Army Jobs For Girls: Apply For Army Jobs For Women In Indian Army

Army Jobs For Girls: Apply For Army Jobs For Women In Indian Army
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Want to apply for female army officer jobs? Learn the benefits of army jobs for girls and how to apply for female army jobs for women in Indian Army.

Careers for women in the Indian army

In a historic judgement in February 2020, the Supreme Court ordered the Centre to ensure that women officers are given a permanent commission (PC) in the army. It also added that female army officers will now be eligible for command posting.

The Court stated that the Army’s evaluation criteria for granting permanent commission (PC) to women SSC officers systematically discriminated against them. As a result, 147 additional women short service commission (SSC) officers of the Indian Army have been granted permanent commission.

A large section of society still thinks of army jobs for girls as too daring a move. But there are many progressive thinkers, who are very supportive of the idea, including the Supreme Court of India, which also passed an interim order to allow women to take the admission exam to the National Defence Academy (NDA).

The Indian Army deploys woman officers in combat roles, especially in counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir and in the North East, where women have been used as a shield by the militants to disrupt counter-terror operations.

All wings of the Indian Armed Forces now have women in combat roles (junior ranks) and combat supervisory roles (officers), so you can find army combat jobs for women if that’s what you want.

Today, a career for women in the Indian Army is a very good option thanks to the fact that women officers will be granted a permanent commission (PC) in all 10 branches of the Indian Army.

These branches are Signals, Engineers, Army Aviation, Army Air Defence, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps and Intelligence.

There are many female army jobs for women in the army, as well as other military jobs for women such as Air Force jobs for girls and Navy jobs for females on warships.

Since 1992, the Indian Army has been inducting women officers in non-medical roles and made the decision of including women into the officer cadre. Priya Jhingan was one of the first women officers commissioned in the year 1993.

The Indian army also plans to induct 800 women in the Corps of Military Police (CMP) and a total of 100 vacancies have been notified for Soldier General Duty (Women Military Police) below officer rank.

According to 2019 figures, women comprise only 3.8% in the Indian Army, compared to 13% in the IAF, and 6% in the Indian Navy, says the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) website.

Since then, there have been many more army jobs for girls with about 1200+ Lady Cadets serving the various Arms and Ranks of the Indian army, heralding a new dawn in women empowerment in India.

No matter how much they’ve struggled to achieve respectable positions in the Indian Army, the examples of these lady cadets have motivated a large number of high-thinking, ready-to-serve, hard-working women to follow in their footsteps and join the Indian Army.

As you’re about to take one of the most important decisions of your life, you should have an idea about the requirements, consequences, pros and cons of jobs for women in the Indian Army.

But, before that, let us help you determine whether you’re eligible for the Indian military recruitment for army jobs for girls. The selection procedure is no cakewalk.

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How to join Indian army after 12th?

Previously, an Indian army job after 10th or joining the Indian army after 12th was only possible for male cadets. If you want to be one of those brave women soldiers in Indian Army jobs for girls, you should know that most careers for women in the Indian army require a graduate degree.

However, as of 2019, a total of 100 vacancies have been notified for Soldier General Duty (Women Military Police) below officer rank. So, women candidates who have qualified Matric (10th Standard) level of examination from any recognised board are now eligible to apply for Indian army jobs for girls after 10th.

In other words, a 10-pass job in the Indian Army or Indian army jobs for girls after the 12th are now open to Indian women. Of course, you have to meet the Indian Army requirements of the height of 142 cms and weight at par with Army medical standards to qualify for an Indian army vacancy.

Can girls apply for NDA?

No, unfortunately only male candidates are allowed to apply and sit for the preliminary exams.

How to join the Indian army after graduation?

In UPSC entry, unmarried graduate women aged between 19 to 25 years can join the army through Short Service Commission Women (Non-Technical) Entry Scheme.

What Indian Army requirements should you keep in mind?

When applying for jobs for females in the Indian army, you have to be very sure about your desires, your physical and mental strength and capabilities, as well as your sense of sacrifice.

Here are some of the requirements for Indian army jobs for girls to keep in mind:

  • You must be physically and mentally fit

This is the most important requirement for applying for jobs for females in the Indian army. You have to possess the strength to fight as well as your male counterparts. This is why the Indian army age limit for recruitment prioritizes young people.

You should only consider applying for army jobs for girls only if you have the physical ability to deal with the rough training procedure and the mental strength to cope with a harsh environment.

Although some Indian army jobs are available for older candidates, if you suffer from any health issues, it’s unlikely you’ll pass the rigorous training, so army life is definitely not for you. But if you’re naturally athletic, love outdoor jobs for women, enjoy sports and place a lot of importance on fitness, you’ll fit right in.

The Indian Army recruitment policy follows a rigorous training procedure, which not everyone can handle, irrespective of their gender. Apart from physical training, you also need to be mentally strong enough to handle the stress associated with military training exercises and army jobs for girls.

  • Don’t expect special treatment

The Army is the only place where women cannot expect special treatment because of their gender. If you decide to apply for army jobs for women, keep in mind that issues arising from menstruation and related ‘female problems’ won’t merit any special attention.

You won’t be given special treatment just because you’re a woman and may also experience uncomfortable situations in a male-dominated environment where no one expects lady-like treatment.

You won’t have the time or energy to focus on your appearance, so keep it low-maintenance. Short hair is easy to manage, but if you choose to keep your hair long keep it neatly braided or tied into a bun. The upside is that, in most cases, you’ll be treated as an equal to your male peers.

During your Indian army female officer’s recruitment, you’ll want to be seen as an equally competent candidate for the army jobs for girls in the Indian Armed Forces as the men.

One of the most important lessons taught in the military training regimen is learning to be uncomfortable. A lot of the time you’ll have to live in inhospitable places to complete your missions and exercises and will not be provided with any luxuries during your training.

If you’ve decided to apply for army jobs for girls, your idea of life, relationships, family and everything else you believe in will change drastically as you start your Indian army career.

Life as a lady cadet in the Indian Army is like nothing you’ve ever imagined, and your life will never be the same again when you choose a career for women in the Indian army.



7 benefits of Indian Army jobs for girls

If you’re still keen to apply for army jobs for girls through the Indian Army female officers’ recruitment, you should know about the immense benefits and advantages of Indian army careers.

1. Equal opportunities

Undoubtedly, our country has a lot of respect for women who give up their usual life aspirations and join the Indian Army to serve the nation.

You will get equal opportunities in terms of ranks and pay, determined through a series of tests at regular intervals. This is because the purpose of the Armed Forces is different from other job sectors.

Everyone is here to serve the nation, and they have little or no interest in personal profit, a fact that is respected by higher officials.

2. Respect, respect, respect

The Indian Armed Forces are respected by every citizen in every nook and corner of the country. If any woman attains a high position in the Defence Forces, she is looked up to as an inspiration for other Indian women.

As an Indian army female officer, you’ll be treated with immense respect wherever you go, and your story will be shared by word-of-mouth or on social media to encourage others like you.

A life of respect is something every woman desires in India, and the Indian Armed Forces can help you achieve that.

3. Leadership positions

Primarily, the role of women in the Defence Forces was confined to the medical profession, but today, things have changed drastically.

Women officers are now offered equal opportunities in the air force, law, engineering, executive and other technical and non-technical cadres.

Nowadays, a career for women in the Indian Army includes commanding positions, where you’ll be allowed to lead massive troops and regiments.

4. Assured personal security

Unlike other professions, the women in the Indian Army are completely assured of personal security.

They seldom face workplace harassment and molestation in the Armed Forces, where everyone has the same motive – to serve the nation.

In other words, this is, inarguably the safest department for women to work in India.

5. A choice of Army jobs for women

You need not be in the thick of combat to serve your motherland, and the Indian Army acknowledges it.

The Military Nursing Service or the Army Education Corps are some of the fields where you can provide your services sincerely and diligently without getting into direct conflict with the enemy.


6. Good pay & even better perks

Although this is not the prime motivational factor for those who take army jobs for girls, Indian Army personnel are provided with a good salary, irrespective of gender.

Soldiers get paid an average of INR 27,965 per month, while an Indian army clerk gets around INR 21,661 as a base salary.

As it is a Sarkari Naukri Army job (Indian Government Army job), the wages are determined by the rank you serve and will increase as you climb the ladder.

But even better than the salary is the lifestyle perks of army jobs for girls in the Indian military, which exceed anything any job in India can provide. These perks include:

  • Excellent insurance
  • Free medical treatment
  • Free rations, subsidised canteen, mess, club and sports facilities
  • Fully-furnished government accommodation in beautiful army cantonments
  • 60 days annual leave & 20 days casual leave, plus leave encashment up to 300 days
  • Free vacation and air travel every alternate year to any part of India.
  • Authorized stay in 5-star hotels.
  • Travel in Indian Railways at 50% cost.
  • Special access to remote locations.

And even after you retire, an army job is the gift that keeps giving, with:

  • Pension at 50% of last pay drawn
  • Death cum retirement gratuity
  • Access to canteen facilities and discounts
  • Insurance cover and free medical treatment (including dependants)
  • Resettlement opportunities
  • MBA programme for retired offers

7. Join the Indian military family

Apart from these amazing defence job perks, some of the things I’ve learned about military life from all my friends whose parents or spouses work in the Indian military are that:

  • The Indian military is like a family and there’s an amazing sense of community
  • Your kids will get the best education and go to excellent schools
  • Kids with parents in the defence forces often grow up more confident and self-assured
  • There’s a great deal of support your family receives when you work in the Indian armed forces
  • You get to travel and live in some amazing places with your family

And last but not least, the idea of dedicating your entire life to serving your motherland is a great honour, lauded and respected by all.

So, when you apply for army jobs for girls or jobs for females in the Indian Army, remember that you’re doing it not just for yourself or for your family but for your nation and its people.

That is where the primary motivation for most Indian army female officers comes from.

How to apply for Army jobs for girls

Now that you’ve made up your mind about joining the Armed Forces, the next thing you should know is how and where to apply for army jobs for girls and which Indian army exam to sit for. Let us give you an idea of all of this and more.

There are essentially three ways to apply for army jobs for women in India:

  • The UPSC
  • The Non-UPSC &
  • Technical Entries

The UPSC (SSCW, Non-Technical Entries)

In the UPSC system, women can apply for defence jobs only through the Short Service Commission Women Non-Technical Entry Scheme. The eligibility criteria are given below:

  • Qualification: A graduate or a post-graduate from a recognised university
  • Age: 19-25 years
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Examination: Has to clear the Combined Defence Services Examination, held twice a year
  • Duration of Training: 49 weeks
  • Place of Training: OTA Chennai


You have two options in the Non-UPSC category, both for women and both non-technical, belonging to the Short Service Commission and for Women, the eligibility criteria of which are mentioned below:

WomenWill An Entrepreneurship Program by Google For Women 2

1. SSCW NCC (SPL) Entry Women

  • Qualification: Two years of experience in serving in the NCC Senior Div. Army with a minimum requirement of a B grade in the C certificate examination
  • Age: 19-25 years
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Duration of Training: 49 weeks
  • Place of Training: OTA Chennai

2. SSCW JAG (Judge Advocate General) Entry

  • Qualification: A graduate with an LLB/LLM degree with 55% marks and registered with the Bar Council of India/State
  • Age: 21- 27 years
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Duration of Training: 49 weeks
  • Place of Training: OTA Chennai

SSCW Technical Entries

Women who have an engineering degree and wish to serve the nation can apply for Indian Army jobs for engineers through the Indian Army technical recruitment scheme. Check out the eligibility criteria below:

  • Qualification: An engineering degree in the notified discipline
  • Age: 20-27 years
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Training Duration: 49 weeks
  • Training Academy: OTA Chennai
Image source: Dawn

Military jobs for women in India

Apart from these army jobs, confident and adventurous women are also provided with several other job opportunities in the Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, through various entry schemes like:

  • Military nursing service

With a Masters /PB /BSc in Nursing and age 21-35 years, you should also be a registered nurse and midwife from a State Nursing Council

  • Indian Navy

Women officers can now operate flying missions from warships in the Indian Navy. You can enter the Indian Navy through the SSCW entry scheme. Check out this list of some of the best Navy jobs for females in India.

  • Indian Air Force (IAF)

Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena and Flight Lieutenant Sreevidya Rajan were among the first women to fly in a combat zone during Kargil War. In 2015, the IAF opened new combat Air Force jobs for women as fighter pilots, adding to their role as helicopter pilots in the IAF.

Today, women fly in the cockpit of fighter planes of the Indian Air Force and the Indian Air Force has 110 female pilots. Interested in applying for Indian Air Force jobs for females?

The Flying Branch, Technical Branch and the Ground Duty Branch have specific requirements to apply for training and recruitment if you want Indian Air Force jobs for girls.

  • Army Education Corps

This program of the Indian Army deals with the education and development of the soldiers and officers in diverse disciplines, concerning combat and non-combat operations. If you’re interested, check the eligibility criteria.

  • The Indian Cyber Army

The Indian Cyber Army is the largest professional cyber-security organisation with the sole objective to help the Indian Government, National Police and Intelligence Agencies.

As one of the most reputable associations of ethical hackers, the Indian Cyber Army opens up opportunities for IT professionals, irrespective of gender, to serve the nation indirectly.

If you’re looking for ethical hacking career opportunities in India, you should know the requirements of a standard Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) examination as below:

  • Sound knowledge of networking, communication, internet and computer systems
  • Understanding of the security protocols of various operating systems
  • Ability to crack complex passwords and codes
  • Knowledge of the terminologies and methodologies of ethical hacking
  • Ability to safeguard organisational and national security systems from malicious attacks
  • A master in cryptography and encryption techniques
  • Understanding the most common cyber attacks and ways to prevent those

The Indian Army and several intelligence organisations take the help of the Indian Cyber Army time and again to solve complicated cases of a breach into internal systems and also to gather vital information on national and international security.

In other words, the importance of cybersecurity in the Indian Army is unmatched, and the average salary of an ethical hacker in India ranges from INR 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

Women with a keen interest in computers and information technology can work their way into the Indian Cyber Army through the CEH examination.

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Military academies for women in India

Once you’re aware of the several avenues through which you can apply for military jobs in India, the next thing you should know are the names of the colleges for military training in India.

However, only the ones listed below offer training when you apply for army jobs for women:

  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

A premier army college of medical science, the AFMC qualifies as one of the most important institutes for education and research.

The college also provides medical and nursing training to undergraduates as well as post-graduates to help them find suitable career opportunities in the Defence sector.

  • Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai

This reputable institution is responsible for providing eligible officers (both men and women) to the Indian Army through the Short Service Commission. Most of the women aspiring to join the Indian Army train in this institute, located in Chennai.

How to apply for the latest Defence Jobs in India

Prepare for Defence exams with free online defence exam practice tests designed by experts to help you ace the actual exam. Get an online mock test for AFCAT, Navy AA exam and more.

To learn about the latest army recruitments for army vacancies and army jobs for girls, jobs for women in the Air Force, and Navy jobs for women check the official websites below:

  • Join Indian Army

This Indian Army official website belongs to the Government of India and provides all kinds of information and updates on the latest army jobs, army Govt. jobs, Indian Army online registration for examinations and more.

Besides learning how to join Indian army, you’ll also get a glimpse into the life of army personnel through blogs and information on reputable army institutions in India.

If you want to know how to join the Indian army and apply for army jobs for girls, read the news and updates on the latest defence jobs, learn about the Indian Army registration last date, fill in the Indian army application form and apply online.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Indian army job alerts to receive the latest army jobs notifications from time to time. Just make sure, you’re aware of the important dates and announcements on these sites to stay updated with the latest army job openings.

  • Join Indian Navy

Also belonging to the Government of India, this website provides all kinds of information related to the Indian Naval Forces, recruitment, registration and examinations as well as recruitment information on the latest Navy jobs for women.

  • Join Indian Air Force

To apply for jobs for women in the Air Force, browse the career section on the Indian Air Force official website which offers comprehensive information on the registration and recruitment in the Indian Air Force.

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Being an Indian Army General or Officer is probably one of the most respectable Government jobs in India, which is why army jobs for women are one of the best jobs for women in India.

But are you ready to sacrifice your old habits, relationships, and lifestyle to reach that rank? Are you willing to serve your motherland with everything you have and will have in the future?

The life of an army officer is never easy, but if the answers to these questions are yes, and you’re still interested in army jobs for women, more power to you.

Army jobs for girls in the Indian armed forces have immense benefits, and if you’re looking for a respectable and secure career with the possibility of adventure and growth, this may be the best decision of your life.

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Author bio:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

Image source: Indian Army [GODL-India]

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