  • Determinants 1
  • Determinants 2
  • Continuity and Differentiability 1
  • Continuity and Differentiability 2
  • Application of Derivatives 1
  • Application of Derivatives 2
  • Application of Derivatives 3
  • Integrations 1
  • Integrations 2
  • Integrations 3
  • Application of Integrals
  • Differential Equations 1
  • Differential Equations 2
  • Vector Algebra
  • Three Dimensional Geometry 1
  • Three Dimensional Geometry 2
  • Linear Programming
  • Probability 1
  • Probability 2
  • Probability 3

Mathematics is a subject that needs consistent practice and memorization of formulae. These Maths lessons online will help students understand each of these topics easily and allow them to study at their own pace.

For students who find it challenging to memorise formulae, these free mathematics courses will provide the best math refresher course to help them revise and practice in preparation for their 12th standard board exams.

With the right online Maths training from an expertly-designed discrete mathematics online course, most students will be able to comprehend the complexities of the subject and score well in their CBSE maths exam.

So whether you need an online high school geometry course, a free trigonometry course or an algebra class online, these online maths classes will help you learn mathematics, from basic to advanced, free.

Experts suggest that some of your Maths online study time should also be spent in solving old question papers. Practice makes perfect in helping you get the best results from your Maths learning online.

Doing these year-12 Maths online practice tests will help you time yourself and figure out if you can solve all the questions in the allotted time period or not.

Besides helping you study mathematics online free, the free online Maths lessons will also help you get a handle on which areas of the subject you need to focus on more, so you can plan your online mathematics lessons accordingly.

While solving any question papers online during your free Maths classes, it helps to visualise that you’re sitting in the actual examination hall so you can overcome any nervousness or fears before the day of the exam arrives.

These free online mathematics courses and online practice tests will help you study Maths online free so you can understand basic Maths concepts, learn basic algebra online free, learn geometry online free, and much more.

Learn basic math online free and get the practice and confidence you need with the free online Maths classes on the Glow & Lovely Careers website. Signup now and take this online refresher course in mathematics to help you ace the board exams.

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Free Maths Classes Online

Free Maths Online Classes

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