What Is A Psychometric Test And How Can It Help Me Find A Job?

What Is A Psychometric Test And How Can It Help Me Find A Job?
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What is a psychometric test and why do you need one? Learn what is meant by psychometric testing and how to use a psychometric test to find your dream job.

Psychological tests are some of the best tools to help job seekers find a job that is both fulfilling and rewarding. They are also used to help students learn their career aptitude and choose a career that plays to their strengths.

There are many different psychological assessment tools used by career counsellors and career portals to help students choose the right career path and help job seekers find their dream job.

As a student, psychological assessment tests can help you understand yourself and your abilities better so you can choose a fulfilling career that allows you to focus on your strengths.

As a job seeker, understanding how to do psychometric tests for recruitment can significantly increase your likelihood of getting a high test score and being called in for the final interview.

What is a psychometric test?

Psychometrics is the science of psychological measurement that allows us to objectively measure and quantify personality traits, behaviours, abilities and underlying psychological traits in people.

It uses psychometric tools such as questionnaires and specialized online tests for psychological assessments.

A psychometric test can be defined as a psychological assessment tool used by employers to test whether a candidate is a good match for a certain job position.

Psychometric assessment includes different types of tests to evaluate your diagrammatic, spatial, mechanical, logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning abilities.

Psychological Assessment Tool

Why do employers use psychometric assessment?

Most recruiters conduct a psychometric assessment with a free online psychometric test for job interviews.

They place a lot of importance on the psychometric test validity and reliability because a high psychometric test score is strongly related to superior performance in the job role.

Employers also tend to prefer psychometric analysis as a way of selecting the best job applicants because they can use online psychometric tests to screen hundreds or even thousands of candidates efficiently and accurately making it easy to streamline the recruitment process.

Psychometric assessment can also give your employer an insight into how well you’re likely to fit into their workplace culture and perform in the job that you’re being hired for.

Now that you know what a psychometric test means, you can learn how a psychometric test works, how a psychometric test is conducted, and what to expect in a psychometric test.

What to expect in a psychometric test

Your psychometric assessment test online will test you for a number of different abilities, including:

  •   Numerical Reasoning: Understanding mathematical concepts
  •   Mechanical Reasoning: Understanding mechanical concepts
  •   Verbal Reasoning: Understanding written text
  •   Logical Reasoning: Being able to deduce the next logical step
  •   Diagrammatic Reasoning: Understanding patterns and sequences
  •   Abstract Reasoning: Understanding the relationships between objects
  •   Spatial Reasoning: Understanding 3D shapes and images
  •   Situational Judgment: How you respond to different situations

Psychological Test

What is a good score in psychometric tests?

So, what is a good score in psychometric tests? It depends on what sort of skills the employer requires you to have in the job you’re applying for.

For example, if the employer requires a candidate with good verbal reasoning skills, it shouldn’t matter much if you get low scores in the rest of the tests as long as your verbal test score is high.

Can you learn how to crack psychometric tests for recruitment?

So, are psychometric tests difficult? Can you learn how to crack psychometric tests for recruitment? Yes, as a matter of fact, you can.

If you get familiar with the different types of psychometric test questions and learn how to answer them, you can figure out how to pass psychometric tests.

Recruiters usually administer multiple psychometric test types at a time – such as tests for verbal, numerical, logical, spatial, and mechanical reasoning.

Doing a lot of practise psychometric tests online can help you get the psychometric test training you need to answer the questions with speed and accuracy within the specified time limit.

Using online assessment tools for psychometric test practice will help you understand your strengths and improve your weaknesses so you can find the correct answers quickly.

While online practice tests will help you gain confidence and get high test scores, this doesn’t mean you’ll get the job for sure. Psychometric assessment is only one part of the job interview process.

Your resume, cover letters, group interviews, and any online internship you may have done for work experience also play an important role in helping you land the job.

Career Aptitude Test

What is the difference between a career aptitude test, psychometric test & personality psychometric test?

Career aptitude tests can tell you if you have the skills and abilities required for a certain career path. This is why many schools and career counsellors administer career aptitude tests for students.

As a student trying to choose a career or looking for a job out of college, doing a career aptitude test can help you test your knowledge, skills, attitudes, and academic potential.

For instance, if you get a high test score in verbal ability, you may be advised to become a journalist, lawyer or writer and take online certificate courses or get a degree to help you achieve your career aspirations.

Students who score well in the mechanical reasoning, logical reasoning, or numerical reasoning test may do well as engineers or data scientists.

Psychometric tests give the employer an insight into a candidate’s cognitive or mental ability to learn new skills and more.

Recruiters may use different types of online assessment tools to help them find the best person for the job and the psychometric test for job interviews is one of them.

Personality psychometric tests are used to assess a candidate’s personality based on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, which assigns 16 different personality types based on how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Doing a personality-based psychological assessment test can help you find out whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, and match your personality traits to the best careers for your personality type.

For example, introverts may find more job satisfaction in a solitary profession such as writing or computer programming, while extroverts may shine in sales or customer service.

Psychometric Assessment

Where to take a psychometric test

Psychometric tests are usually administered online, which makes it easy for employers to screen thousands of job candidates simultaneously.

Psychometric assessment tests usually consist of multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a fixed time limit, rather like an online exam.

You’ll be required to answer these psychometric test questions for interviews as fast as possible without error, and your psychometric test scores will depend on how many you got right.

You can take a personality psychometric test online for students in India on an online test platform like the Glow & Lovely Career Portal.

This personality psychometric test is a scientifically designed career assessment tool to check your existing skills and interests and assess your personality.

This student self-assessment test will help you make an informed decision about your future study course and at the end of the test, you’ll get a personalized 16-page unique Career Report with recommendations for 7 to 8 top careers out of 21 career clusters.

Doing the psychometric assessment test on the Glow & Lovely Career Portal helped Mumbai-based Mallika Manu, who was pursuing a B.Sc. in Statistics, to choose a different career path.

When in school, she feared Mathematics as a subject and her fears started influencing her career choices, which were already limited due to lack of awareness.

After doing the psychometric test, she focused on the explanation of the results, rather than just the career choices, to understand how she could choose a career path that lets her use her analytical skills without having to face her dreaded subject every day.

From pursuing a different specialisation in B.Sc. to furthering her education in IIM to landing a good corporate job, Mallika managed to transition into a career that was a fit for her capabilities and created the best career path to achieve her career goals.

As Mallika says:

“The psychometric test on the website is the perfect way to choose the right career for you. I also hope that my sister, who is in 10th now also finds the clarity I did.”

Did you find this article on psychometric tests useful? Do share which of these psychometric assessment tools and tests helped you achieve your career aspirations in the comments below.



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