SHECO Partners Share How To Make Money From Your Mobile Phone

SHECO Partners Share How To Make Money From Your Mobile Phone
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Learn how to make money from your mobile phones as a SHECO Partner and see why SHECO sellers call it the Woman Fortune-Changer Platform.

With the pandemic and lockdowns and uncertainty in the job market, many Indian women are trying to find ways to earn from their mobile phones. The question that many Indian housewives are asking now is, “How to make money from my phone for free?”

In this article, you’ll learn about the SHECO Partner Program and how to make money from mobile phone sales by selling branded products online.

The main benefit of the SHECO Partner Program is that it can help you achieve what so many Indian women want today – to earn money from mobile without investment.

In addition, as an Indian woman or housewife, this program will also help you learn entrepreneurial skills, create your own identity and build your confidence with just a Smartphone.

We asked a few of our SHECO Partners what they had to say about this program and here’s what they told us.

SHECO Partners On How To Make Money From Mobile Phones

While there are many other online selling programs, one of the things that most SHECO Partners appreciate is the social support and mentoring they receive from other women on the SHEROES app for women.

As it is hosted on a women-only network, the SHECO Partner Program helps women feel empowered, reclaim their identity, and regain their self-confidence as online entrepreneurs.

Another benefit is that the SHECO Partner Program is free to join and you can sell your own products on SHEROES, in addition to SHECO products.

Make Money From My Phone For Free


What Is The SHECO Partner Program?

SHECO stands for SHE Commerce. It is an only-women entrepreneurship opportunity to help you make money with your Smartphone.

SHECO connects quality brands with aspiring women entrepreneurs who use the SHEROES platform as a distribution channel for their products and services.

Every woman joins the SHECO Partner Program for different reasons, but all of them appreciate the supportive environment where women are always available to help each other and boost each other’s confidence.

Millions of Indian women have found independence, created their own identities, or built their skills and confidence with the resources available on the SHEROES app for women.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a business before. As an initiative by SHEROES to empower women financially across India, the SHECO Partner Program offers so much more than other online seller programs to help you to make money with your cell phone free.

See how 21-year-old Geetika Parouha made 1 lakh worth of sales in just 3 months! An engineering student and a proud SHOPonSHEROES seller, she hails from a family of farmers in Katni, Madhya Pradesh.

Geetika always wanted to help her parents financially while being self-independent. Watch her #TakeCharge story and be inspired.


Many SHECO Partners who were looking for mobile apps to earn money, or branded products to sell, appreciate the fact that the SHECO Partner program only offers branded, high-quality products.

When you join the SHECO Partner Program, you get access to a number of products and services from brands like SUGAR cosmetics, KETO plans, BeatO (blood sugar testing kits), EMOHA, with more added every month.

SHECO products are high-ticket and high-margin, so you can make money from your phone by selling quality products, earning high margins, and working at your own time and convenience.

Unlike other online seller programs, SHECO partners get access to live training sessions with the creators of the products where they can ask questions and get them answered instantly.

They also have access to exclusive learning opportunities during SHECO induction, sales training, webinars, and mentorship from other SHECO Partners.

The SHECO mentors are ready to help 24×7 and have helped create an atmosphere of co-operation and camaraderie among SHECO Partners, who are there for each other in every possible way, on the SHEROES platform for women.

Make Money From Mobile

Why Do Women Become SHECO Partners?

If you’re a woman who’s always had a dream to become an entrepreneur and businesswoman, the SHECO Partner Program is a great zero-investment business opportunity to help you learn entrepreneurial skills and make money with your Smartphone.

With excellent product quality and customer service, you’ll find no dearth of buyers for SHECO products. In addition, when you download the SHEROES only-women app and join SHECO, you become a part of the SHEROES community that genuinely cares about each and every woman.

You’ll get access to free online business training in the SHECO Academy where you can find brand training videos, useful articles on growing a part-time business, and a great community atmosphere with online award functions and success parties.

Sandhya's's Story - From Senior Scientific Snalyst To SHECO Superstar

SHECO Partner Program

Sandhya Hegde, a senior scientific analyst, joined SHECO to have her own identity. With the training, positive environment, mentors’ support, and unique brands available in SHECO, she became a high-achiever in sales in December 2020 and January 2021.

She credits the training and support system for her achievement, as well as the fact that SHECO sellers get live support from mentors and brands in any issue they face.

She believes that the SHECO Partner Program is a unique platform where you can fulfil your dreams of identity, along with financial independence, and meet the expectations of customers by providing the best products and services.

According to her, the SHECO team and community offer constant support and encouragement and give you the confidence to achieve your full potential as a woman entrepreneur and make money using your phone.

Many Indian women lack the education and confidence to start a business of their own and don’t have access to a laptop or desktop computer.

SHECO provides the opportunity to make money using your phone and learn selling skills like communication, community-building, business acumen, and customer service.

What is unique about the SHECO Partner Program is that it prioritizes women’s empowerment and growth and helps them create their own unique identity apart from being a wife and mother.

One of the primary reasons why resellers from other online platforms appreciate the SHECO Partner Program is that they can sell high-quality, branded products.

They are also delighted with the way the SHECO mentors support, encourage, motivate, and help SHECO Partners build faith in themselves.

It also helps that the SHECO Partner Program encourages sellers to set targets to achieve so they have something to work towards.

Achieving targets, getting awards and recognition has helped boost the confidence of many sellers who are new to online selling, with some calling it a “women fortune-changer platform.”

Chinchulata's Story - From HR Professional To SHECO Superstar

SHECO Partner Program

HR professional, Chinchulata Nair, believes that joining SHECO is a great way to identify your hidden talents and skills and, thanks to this program, she now sees a way to make a shift from HR to branding and marketing.

She believes that each woman can earn, learn, grow, and make her presence count and doesn’t see any competition, but only women supporting each other.

She also loves the fact that the products offered through the SHECO Partner Program are all verified and branded with hassle-free, seamless marketing and selling provisions, while sellers get product training and awareness from the product creators themselves.

In her own words:

SHECO a wonderful community of like-minded women. What more can I ask for. My prime reason was to return to work through this network and I ended up being my own boss.

In addition, getting to know amazing women from different walks of life, learning and contributing her bit, as well as receiving awards within the short span of joining the program was very motivating for me.

On this women-only selling platform that promotes all Indian brands, you can get verified products with brand-specific training, seamless billing and shipping with assured assistance. It’s a great way to make money on your own terms and be your own boss.

Women who avoid social media platforms like Facebook but want to earn money using phone selling, appreciate that SHECO is hosted on a women-only social network where safety, empathy, and trust are built into the platform.

On the SHEROES app for women, they can find a helpline, women-only communities, peer-to-peer conversations and sell SHECO products safely in the SHEROES Bazaar marketplace where they can find women buyers ready to buy from them.

Shubhra Mishra is a teacher for whom SHECO provided a zero-investment, alternate source of income where the profits are high.

“We don’t have to invest in inventory and yet can earn a substantial profit. It’s a wonderful option for a secondary income,” she says, adding that she has also benefited from the boost in confidence and seeing women supporting each other on the SHEROES platform.

Kalpana's Story - From Shy Housewife To SHECO Ambassador

kalpana sheco business ambassadors

In the Women in Business Community on the SHEROES app, SHECO Partner & Mentor, Kalpana from Chennai, wrote:

When SHECO decided to create groups, I was invited to mentor one group of six Members. Now it has grown to include more than 30 members and growing! My growth has been phenomenal from being a shy person to mentoring more than 30 people. I even got a chance to represent SHECO on a global forum.

At SHECO, you have the able support of a team of professionals who teach you how to pitch, where to pitch, and most importantly – how to make foolproof Marketing plans including long and short-term goals.

Once you start showing results, SHECO promotes you on its very popular in various social platforms handles including SHEROES, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The third advantage of joining SHECO is you get avenues for personal branding just like I got to speak to an international and professional audience. These opportunities will get you more contacts that can be converted to your customer base and ultimately augment your earnings.

Ultimately your dream to turn entrepreneur will materialize, without even building a swanky office or a modern factory. And, you will receive the due respect you deserve for your talent and intelligence.

Some housewives join the SHECO Partner Program because they want to learn entrepreneurial skills and like being part of a women-only network where they can access training and help every step of the way.

Swapnil Srivastava is a homemaker who wanted to make an identity of her own and is happy that SHECO helps her promote quality products and provides what it promises.

Babita Gupta owns an online boutique and wanted to sell branded products, so she joined the SHECO Partner Program and is proud to sell the “best quality products” to her customers.

She was thrilled to see how friendly, honest, and patient the SHECO team is and finds SHEROES a “true platform for ladies to find their identity.”

Jasmine's Story - From Homemaker to SHECO Entrepreneur

SHECO Partner Jasmine Sajid Inamdar

Homemaker, Jasmine Sajid Inamdar, spends three hours in the afternoon building her business on the SHECO platform. This is what she shared about the SHECO program:

I always tried to keep people happy, but now I joined SHECO only for my happiness. Join SHECO for your happiness, to prove that you are also something, and you can do anything and everything. Do it for yourself, not for others.

I created my identity as an entrepreneur and a SHECO partner and I love making sales for SHEROES. I like all the mentors who support me and explain everything about the products, and also the success parties.

I have learnt so much in the training sessions. The mentors have immense patience, and the best part is that there is clarity about and a good margin in all the products. The incentives are so good that they keep me going.

So, can you operate your SHECO business from anywhere in India and continue to earn money from mobile phone sales?

Yes, as SHECO is hosted on the SHEROES app for women, you can start your SHECO business from anywhere in India, as long as you have a Smartphone and internet connection.

How To Become A SHECO Partner

So, if you have decided that you want to earn money from your phone, just click here to register as a SHECO seller and complete your KYC procedure for access to the WhatsApp Group and training materials.


Should you have any issues, a member of the SHECO team will help you out and give you the support and guidance to start your online earning from mobile selling.

As a verified seller with the SHECO Partner Program, you’ll get a verified seller badge, a separate shop section on your SHEROES profile, and many other benefits.

You’ll also get access to the SHECO Academy, a unique resource to help SHECO Partners learn how to make money with Smartphone selling skills. You’ll learn how to earn from your mobile without investment and create happy customers who will leave you excellent reviews.

No more searching for mobile apps to earn money! This is a real online business to help you earn money from phone selling. There are few zero-investment business ideas in India like SHECO that will help you earn from your mobile without investment.

So join SHECO today and make money with your cell phone! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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