8 Inspirational Movies That Inspire Kids To Look Beyond Their Limitations

8 Inspirational Movies That Inspire Kids To Look Beyond Their Limitations
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Want to inspire kids with enlightening movies? These 8 kids movies are some of the best inspirational movies to help them look beyond their limitations.

What is Cinema, but a projection of our aspirations? Through Cinema, we strive to bring our individual stories to life, and with it our hopes, dreams, and experiences.

It is due to this astonishing ability of films, that Cinema holds the power to widen the horizon of possibilities in your child’s mind, and inspire kids to dream big.

Because Film is a powerful medium, it’s important to be conscious of what we watch, especially when it comes to our kids. The good news is that there are many enlightening and inspirational movies, including inspirational Hindi movies to watch with our kids.

Watching inspirational movies for kids can help your child explore the world, live countless lives, and experience a multitude of stories. The International Kids Film Festival provides an opportunity for children across India to WATCH, LEARN and MAKE Cinema.

At the International Kids Film Festival, we believe that we have a responsibility towards the next generation. Through our kid’s movies and films, we aim to inspire kids to reach for the impossible and to always strive for the best.

We understand that inspiration comes from a variety of sources, and inspirational movies for youth can be particularly powerful sources of inspiration for kids and teens.

Whether it’s the environmental message that gets young kids thinking about the Earth differently or a documentary that inspires kids to change their eating habits, these inspirational movies for students are a great tool for character development.

They can explain important life lessons and help reinforce messages we’re trying to teach our children. The kids’ movies and films at IKFF 2020 are exclusively curated to impart life lessons that will inspire kids to change the world.

At IKFF 2020, we have curated over 150 kids movies and films from 40 Countries in more than 25 Languages. These top inspirational movies are now available to you on your mobile, in the safety of your home, exclusively on the KRAYON App, available on Android and iOS.

8 Inspirational Movies That Inspire Kids To Look Beyond Their Limitations

Here’s our enlightening and inspiring movies list of films from IKFF 2020 that will inspire kids to look beyond their limitations:

1. Baxu And The Giants

This short film from Namibia is one of the most inspirational movies that teach respect for animals and the environment. The story follows the life of Baxu, a nine-year-old girl, who lives a peaceful life with her older brother Khata and her grandmother.

Baxu’s brother gets involved with a gang of poachers and she has to make a tough decision – will she stay quiet or will she hear the call of the rhinos, the giants of the Savannah, who she talks to in her dreams? Will she risk losing the people she loves the most?

Environment Movie Poster

Baxu and the Giants is one of the educational movies for kids that was commissioned by the Legal Assistance Centre with the aim of sensitising teenagers to the issue of poaching in Namibia.

Writers, Florian Schott and Girley Jazama chose to tell the story from the inside out – through the eyes of an innocent, but toughened-by-life, 9-year-old who is deeply rooted in nature and her own heritage. In fact, the name Baxu is short for “Khubaxu”, which means “I come from the soil”.

Through this storytelling device which spans the time from the age of hunters and gatherers until today, the aim is to reach an audience worldwide and for audiences to understand some of the underlying social issues in rural Namibia that can lead to poaching.

2. Carry My Heart To The Yellow River

This short film from China is one of the most inspirational family movies. Taking her hospitalized friend’s place on a bike tour to the Yellow River, a high school graduate travels to faraway Gannan and races against the clock to share pictures of the journey.

Inspirational Family Movies

We watch how a bike tour to the Yellow River becomes a journey of growth and catharsis for a young woman struggling to make good on a promise to her hospitalized best friend in the touching, sincere, and beautifully-lensed Carry My Heart to the Yellow River directed by Alexis Van Hurkman.

3. Crowley: Cowboy Up

In this short from Germany, 14-year-old Crowley has gone through a lot in his young life. His older brother Yancie died in a car accident and his parents are now divorced. But he isn’t about to let life’s tragedies get the better of him.

Crowley wants to become a good rodeo rider, just like Yancie. He practices with his father, but there aren’t enough of these intimate father-son moments now that his parents are no longer together.

Cowboy Up - good inspirational movie for kids

Join us, as we watch this small, spirited boy, as he bounces back and forth on the back of a wild horse, against the backdrop of Colorado’s dusty landscape.

After all the time he has spent training and saving money, is he now ready to enter the arena on the back of a bull? A good inspirational movie for kids, Cowboy Up follows Crowley as he gives everything to make his dream a reality.

4. Dharan

This list of best inspirational movies for students isn’t complete without Hindi inspirational movies like Dharan. One of the best inspirational movies in Hindi, this feature film from India is the story of a friendship between a 6-year-old urban girl and an 8-year-old rural boy.

Dharan - inspirational movies in Hindi

They devise a way to save the boy’s house from being drowned in the catchment of the proposed dam, and the message at the heart of this film is that everything is impossible… until it isn’t. We should dream of it and then do it.

5. Katapult

This short film from Hungary is one of the inspirational movies to watch on friendship. During the fall of the Soviet Union, 13-year-old Nana comes from America to visit her parent’s old town near Budapest, in Hungary, where she meets Gau, a boy her age.

Inspirational Movies For Students

When the teenager’s visit to Hungary comes to an end, the friends have to say goodbye. Oceans apart, Gau hatches a plan. In order to see her again, the 13-year-old boy decides to create a special machine that could transport him to the USA.

6. Maradona’s Legs

If you love inspirational football movies, you’ll love this short from Palestine. Based in a Palestinian village during the Football World Championship 1990, the story revolves around the young brothers, Rafat and Fadel.

The brothers are searching for “Maradona’s legs” – the last missing sticker that they need in order to complete their world cup album and win a free Atari. Will they master the obstacles and accomplish their mission?

Inspirational Football Movies

Maradona’s Legs is an entertaining and heartwarming film that empowers children to think and contemplate issues of identity, memories, and nationality. The movie also inspires its audience to reflect upon their own childhood and its intrinsic role in the formation of their self-identity.

7. Northern Lights

This short animation film from France is one of the must-watch family movies about children. Since his parents died, Colin has been living with his grandfather, Karl.

When Karl leaves to hunt narwhal, Colin becomes a clandestine passenger in his grandfather’s house-sledge. He must overcome his fears and learn the secrets of the Great North.

Northern Lights - family movies about children
Image source: Unifrance.org

Northern Lights shows us the importance of taking control of our own destiny. It encourages us to write our own story and take control of our own life.

The film also demonstrates the importance of learning from the past and serves to highlight the fact that growth can be scary, but ultimately fruitful.

8. The Pen Licence

In this short from Australia, 9-year-old Tiana knows it will take a miracle to get her Pen Licence, but she’s fallen behind in class, her writing loops are a mess and the pressure is really on.

Between upstrokes and crossbars, Tiana soon realises it’s not about being perfect, but is persistence really enough? Share in this heart-warming journey as Tiana and her classmates struggle to survive a coming of age ritual experienced by every Australian child.

The Pen License - best motivational movies for kids

The Pen Licence is one of the best motivational movies for kids because it embodies an extremely positive message – to believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and never give up.

If you enjoyed this list of the most inspirational movies for kids, watch more world movies that inspire kids and teach them to dream at IKFF – the Largest Online Kids Film Festival.

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