Jobs For Women: Why We Have More Work Options For Women Today

Jobs For Women: Why We Have More Work Options For Women Today
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Women’s rights and their fight for equality are some of the hottest topics of discussion in the global forum. Women have finally come out of their shells and are going all out to prove their worth in the real world. They now refuse to be bogged down by men and prefer to take charge of things themselves.

Interestingly, the media is also backing this sudden liberalization of women. These days, we get to see ads and banners portraying professional-looking women, promoting everything from clothes to colleges. Even all the debates and essay writing competitions are marked with women-centric topics. All these seem to work for women as they are now faced with more choices than ever.

The Government has passed laws and bills that entitle women to have equal voting, education and payment rights, among other options. They are now free to choose any career path, their life partner and lifestyle.

In fact, now there are certain professions, where the percentage of male workers is very low. For example, when we think about a nurse, we automatically think about a woman in uniform. Then, there is fashion and modeling industry, cheerleading squad, ballet dancing troupe and many more, where females outnumber the males.

An assistant dress designer of fashion giant, Escada, good-humoredly says, “Working here is no fun as there are hardly any men to flirt around with!” Ironically, many men are being hired to cover stories regarding female empowerment.

Jobs, for women, have now become a medium to break away from all the shackles that were holding them back. Apart from the usual women-centric fields, several other career avenues have opened up and women are proving their worth in the military, politics and sports.

Society has also come to terms with women’s potential to excel as pilots, car racers, golfers, DJs and what have you. Along with financial independence, women are now entitled to own a property, get one through heredity and co-own a home with their spouses or partners.

At work, women now get equal pay and working conditions. They also get the same number of vacations or casual breaks. There remain some basic concerns with all the working women – the foremost among these is work-life balance. However, with organizations offering flexible hours and work from home options, women have more freedom to pursue their careers without compromising on their family life.

Since women have are flooded with choices when it comes to work, they can definitely exercise some of their rights back home too. As Isha Singh, a 28 year old businesswoman puts in, “Even if you have achieved the pinnacle at your workplace, you still have to work your way from scratch to convince your family regarding time issues. Only after much convincing did I manage to set up this business, while my in-laws decided to take care of the children whenever I was out.”

It is only because people have started to understand their value in the workplace, that women now have more options in their work front. It is now up to us women to make optimum used of the freedom and choices available to us.

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